Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 2749 - Gift   

Chapter 2749: Gift


Everyone gave Feng Wu strange looks.

Feng Wu ran to Elder Mei’s side. “Stay away from that mine if you don’t want to die.”

Elder Mei smirked.

He then glanced at Gongsun Mu.

Gongsun Mu intervened. “Feng Wu, this is Elder Mei!”

Feng Wu said, “I don’t care if he’s Elder May or Elder April. This mine has more than a few formations. If you go in alone, you’ll never come out.”

Elder Mei said, “That is a bold claim, young lady.”

Seeing that Elder Mei was angry, Gongsun Mu gave Feng Wu a warning look. “Elder Mei knows formations. He’s the…”

However, Feng Wu cut him off. “I think his knowledge is quite limited.”


Zuo Qingluan finally laughed.

Feng Wu was more arrogant than she had expected.

Zuo Qingluan couldn’t wait to become Elder Mei’s disciple, but Feng Wu had criticized the old man!

Elder Mei shook his head and walked toward the mine.

Feng Wu had no choice but to give him a paper crane. “Since you’re so stubborn, I don’t have anything else to say. Take this crane with you. If you can’t find the way, it’ll lead you out of the mine.”

Elder Mei wanted to laugh.

So did everyone else.

That was hilarious.

Had Feng Wu lost her mind?

He was Elder Mei!

He was the best formation master in Imperial College. What had she just said to him?

“Is your formation tutor Mr. Wu?” Mr. Xu asked Feng Wu.

Feng Wu nodded.

She nodded because she remembered Mr. Wu was the formation tutor in Imperial College, not that she had learned anything from him.

Mr. Xu gave her a strange look. “I’m Mr. Wu’s teacher.”

Feng Wu nodded. So what?

Mr. Xu said proudly, “And Elder Mei here is my tutor.”

Mr. Xu expected to see a stumped look on Feng Wu’s face, and he was ready to hear her apology.

But none of that happened.

Feng Wu only frowned at him.

Zuo Qingluan couldn’t stand it anymore. “Feng Wu, you’re so arrogant! I won’t let you offend Elder Mei!”

Elder Mei didn’t like Feng Wu at all.

Feng Wu was about to say something, when Elder Mei entered the mine.

Seeing this, Zuo Qingluan snuck in behind him.

She decided to use this chance to slander Feng Wu with all her might and become Elder Mei’s disciple.

Even if it was just wishful thinking.

Shan Jingfei wasn’t feeling as great as Zuo Qingluan.

After they went back to Imperial College, they were all taken to the chief’s office.

Gongsun Mu said, “You can tell me what happened now.”

“I didn’t do anything!” Shan Jingfei cried. “Why would I harm Ye Hongxue? That’s not like me! You’re making it up!”

Cui Ping smirked. “Stop pretending and admit what you did! Ye Hongxue wanted to save you, but you returned her kindness with ingratitude!”

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