Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 312 - Something’s Terribly Wrong!

Chapter 312: Something’s Terribly Wrong!

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On hearing the sounds, Feng Wu knew that she was too late.

Rubbing her nose, Feng Wu quickly returned to Fallen Star Yard before anyone could spot her.

Seeing Feng Wu’s blushing cheeks, Yu Mingye knew that Feng Liu had done what the drug was supposed to make her do.

“So? They’re sleeping together, are they?” Yu Mingye gloated. “Hmph! That’s what she gets for trying to harm you! I’d like to see her face when she wakes up!”

Feng Wu smacked her forehead.

Flying Snow Building.

Preoccupied, Lady Wang woke up earlier than she usually did, before the sun had fully risen.

Slowly opening her eyes, she looked at that pale blue sky outside and smiled a little when she went over her plan in her head.

The incense was still burning. Smoke curled up and a faint fragrance filled the air.

Lady Wang was in an even better mood.

She had no idea that Feng Wu would be so easy to handle this time.

She got up and let her maids help her dress. The lilac color of her clothes made her look radiant.

Darting a casual look at Feng Yanfeng, who was still fast asleep, Lady Wang grinned malevolently.

Just then, the hurried footsteps of a maid came from outside!

“Master, my lady, something’s wrong!”

She was a low-ranked maid who worked in Lady Wang’s place and had a very forgettable face.

However, no one cared what she looked like at the moment, for everyone was surprised by how flustered she appeared.

She was part of Lady Wang’s plan, but Feng Yanfeng didn’t know that. Waking up with a start, he glared at the maid, whose forehead was covered with sweat.

Feng Yanfeng found the maid’s face unfamiliar, but didn’t think much of it. He was too angry at being woken up like this. Glaring at the maid, he said, “Throw this woman out!”

“Master, something’s wrong! Something’s terribly wrong —” The maid blanched and darted a pleading look at Lady Wang.

Of course, Lady Wang was going to make this as big a scene as possible. She sat down next to Feng Yanfeng and straightened his clothes with her pretty hands. Meanwhile, she said softly, “My lord, Ruyue needs to be disciplined for shouting all the time, but look at all the sweat on her face. I think something big must have happened. How about we hear her out and then we can decide if we should punish her or not?”

Feng Yanfeng liked Lady Wang enough to hear her out. At those words, he turned his sharp gaze on Ruyue. “Speak!”

“Master!” Ruyue was shaking with excitement. “I walked past Fallen Star Yard just then and I heard Miss Wu —”

“Miss Wu?!” Feng Yanfeng nearly jumped out of bed!

Miss Wu, as in Feng Wu, the once-genius whom they had deemed so promising before?!

“Feng Wu’s back?” Feng Yanfeng hadn’t been told.

Lady Wang rubbed her forehead. “Yes, they arrived yesterday. I was so exhausted from helping them settle in that I fell asleep before you came back. That’s why I haven’t told you yet.”

“And they’re living in Fallen Star Yard?” Feng Yanfeng frowned.

As the current head of the clan, Feng Yanfeng knew Fallen Star Yard’s history better than anyone else and he knew how dilapidated that place was.

Lady Wang smiled bitterly. “I would love to give them a place in the center of the manor, but that way, so many people would walk past their house everyday… My lord, as you may know, ever since what happened five years ago, Xiao Wu has —”

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