Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 27 - Something Came Up

Chapter 27: Something Came Up

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Feng Xun actually agreed with her. “It was the Feng family’s fault. Their greed destroyed the greatest genius they had in generations. What a pity… sigh .”

Feng Wu took a deep breath. Zuo Qingluan, not only did you destroy my True Phoenix Blood, you also put the blame on your victim and spread such vicious rumors about me. Fame and gain, you’ve taken them both! Good job!

Feng Wu clenched her fists again at that thought. Immortal Spiritual Fruit! She had to get it asap!

It turned out to be a rather eventful night.

Feng Wu was wrapped in the thick blanket Feng gave her and fell fast asleep —

Her eyes snapped open all of a sudden. Instinct told her that danger was approaching.

Feng Xun was surprised to see Feng Wu awake. “You’re up.”

“What happened?” Feng Wu sat up in her blanket, fully awake. Her eyes were so clear and focused that they reminded him of a sharp sword sliding out of its sheath.

Feng Xun was a little baffled. Did he just see a coldness in Feng Xiaowu’s eyes, that could only be forged after taking many lives and narrowly escaping death in countless battles? No, he had to be mistaken.

When he looked again, the feeling was indeed gone.

“What?” Feng Wu asked involuntarily.

Feng Xun rubbed his eyes. “I was seeing things. I thought I saw this cold, killing intent in your eyes. How could I be so wrong? That’s so weird.”

Feng Xun shifted his gaze from Feng Wu, who had promptly risen to her feet, to Fairy Muyao, who was still sound asleep under her blanket.

“And Xiaowu is supposed to be the useless one and she the Level 5 Spiritual Master.” Feng Xun shook his head.

Seeing Feng Wu come out behind Feng Xun, Xuan Yi frowned. His cold glance brushed past Feng Wu, then landed on Feng Xun. His voice was emotionless. “Be responsible and don’t be a burden to the team.”

Feng Wu knew perfectly well that Xuan Yi was talking to her instead of Feng Xun. Deep down, the man considered her a burden to everyone else.

Feng Xun rubbed his nose and looked at Feng Wu with his bright eyes. “How about you…”

Feng Wu’s black eyes looked so bright in the dark night that they reminded him of the twinkling stars in the sky. She was going to say something when she saw Jun Linyuan dart her a glance.

Stomach lurching, Feng Wu’s back went stiff and she swallowed back the words.

She was going to say that if they were about to be attacked by Obsidian Wolves, she had some expellant at hand that specially targeted those wolves. They could drive off the pack without breaking a sweat. However, it occurred to her at the last minute that she couldn’t expose her real capabilities here, especially not when Jun Linyuan was around. She had to look as useless as they assumed her to be…

Only by showing her white feathers and appearing as harmless as a rabbit could she surprise the others when the time was right and take that Immortal Spiritual Fruit from the crown prince. There was no other way.

At that thought, the piercing look in Feng Wu’s eyes disappeared and she cried out in a panicked voice, “What… what should I do? Am I going to die? I don’t want to die…”

“Stay right behind me and don’t go anywhere,” said Feng Xun earnestly. “You have no spiritual essence. Anything here can easily kill you!”

Feng Wu nodded. “Yes. I’ll do that.”

“Wait, where is the crown prince?” Looking around, she saw that the only ones here were her, Feng Xun, Xuan Yi, and Fairy Muyao, who still hadn’t woken up.

Both Jun Linyuan and Feng were nowhere to be found.

Feng Xun pulled Feng Wu behind him, the look on his face grave. “We’re being followed.”

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