Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 288 - Wait, Where Did the Magical Beasts Go?

Chapter 288: Wait, Where Did the Magical Beasts Go?

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Seeing Feng, Feng Xun beamed at the steward. “Hey, you’re back!”

The teenager’s cheerful smile seemed to brighten up everything right away.

Feng liked Feng Xun for his cheerfulness and he nodded at the latter. “Young Master Feng, come and have some breakfast. We’ll be on our way soon.”

However, Feng Xun dilly-dallied after breakfast and didn’t want to leave.

“What are you waiting for?” Xuan Yi asked.

Feng Xun kept looking in the direction Feng Wu would come from and he looked bewildered. “Why isn’t little Feng Wu here yet? Did something happen to them? Did some magical beasts eat them?”

Xuan Yi smacked his own forehead. “Dude, we’re blazing the trail for them here and we’ve driven all the magical beasts away. There are no magical beasts left to eat them.”

“You’re right —” Feng Xun’s face lit up and he rubbed his hands together. “By leading the way, not only can we leave treehouses behind for them to sleep in, we can also chase away all the dangerous beasts for them. Hahaha — I’m such a genius! That’s exactly what we’re gonna do!”

Xuan Yi nudged Feng Xun with his elbow, reminding the latter that Boss Jun was watching.

“Um…” Feng Xun rubbed his nose. Since Boss Jun disliked Feng Wu so much, the guy probably didn’t like to hear him talk about her this way.

As expected, Feng Xun noticed that Jun Linyuan’s handsome face had darkened a little.

Sigh … Feng Xun moaned inwardly. Feng Wu was such a great girl, but why were those two so hostile toward one another? It really bothered him.

“Shall we set out now?” Feng asked Jun Linyuan after getting the horses ready.

The teenager who was going to rule the continent one day looked exceptionally pensive at the moment. He then darted an unhurried look at Feng Xun.

Feng Xun was befuddled, but he smacked himself on the forehead immediately!

Since Boss Jun didn’t like Feng Wu, if he continued holding the team up to wait for Feng Wu, Boss Jun would be even more pissed.

At that thought, Feng Xun let out a melancholy sigh. “Well, let’s go.”

Jun Linyuan’s gaze fell on Feng Xun’s face like a sharp blade.

Feng Xun was confused. He had done everything that Boss Jun wanted, but the guy was still unhappy. What was he supposed to do?

“Your Royal Highness, shall we leave now?” There was a meaningful look on Feng’s usually impassive face.

The future ruler of the empire clenched his fist and the look in his eyes was indecipherable. He said nothing before he hopped onto his horse and dashed off.

Feng Xun rubbed his chin. “… Am I imagining it, or is Boss Jun angry?”

Looking at the proud Jun Linyuan riding off and the confused look on Feng Xun’s face in turn, Xuan Yi shook his head with a wry smile. It seemed that he had guessed right.

“I never thought…” Xuan Yi was amazed.

“You know what’s going on?!” Feng Xun stared at Xuan Yi with sparkling eyes.

Xuan Yi shrugged in a noncommittal manner.

“Tell me!” Feng Xun was intrigued.

“It can’t be explained.”

“Little Xuan, are you trying to get your ass kicked?”

“I think you’ll really become an idiot if I beat you one more time.”


The poor sunshine boy wasn’t the sharpest tool in the box and was forever being laughed at by Xuan Yi.

Feng Wu and her family arrived sometime in the evening and the beautiful lady was elated to see the clean and neat treehouses.

What pleased her even more was —

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