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Chapter 274 - The Wrath of Feng Wu

Chapter 274: The Wrath of Feng Wu

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But he was unable to take Feng Wu down!

What happened was that he had felt a burning sensation on his fingertips as soon as he touched Feng Wu’s wrist. It was obvious that she had put some potent poison there!

Looking at Feng Wu’s wrist, Feng Yiran saw that it had swollen up and was quite a dreadful sight!

However, it didn’t seem to affect Feng Wu’s movements at all and the silver white whip whooshed through the air!


Another merciless strike landed on Feng Liu’s cheek!

“That first one was on your left cheek and this time I chose the right. Now it’s well balanced.” Feng Wu snorted. “But do you think I’ll cut you loose just like that after what you did to Qiuling? In your dreams!”

After that —

Feng Wu rolled up her sleeves and lashed Feng Liu relentlessly with the silver whip!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The crisp sound of the whip resonated in the air!

Feng Wu spared no effort in her strikes!

She didn’t use any of her spiritual essence, for it wasn’t time for her to show that card yet. Hence, she was only using physical strength.

A Level 8 Spiritual Master might not be strong enough physically, but Feng Wu’s body had been enhanced by the Divine Blood of the Phoenix and her strength was incredible!

Feng Liu shrieked in pain at each lash and tears rolled down her cheeks as she howled!

Feng Xun and Jun Linyuan exchanged looks.

Feng Xun had been about to rush to Feng Wu’s aid, but saw that he didn’t need to, for Feng Wu had gained the upper hand.

The proud crown prince, on the other hand, was waiting for Feng Wu to beg for his help, so naturally he wasn’t going to step in.

However, neither of them had expected Feng Wu to easily overpower Feng Liu, who was a Level 6 Spiritual Master. She had even giving Feng Yiran, a Spiritual Grandmaster, a hard time!

Jun Linyuan stared at Feng Wu’s swollen right wrist with an indecipherable look in his eyes. One couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was, but it certainly contained a degree of anger!

Feng Liu rolled around on the ground in pain as she wailed and cried.

Feng Yiran glared at Feng Wu. “Stop! Stop it!”

However, he only yelled, but didn’t try to stop Feng Wu physically.

For he couldn’t feel one side of his body. Looking down, he saw that one of his arms had turned a grayish blue in color, which was terrifying to watch.

Feng Wu only stopped after twenty lashes, and by then, Feng Liu had almost passed out. She threw the whip onto Feng Liu’s face with a smirk. “Next time I catch you bullying my family, I’ll beat you ten times for every finger you lay on them! Mark my words!”

The silver whip hit Feng Liu on her nose and blood oozed out from her nostrils right away, which looked rather terrifying.

Frightened, Feng Liu forgot to cry.

Everyone else was also shocked by Feng Wu’s deeds and none of them spoke for a long time.

Uncle Qiu and Granny Zhao exchanged looks of pleasant surprise!

Their proud, unrestrained Miss Wu was back! That was great! Tears of excitement welled up in their eyes.

With Miss Wu getting her ability back, they, the second branch of the Feng clan, would no longer have to fear anyone in the clan.

Feng Xun was equally stunned… He had always thought of Feng Wu as this frail, helpless girl, but as it turned out, she was ruthless when she wanted to be. The whipping even creeped him out and he said a silent prayer for Feng Liu.

“Xiao Wu, sob — ” The beautiful lady took Feng Wu’s hand and gave it a tug.

Feng Wu’s expression, which had been as intimidating as a fiend’s a moment ago, softened right away, and she gave her mother a warm smile. “Mum, don’t be afraid. I’m here for you.”

“Yes!” The lady trusted Feng Wu completely and relied on the latter like a fragile vine on a tree.

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