Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 270 - Jun Linyuan the Unreasonable

Chapter 270: Jun Linyuan the Unreasonable

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“Do you think you own this world or something? You think all women are just lining up to fall in love with you, don’t you? I wasn’t in love with you before, I’m not now, and I won’t ever be!”

Jun Linyuan stood dazed on the spot, too shocked to give a response.

He had been slapped.

He had been slapped in the face!

Moreover, he had said he was willing to take responsibility for what had happened, so why was this girl still roaring like a little lion? Shouldn’t she be giggling and all shy now?

The sages were so right: women and children were unfathomable!

The crown prince was angry as well!

“Just think about it!” Casting a stern look at Feng Wu, Jun Linyuan turned to leave.

Think? Think my ass! Feng Wu yelled furiously!

Darkness had fallen. The mountain trails were tortuous and were even more so after sunset.

Feng Wu dashed into the mountains, still pissed, and soon ran into a few Silver Horn Boars.

The boars were starving and were elated to find a human girl on her own. They charged at her, roaring!

Four Silver Horn Boars running at full speed was quite a terrifying scene!

Feng Wu urgently needed to vent her anger at the moment.

The hell with “I won’t stop you from falling in love with me”!

The hell with “restrain yourself”!

The hell with “don’t interfere in my life”!

And the hell with “take responsibility”!

Hahahaha! Of all the people Feng Wu had ever met, he was the biggest narcissist of all! How irritating was that?!

Feng Wu struck out at lightning speed!

She didn’t use a sword, for it wouldn’t be cathartic enough!

Feng Wu just used her fists.


She struck out, one punch after another.

Her small fists seemed to have endless strength in them!

Each punch landed in an eye socket!


Crumble —

There were four boars to begin with, but more were attracted by the noise, and in the end, over a hundred boars showed up!

On a normal day, Feng Wu wouldn’t have bothered to hang around and would have promptly retreated.

This was because these Silver Horn Boars were anything but weak. She couldn’t guarantee that she would be able to safely get away from so many of them.

However, driven by rage, Feng Wu could no longer think straight!


The only thing she could think of now was to attack, attack, attack!

She saw Jun Linyuan’s face in every boar!

She was killing a boar with each punch, which felt rather satisfying!

More boars kept coming and there were hundreds of them now. However —

People were intimidated by unreasonably violent people, and so were boars!

Feng Wu’s ferocious strikes were an utterly shocking sight for these Silver Horn Boars!

They could take Feng Wu out by charging at her all at once, but they were already terrified by Feng Wu’s frantic attack without care for her own safety!

They turned to flee, scattering like scared birds.

And they spread the news among themselves.

Crazy woman back there!

Be aware of the crazy woman!

So scary!


Feng Wu had no idea what kind of impact she had made on the boars and she carried out the bloody massacre with bloodshot eyes!

When that red mist in front of her eyes finally disappeared and she was able to calm down —

Everywhere she turned, she saw dead Silver Horn Boars. Their bodies were scattered all over the mountain.

And every single one of them had been killed with just one strike in the head!

Their brains were all over the ground!

Their eyes were wide open!

They looked miserable!

Once she was back to normal, Feng Wu looked at this in disbelief…

She looked from her hands to the dead boars.

A few boars had yet to leave. Their eyes met Feng Wu’s and instantly —

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