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Chapter 335 - Jun Linyuan the Bully

Chapter 335: Jun Linyuan the Bully

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“Your – Your Royal Highness…”

Fear of Jun Linyuan had never stemmed from his prestigious status, but his unfathomable capability, his intimidating demeanor, and his unpredictable temper.

Bathed in light from behind, Jun Linyuan looked stunning.

His stood there towering over the others in his luxurious cape.

In his arms, Feng Wu looked as tiny as a child.

“Master Chu!” Jun Linyuan called out in an authoritative tone and scanned the room with his piercing eyes. The look on his face was resolute and emotionless.

Right now, no one could tell how frightened he actually was, for they were all too scared to even look up at him.

Master Bai smiled bitterly. They would rather treat the emperor himself than the terrifying crown prince.

However, as the most senior medicine refiner in the room, Master Bai had no choice but to force himself to step out. “Your Royal Highness, to what do we owe this pleasure —”

“Get me Chu Bai! You can all start looking for new jobs if he’s not here in fifteen minutes.” It was very rare for the reticent Jun Linyuan to say that much in one sentence.

However, to the others, the words were like bullets hitting their chests.

Master Bai and the others grimaced. Medicine refiners were supposed to enjoy a higher status than cultivators. However, even Master Chu, their head, had to bend to the crown prince’s will.

“Of course. I’ll go get Master Chu now —”

Master Bai rushed out, fleeing from the crown prince’s piercing gaze.

The rest of the medicine refiners tried to excuse themselves from the room as well when Jun Linyuan pointed at Master Hei. “You, come here. Treat her.”

Master Hei’s forehead was covered with sweat. It was too late to run away now and his only option was to do as told. “Your Royal Highness, please lay the young lady on the bed so that I can feel her pulse.”

“You can’t do it when I’m carrying her?” Jun Linyuan darted a grim look at Master Hei.

“Yes… of course I can!” Master Hei shuddered and stood at attention!

The others exchanged looks of bewilderment…

Who on earth was this young woman, whose face was buried in the crown prince’s cape?

Didn’t the crown prince hate it when other women touched him?

But he was willing to go through all this trouble now just for her?

Immediately, everyone was intrigued by this girl half-hidden in the cape, but they kept their curiosity to themselves and would only steal glances at her out of the corners of their eyes.

Master Bai ran as fast as he could!

Meanwhile, Master Chu was treating his patient elsewhere.

“Congratulations, Your Majesty. You’re with child,” Master Chu said in an impassive voice.

The empress, on the other hand, burst into joyful tears. “I’m pregnant… I’m giving the emperor a son…”

“Mother, please don’t get too excited. We need to watch out for your mood now.” A pretty teenage girl with rosy lips and white teeth stood beside Empress Gao. She was the third daughter of the emperor.

The princess had always been a willful girl. But now, she was all smiles and kind-looking, which was very rare for her.

Just then, Empress Gao’s servant hurried in. “Your Majesty, Master Bai is outside —”

Before he could finish, Master Bai had rushed into the room like a gust of wind. He grabbed Master Chu by the arm and dragged the latter away, yelling, “Master Chu! Hurry up! The crown prince is tearing the bureau apart!”

Master Chu’s unperturbed face turned grim right away. “His Royal Highness?”

“Yes! That’s right! His Royal Highness is angry and there will be consequences! Come quickly!” Master Bai was almost in tears!

The crown prince was a man of his word, especially when it came to the promises he made. His words were sometimes more credible than an imperial edict!

He wasn’t joking about taking the bureau apart.

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