Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 284 - Sparks and Lightning

Chapter 284: Sparks and Lightning

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Looking at Feng Wu from head to toe, Feng Xun nodded. “You seem unscathed. But you really didn’t see a big fire?”

Since the rain had washed everything away, Feng Wu was able to give him an innocent and bewildered look. “What fire?”

“Nothing? Well, all the better.” Feng Xun was relieved. He had been really worried.

Feng Wu smiled at Feng Xun. “Were you running so fast because you saw the fire and thought that we were in danger here?”

Feng Xun raised the chin. “What do you think?”

Feng Wu grinned. Her smile reminded one of a dazzling summer day and it brightened up her already stunning face. Her beauty was irresistible.

Jun Linyuan stood right beside them. Grabbing Feng Wu’s fair hand, he stared at her. His face was livid.

And he was giving off the most imperious and intimidating air.

It was the prestige characteristic of someone who held a superior position.

Feng Wu stared back at Jun Linyuan and she saw the anger in his eyes, but there was something else there that she couldn’t put her finger on. He just kept his gaze on her as if he was going to bore a hole into her face. But he gritted his teeth and wouldn’t utter a word!

Feng Wu frowned. What was going on?

“I gave up my tent willingly and left in advance. Has that somehow displeased Your Royal Highness?”

Jun Linyuan’s eyes spat flames of anger!

What had displeased him? Her giving up the tent and leaving early! What did she think?!

However, as the proudest teenager on the continent, Jun Linyuan could never bring himself to admit it.

Hence, all he could do was glare at her in the most aggressive manner!

Feng Wu couldn’t stand it anymore.

After humiliating and provoking her, he had moved on to interrogating her now. Even Jun Linyuan couldn’t bully someone like this!

Feng Wu threw off Jun Linyuan’s hand angrily. “This is highly inappropriate. Your Royal Highness, you’re way out of line!”

Jun Linyuan had used those words on Feng Wu before and she threw them right back at him.

The color of Jun Linyuan’s face changed, and in the dark, his eyes looked even more piercing.

Poor Feng Xun. The quarreling pair was giving him a headache again.

What was wrong with these two? Why did they have to fight whenever they met?

Hence, Feng Xun rushed to their sides and tried to mitigate. “Gosh, what’s wrong with the two of you? Why are you fighting all the time? Can’t we just talk like normal people? You two —”

“Shut up!”

Feng Wu and Jun Linyuan shouted in unison. It was meant for Feng Xun, but they were still glaring at each other as they spoke. The air between them seemed to be charged with electricity and one could almost see the sparks and streaks of lightning crackling between them.

“…” Feng Xun realized that Feng Wu reminded him a lot of Jun Linyuan when she was angry. The air she gave off was equally intimidating.

Just then, the others arrived as well.

Yan Yan was right behind Xuan Yi.

Seeing how close Feng Wu and Jun Linyuan were standing to each other, Yan Yan was overwhelmed by jealousy. She yelled at Feng Wu, “You can forget your arrogance! His Royal Highness isn’t here for you! Stop flattering yourself and wake up!”

Feng Wu frowned at Yan Yan.

Why was everyone she disliked here? What was the point of leaving in advance?

Yan Yan ran up to Feng Wu and smirked. “His Royal Highness is here for my cousin! Cousin Feng dashed off because he was worried about you, and His Royal Highness only came here because he didn’t want you to pester my cousin. Feng Wu, you’re not worth any attention!”

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