Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 319 - They’re Brother and Sister!!!

Chapter 319: They’re Brother and Sister!!!

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At that thought, Lady Wang rushed to the bed, grabbed a corner of the duvet, and yanked it off the bed!

Feng Yiran’s head went blank!

He didn’t expect Lady Wang to move so abruptly!

What happened next was quicker than words could describe!

With all her strength, Lady Wang pulled the duvet off the bed with a smirk. “Gotcha! You’re not going anywhere!”

The moment Lady Wang removed the duvet from the bed —

Feng Liu looked over her shoulder and met Lady Wang’s gaze.

Both women screamed when their eyes met. “Ahhh —”

Only then did Feng Yiran realize what had happened! He rushed over and shoved his mother to the side!

Lady Wang’s back smashed into the closet and the pain brought tears to her eyes!

However, she couldn’t feel it. She could hardly breathe, for the physical pain was nothing compared to the pain inside!

That was Feng Liu!

Feng Liu was naked in Feng Yiran’s bed!

They were brother and sister!

Feng Yiran regretted it as soon as he pushed Lady Wang away. He hurried over, trying to help her to her feet. However, his mother only glared at him. The ferocity in her eyes reminded him of a she-wolf!

“It was Feng Wu’s doing!” Feng Yiran ground his teeth, turning his cold gaze on Feng Wu!

Lady Wang turned to look at Feng Wu as well!

Because of all the noise they made, all those that had left came back!

Feng Yanfeng was the first to enter the room. He frowned at Lady Wang. “What’s going on?”

Lady Wang cried in silence. In her shaken state, she looked rather appealing, and Feng Yanfeng softened right away.

At an angle her husband couldn’t see, Lady Wang stared at Feng Wu with a murderous look in her eyes!

By now, she had figured out everything!

Feng Wu had found out about the Spring Breeze Powder which Lady Wang had gotten Granny Gui to bury in Fallen Star Yard. Instead of making a scene out of it, Feng Wu had kept her silence and used the drug on Feng Liu instead. Her poor girl… Lady Wang shed more tears.

Lady Wang had dropped the duvet and Feng Liu hid back under it.

Fearing that the others might try to move the duvet, Lady Wang sat down on the bed, shielding the duvet from sight.

“It’s, it’s nothing… I tripped and bumped into the closet. And it hurts.” Lady Wang wept weakly.

She couldn’t risk telling Feng Yanfeng! For she knew very well that once Feng Yanfeng saw Feng Liu in this state, he would explode! When that happened, both Feng Yiran and Feng Liu would be finished!

“There really isn’t any thief. It was my fault… Can we go back now?” Lady Wang wrapped her soft arms around Feng Yanfeng’s neck and sobbed quietly.

Lady Wang could be quite flirtatious when she tried, and Feng Yanfeng was mesmerized right away. He nodded. “Sure, let me carry you.”

The others scattered after Lady Wang and Feng Yanfeng left.

Feng Wu was going to leave with Qiuling when she heard Feng Yiran’s cold, malicious voice behind her. “Feng Wu, you must be so proud of yourself!”

Qiuling felt the skin on the back of her neck tingle, as if a venomous snake was staring at her. A cold sensation ran down her spine and she was terrified!

She couldn’t help but look at her mistress… Was it going to get ugly now?

Feng Wu paused, turned around, and smiled at Feng Yiran. “Feng Yiran, I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

By now, all the others had left and Feng Liu jumped out of bed. She glared at Feng Wu with eyes that could spit fire before charging at her like a furious little lion!

“Feng Wu, I’m gonna —”

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