Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 330 - Finally, a Girl for His Royal Highness

Chapter 330: Finally, a Girl for His Royal Highness

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Their crown prince was known to be a neat freak, had no interest in girls, and was lofty, intimidating, and not approachable at all!

However, he had a girl over his shoulder now!

And that girl didn’t seem to want to be there. She was flailing both arms as if she was drowning while yelling “let go of me.”

Chang San thought that he was hallucinating. He rubbed his eyes, but nothing changed.

Grabbing one of his men, he pinched the guy on the arm.

“Ssss… Captain, that hurts!” The guy almost broke into tears.

“So, I’m not dreaming! Oh god —” Chang San came back to himself and followed his master in a hurry.

Feng Wu’s eyes were bloodshot red from her rage!

What the hell was this guy doing?

If the others saw her like this, it would be the end of her!

“Your Royal Highness —” When they reached the seventh floor, the customers inside had just come out after their meal and spotted Jun Linyuan.

That voice!

Feng Wu stiffened!

It was none other than Feng Yanfeng, her uncle.

Why did it have to be him? Feng Wu buried her face in Jun Linyuan’s back.

Feng Yanfeng, who was so condescending in front of Feng Wu, was too nervous to even breathe when Jun Linyuan was around.

Even Sir Yan, the minister of both the Grand Council and the Ministry of Official Personnel, seemed perturbed when he first saw Jun Linyuan.

“Your Royal Highness —”

The politician, whom Feng Yanfeng considered a mogul, bowed to Jun Linyuan and put on a warm smile.

Jun Linyuan ignored Feng Yanfeng completely, but only gave Sir Yan a brief glance.

The overbearing air he gave off immediately flustered the others.

Feng Wu was awfully quiet now, for she didn’t want to draw any attention. If her uncle found out about her relationship with Jun Linyuan… all hell would break loose.

Jun Linyuan marched off with Feng Wu hanging over his shoulder, followed by the solemn-faced Chang San.

“Master Chang San, His Royal Highness is…”

Feng Yanfeng was too intimidated to speak around Jun Linyuan and even addressed the captain of the guard as “Master Chang San.”

Officially, Chang San was a military officer of junior third rank, while Feng Yanfeng was a senior third-ranked official. Feng Yanfeng was slightly senior in terms of their ranking and he didn’t have to address the captain with that respectful term.

But Chang San was Jun Linyuan’s personal guard and no one would want to mess with someone in that position.

Even Sir Yan cupped his hands politely at Chang San. “General Chang… who was that young lady?”

Chang San was a tame cat in front of Jun Linyuan, but he was all distant and solemn to the other officials. “I wouldn’t recommend meddling in His Royal Highness’s personal affairs. I think my lords know what His Royal Highness is like.”

After that, Chang San left with the guards.

Would anyone accuse Chang San of being disrespectful? Who would be bold enough to do that?

Stroking his goatee, Sir Yan narrowed his eyes, the look on his face indecipherable…

Feng Yanfeng looked shaken. “His Royal Highness is finally into girls. A lot of families will become very excited.”

Yan Shifan darted a glance at Feng Yanfeng. “Why, Master Feng, are you jealous?”

“Of course not. You flatter me —” Feng Yanfeng waved his hands, looking flustered.

Yan Shifan gave Feng Yanfeng a strange look. “His Royal Highness used to be betrothed to one of your girls back then and you were so close to becoming a relative of the crown prince.”

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