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Chapter 286 - Zuo Qingluan Has Leveled Up

Chapter 286: Zuo Qingluan Has Leveled Up

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Debilitated, Feng Liu was too weak to even breathe properly, but she gritted her teeth and said nonetheless, “We, we must keep going —”

She darted a gloating look at Feng Wu as she said so.

The crown prince really didn’t like Feng Wu at all, otherwise he would never leave her here deep inside a forest.

Up ahead.

Jun Linyuan took the lead and rode very fast!

Cold rainwater slapped against his face and body, and it was bone-chillingly cold. However, when he recalled Feng Wu’s smile for Feng Xun and the fact that she had ignored him completely without so much as darting a look in his direction —

Even the cold rain couldn’t extinguish the flames of fury in Jun Linyuan’s chest!

Poor Feng Xun. He had no idea that he was the source of Jun Linyuan’s tantrum, and right now, he was nagging Xuan Yi for an explanation. “Boss Jun is so mad. Did someone piss him off?”

Rubbing his nose, Xuan Yi gave Feng Xun a meaningful look.

Feng Xun didn’t take the hint and looked back at Xuan Yi in confusion.

Yan Yan caught up with them at that moment and she tugged at Feng Xun’s sleeve. “Cousin, it was all your fault!”

“What did I do?” Feng Xun asked in frustration.

Yan Yan said, “You know perfectly well how repulsive His Royal Highness finds Feng Wu, but you still decided to befriend her. Of course His Royal Highness is pissed! Whose side are you on, exactly?”

“Really…” Feng Xun tilted his head. Was Boss Jun that unforgiving?

“But little Feng Wu and her family are really weak. It’s by sheer luck that nothing has happened to them so far. Who knows when they will run into magical beasts? If they do —”

By now, they were almost 50 km away from Feng Wu’s campsite, and he wouldn’t be able to keep an eye on her if they went any further.

Jun Linyuan nimbly dismounted.

Feng Xun ran up to him right away and said ingratiatingly, “Boss Jun, the rain is too heavy for us to keep going. How about we build a treehouse here and take shelter in it?”

He had expected to be turned down, but the crown prince only glanced at him and nodded.

“I’ll go chop up some wood and start working on the treehouse! Hahaha — Little Feng Wu and her family can stay overnight in it when they get here tomorrow!” After that, Feng Xun was about to get on with the task.

However, Jun Linyuan frowned a little and stopped Feng Xun. “You’ve been stuck at the top level of the Spiritual Grandmaster stage for quite some time.”

Feng Xun’s heart sank.

“Xuan Yi has had a breakthrough,” said Jun Linyuan casually.

“Ahhh —” That successfully set Feng Xun off. He ran up to Xuan Yi and grabbed him by his collar. “When did this happen? When?!”

Jun Linyuan’s gaze was as sharp as a cold blade. “From this moment on, you’re going to forget about everything else and put all your effort into your cultivation.”

“But Boss Jun —” Feng Xun protested.

“Zuo Qingluan broke through as well.” Jun Linyuan made another casual comment.

“Ahhh —” Feng Xun couldn’t think about anything else now except for Zuo Qingluan’s advancement to the Spiritual Elder stage. He said in frustration, “Seriously? Zuo Qingluan? She made it?!”

Jun Linyuan snickered. “She doesn’t waste her talent the way you do.”

“Whatever! I’m going to cultivate now! Nothing can stop me from cultivating!” Feng Xun sat down with his legs crossed and switched to his cultivation mode right away.

Zuo Qingluan’s breakthrough had motivated him greatly.

However, before he entered the state of meditation, Feng Xun reminded Jun Linyuan, “Boss Jun, could you maybe… keep the news of Zuo Qingluan’s breakthrough from little Feng Wu? She’ll be so upset if she hears about it.”

That pretty yet stubborn face appeared in Jun Linyuan’s head —

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