Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 272 - Bad Xuan Yi

Chapter 272:

Bad Xuan Yi

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Feng Wu spotted Feng Xun right away.

Feng Xun’s face reminded her of what happened under the lake, which then made her think of Jun Linyuan and what he said.

“Feng Wu, you’re way out of line!

“I won’t stop you from falling in love with me, but please restrain yourself and don’t interfere in my life!”

After finally being able to calm down, Feng Wu was immediately agitated again!

She knew that it wouldn’t be fair to lash out at Feng Xun, so she gave him an indifferent glance and walked past him.

Feng Xun had never seen Feng Wu this way. The coldness in her eyes almost froze him and he forgot how to respond.

“Little Feng Wu —”

Frowning, Feng Xun grabbed Feng Wu’s wrist.

Feng Wu only turned around and gave him an emotionless nod. “Let go.”

“What’s wrong? Why do I smell blood on your clothes? Are you hurt?” Feng Xun asked anxiously. “There’s this very clear lake nearby and it’s all misty and beautiful. Come, I’ll take you there so that you can clean yourself.”

Something snapped in Feng Wu’s head as soon as Feng Xun mentioned that lake!

“That won’t be necessary!”

Feng Wu threw off Feng Xun’s hands with all her strength and stormed off!

Even the back of Feng Wu’s head seemed to spit out flames of anger, which bewildered Feng Xun greatly.

“Did you piss her off?” Xuan Yi walked out from behind a tree, holding a sword between his crossed arms.

The solemn-faced teenager was actually very into gossip.

Feng Xun looked very innocent. “I didn’t.”

Xuan Yi wouldn’t believe him. “Why else would she be so angry? Feng Wu is the most reasonable girl.”

Feng Xun didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “It really wasn’t me.”

“Did you confess your love to her, then?” Feng Xun had been nagging Xuan Yi the entire afternoon over whether or not he should court Feng Wu.

“I wish I had —” Feng Xun smiled wryly. “She snapped before I could say anything… and I got scared.”

Xuan Yi rubbed his nose. “Maybe she guessed what you were going to say and that tantrum was only to stop you from saying it.”

Feng Xun was a little crestfallen. “Is that so?”

Xuan Yi nodded earnestly. “Of course. Feng Wu didn’t want to embarrass you by rejecting you, so she dropped the hint before you could say it aloud.”

Feng Xun gritted his teeth. “Are you sure about that?”

Xuan Yi nodded affirmatively, then said in a serious tone, “You tell me, then. Why was she so angry? Has she ever treated you this way?”

Feng Xun looked like he was going to cry. “… She doesn’t like me at all.”

Xuan Yi said, “Yes.”

The hard blow rendered Feng Xun speechless.

Feng Wu heard the quarreling voices inside her own tent before she entered.

Feng Liu smirked. “Qiuling, I’m your superior and you’re only a servant! You’re going to do as you’re told this instant! We’re taking this tent!”

Crossing his hands behind him, Feng Yiran remained silent.

Qiuling was shaking with anger as she shielded Granny Zhao and the lady behind her.

Staring at Feng Liu, who had a smirk on her face, Qiuling said, “Miss Liu, Young Lord Feng gave us this tent and we set it up ourselves. We also prepared all these sleeping bags and brought them all the way here from Northern Border City. Your request to take them all is just impossible!”

“Impossible? A servant must do as the master asks! You’re a slave of the Feng clan and in no position to say no! How dare you!” Feng Liu lashed Qiuling with her whip!

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