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Chapter 333 - Feng Wu, You Wild Thing

Chapter 333: Feng Wu, You Wild Thing

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Jun Linyuan’s stunning face moved closer and closer and Feng Wu could feel his hot breath on her face.

Their lips almost touched when —

Feng Wu put her hand over her mouth.

And Jun Linyuan’s lips landed on the back of her hand.

The skin on her hand was so fair that her fingertips seemed transparent. He had an impulse to take them into his mouth.

Feng Wu glared at Jun Linyuan. He had completely overpowered her and there was nothing she could do about it!

It was more than the difference in physical strength between men and women, but the demonstration of the chasm between their capabilities!

Feng Wu had never hated Zuo Qingluan like she did now!

She had been of the same cultivation level as Jun Linyuan back then. Had it not been for Zuo Qingluan, who had destroyed Feng Wu’s True Phoenix Blood, Feng Wu would never be this helpless. The thought frustrated Feng Wu greatly and she glared at Jun Linyuan with her limpid bright eyes.

The teenage girl was an unparalleled beauty to begin with. Right now, her flushed cheeks and the aggrieved look on her face could soften the toughest heart.

Jun Linyuan’s slender fingers moved into action and he began to undo Feng Wu’s clothes.

Feng Wu’s back stiffened right away!

Angry and scared, she caught Jun Linyuan’s hands involuntarily and cried out, “Jun Linyuan! What do you think — hm —”

Before she could finish her sentence, Jun Linyuan had lowered his head and covered her mouth with his.

Feng Wu’s eyes widened and her pupils contracted!

It was a distraction!

Jun Linyuan was so… evil! How could he do that?!

Feng Wu was almost in tears and the rims of her eyes turned red.

However, Little Phoenix was flailing its wings in the ring frantically as it prompted Feng Wu, “It’s already happening, so make full use of it! Otherwise, you’ll be wasting the opportunity!”

Feng Wu could no longer think straight. Blood rushed to her head and she was overwhelmed with her rage!

He was kissing her anyway so the hell with it! She would make something out of it!

At that thought, Feng Wu put a slim arm around Jun Linyuan’s neck and pressed the back of his head down with the other hand. She pulled Jun Linyuan down toward her with all her strength!

If this was a contest, she wasn’t going to let him win!

No longer holding herself back, Feng Wu wrapped herself around Jun Linyuan and gnawed on his mouth!

Jun Linyuan stiffened and blood rushed to his head.

He had never seen Feng Wu as wild as this… and it was, well, a pleasant surprise.

Jun Linyuan gloated after the initial shock.

Feng Xun was right. Little Feng Wu was crazy about him. Despite her repeated refusals, her body had betrayed her.

Somewhere deep in Feng Wu’s mind, where Jun Linyuan couldn’t see —

“Kiss him! Yes! 50% now! 55%! 60%… Yes! Almost there! Just a little bit longer! Hold on there and keep breathing. Yes, breathe in —”

Little Phoenix was so nervous and excited at the same time!

Soon, that little flame in Feng Wu’s mind was going to grow into a complete abnormal flame and with that, Little Phoenix would be able to leave this place, hahaha —

This was so unnerving! Little Phoenix’s heart pounded, fearing that something would happen to intrude on them.

“80%, 85%, 90% —”

Little Phoenix’s exhilarated voice kept ringing in Feng Wu’s head!

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