Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 265 - Ahh — The Abnormal Flame Is Growing!

Chapter 265: Ahh — The Abnormal Flame Is Growing!

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“Are you sure about that?” Feng Yiran frowned.

“Why not?” Feng Liu smirked. “Do you think Feng Wu will say anything nice about us when she gets back home? She’ll trash us in front of grandmother! The best defense is offense. She made us do it!”

While Feng Yiran and Feng Liu were discussing how to throw mud at Feng Wu, they had no idea that the person they were plotting against had heard everything they were saying a short distance away behind a rock.

Feng Wu flared up at those words and she tried to jump out of the water.

However, Jun Linyuan’s strong left arm had wrapped around her waist, his right hand was pressing hard on the back of her head, and he wouldn’t stop kissing her.

His smell filled her nostrils.

Both hands pressing against Jun Linyuan’s chest, Feng Wu struggled to push him away. However, she might as well try to lift a mountain. She was as petty as an ant compared with Jun Linyuan.

To make matters worse, Little Phoenix was feeling thrilled in the ring.

It flew around in circles and chattered in excitement!

“Ahh — ahh — the little abnormal flame is growing! It’s getting bigger!”

The bird had no idea what was going on outside. All it knew was that the tiny flame suddenly grew a little bigger, which was such exciting news.

Feng Wu wanted to cry but no tears would come.

When Feng Liu and Feng Yiran finally left, Feng Wu thought that Jun Linyuan would let go of her now!

But —

Another voice rang out almost immediately!

“Why —” Standing by the lake and looking at the flat surface of the water, Feng Xun was bewildered. He asked Xuan Yi, “Didn’t Boss Jun say that he was coming here to cultivate? Why isn’t he here?”

Xuan Yi was equally confused. “Is he behind that rock?”

Feng Wu’s eyes snapped open at those words!

Her bright eyes glistened like clear pools.

Jun Linyuan opened his eyes at the same time. He stared at Feng Wu unblinkingly with a fierce look in those brooding eyes.

His eyes seemed to spit fire that could burn her to ashes!

It was as if streaks of lightning were emanating from his pupils.

Wherever he looked, Feng Wu felt her skin tickle at his gaze! She was heating up!

Feng Wu could barely breathe under his intense gaze. Her mind went blank for a moment and her heart beat so fast that it almost jumped out of her mouth.

However, Feng Xun’s voice rang out when their gazes were still locked and the guy was coming toward this rock with Xuan Yi!

Feng Wu was exasperated!

Feng Xun, out of all people!

The guy had already decided that she was throwing herself at Jun Linyuan. If he saw this, she would never be able to clear her name again!

Seeing that Jun Linyuan was going to step out from behind the rock —

Terrified, Feng Wu exerted all her strength, yanked Jun Linyuan downward, and dragged him to the bottom of the lake with her!

Caught off guard, Jun Linyuan sank into the lake with Feng Wu —

Feng Xun and Xuan Yi stood on the narrow lip of the rock and looked around. Both were disappointed when they saw nothing but the quiet water.

Reluctant to give up, Feng Xun shouted, “Boss Jun? Boss Jun!”

He got no reply.

Disappointed, Feng Xun said, “Boss Jun really isn’t here, then. He wouldn’t hide from us.”

Xuan Yi said nothing.

At the bottom of the lake.

Feng Wu and Jun Linyuan eyed each other in embarrassment —

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