Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 314 - What… the Hell!

Chapter 314: What… the Hell!

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“My lord! My lord! Please calm down! Xiao Wu only lost her head for a moment —”

However, Lady Wang was baffled by what she saw.

This wasn’t what she had in mind!

Feng Wu sat in a chair with one sleeve rolled up to her elbow. Qiuling was crouched down by her side and applying a purple potion to Feng Wu’s fair wrist.

The potion was too dark for them to make out the wound, but judging from Feng Wu’s teary eyes, it looked rather painful.

Feng Wu wasn’t the only one in the room. Her mother and Granny Zhao were also there.

The beautiful lady cried with Feng Wu. Holding Feng Wu’s hand, she sobbed, “Xiao Wu… sob … My poor Xiao Wu… why is this happening…”

What… the hell was this?!

Lady Wang was completely at a loss!

What happened to fornication? And what about that man Feng Wu was supposed to be sleeping with? Where was he?!

Lady Wang felt as if a bucket of cold water had been dumped over her head and she was chilled to the bone.

She stole a glance at Feng Yanfeng, whose face was livid and the look in his eyes indecipherable…

He couldn’t keep his eyes off Feng Wu’s beautiful mother.

Lady Wang felt like she was going to lose her mind!

Rage rushed through her and she suddenly had the urge to rip off Feng Wu’s and the beautiful lady’s faces!

Feng Wu looked up at Feng Yanfeng with her innocent eyes. “Uncle, why are you here?”

Feng Yanfeng was finally able to shift his gaze away from his sister-in-law. Looking into Feng Wu’s innocent, teary eyes, he was utterly embarrassed.

Carried away by that maid’s words, he was here to catch Feng Wu in the act…

Feng Wu blinked at Feng Yanfeng. “Uncle, did you hear about my injury and came all the way here to visit me?”

“Yes! That’s right!” Feng Yanfeng snapped out of his trance and looked like what a gracious uncle should. “Xiao Wu, a maid told me about your wounded hand this morning. How are you doing? Does it hurt?”

Feng Wu nodded weakly at Feng Yanfeng’s phoney cordiality. “It hurts…”

Feng Yanfeng didn’t know what to say after that.

Feng Wu then smiled through her tears. “But I’m so touched. Uncle, I see that you broke my door because you’re worried about me so much. My burnt wrist feels much better now.”

Feng Yanfeng rubbed his nose. Of course he couldn’t admit that he had broken her door because he was so eager to catch the imaginary man! He could only smile and try to make up for it. “Xiao Wu, you’ve just come back and I know you’re short of a lot of necessities. I’ll tell your aunt to help you with them. She’ll make sure you and your widowed mum live here comfortably.”

Widowed mum? Feng Wu pondered over the expression. Her father was only missing and no one was sure what had happened to him… Was her uncle so eager to come to that conclusion?

Feng Wu found those words highly suspicious. However, she still smiled at Feng Yanfeng. “Uncle, you’re so nice to us. I don’t know how we’re going to survive without your help… We left Northern Border City with a lot of belongings, but we ran into some bandits on the way here and we narrowly escaped death. But our luggage was —”

The beautiful lady was reminded of all the clothes and jewelry she had lost during the journey… and she wept. She looked as pretty as pear blossoms bathed in the rain, and one felt like throwing their arms around her to comfort her.

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