Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 267 - Angry Young Lion

Chapter 267: Angry Young Lion

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“What did he say?”

“Boss Jun said: Are you blind?”

Xuan Yi rubbed his chin in confusion. “Boss Jun said that himself?”

“Yes, every word of it!” Feng Xun replied decisively.

Feng Wu stared at Jun Linyuan coldly, her sharp gaze almost piercing Jun Linyuan like a dagger!

Blind? One had to be blind to like her? Was she that unworthy?

Anger filled Feng Wu’s chest and she bit her lower lip so hard that it almost bled!

She was fine with not liking Jun Linyuan, but as a proud girl, what Jun Linyuan said was humiliating!

The crown prince straightened his back.

He was a nobleman and he would take responsibility for what he said!

However, when Feng Wu swam up to him and glared at him with her glistening eyes, Jun Linyuan somehow felt diffident and couldn’t help but look away.

Fury gave Feng Wu a lot more courage than she usually had.

Despite her usual reverence for Jun Linyuan, Feng Wu grabbed his arms and glowered at him!

Jun Linyuan kept evading her gaze and clenched his fists. Feng Xun was now on his blacklist.

However, poor Feng Xun had no idea of all this.

The guy went on telling his story.

“But Feng Wu has no idea how much Boss Jun dislikes her. She cares about Boss Jun so much and she’s so in love with him. How can I bring myself to tell her what Boss Jun said? I can only drop a hint here and there, and tell her to give up. But that girl is quite stubborn.”

Feng Wu: !!!

What the heck? Since when was she in love with Jun Linyuan? And since when was she stubborn? Nothing like that ever happened, Young Lord Feng!

Jun Linyuan’s eyes stopped darting around and his gaze shifted back to Feng Wu.

There was now a teasing look in his eyes, along with the arrogance of someone in a superior position.

Feng Wu: !!!

Did Jun Linyuan believe that as well? Was that why he was doing this?

Feng Wu had always been sharp-tongued and aggressive. She couldn’t bear to be taunted by Jun Linyuan to her face. Instantly, she charged forward like a cheetah and tried to headbutt Jun Linyuan.

Why was Feng Wu doing something so reckless? She didn’t know the reason herself. All she knew was that she was very angry and that she couldn’t talk underwater.

Those driven mad by humiliation had no rationality to speak about!

Feng Wu charged at Jun Linyuan like a young lion!

She spared no effort!

Jun Linyuan dodged instinctively and Feng Wu dashed past him!

She was going to run into that big rock, which Feng Xun and Xuan Yi were sitting on, head on!

Even if bumping into it wouldn’t make much sound, Feng Wu’s head would crack open at the impact!

Jun Linyuan looked anxious. Grabbing Feng Wu’s left leg with his right arm, he yanked hastily!


Feng Wu’s head knocked into Jun Linyuan’s chest with a faint thud.

Jun Linyuan grunted.

After summoning the storm on the mountain outside Wanping Town, Jun Linyuan had exhausted his spiritual essence. His defense ability was as frail as glass at the moment, and the impact almost fractured his ribs.

“Wait, did you hear that?” Xuan Yi frowned.

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