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Chapter 263 - Peeping Tom!!!

Chapter 263: Peeping Tom!!!

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Grotesque stones protruded out of the clear water here and there, creating a deserted yet graceful image.

High rocks rose around the lake, forming a natural barrier that could provide one with a sense of security.

All was quiet. There were no cries of insects or birds, let alone any sign of human beings.

Feng Wu smiled a little, then began to undress. She took off her drenched robe and put it on a rock nearby, then moved on to taking off her embroidered cape, skirt, hair bands, socks, and shoes…

Until the only clothing left on her slim body were her pale pink undergarments.

However, Feng Wu had overlooked one thing!

She wasn’t the only one in the lake at the moment!

Behind another rock was a teenager named Jun Linyuan.

Because of Jun Linyuan’s injury, Feng Xun had forbidden him from washing himself, which was something Jun Linyuan as a neat freak couldn’t bear. After leaving his carriage, Jun Linyuan found the lake right away.

He had gotten used to cultivating in the water lately.

He had heard scuffling noises after he had just finished the first part of his cultivation. A grim look flickered in the crown prince’s deep-set eyes.

How dare this person intrude on his cultivation?!

Before he could react, the crown prince saw something that almost gave him a nosebleed!

A teenage girl was taking off her clothes, facing his direction.

Soon, he saw her slender body and every bit of her fair skin.

She had long, straight legs, a tiny waist, and small, firm breasts. She stood gracefully in the water with flesh of ice and bones of jade. Her beauty could obscure the moon and make flowers blush…

Jun Linyuan’s eyes widened when he saw her face!

It was Feng Wu!

Why was she here?!

Despite his usual calmness, the crown prince had gone completely stiff and was at a loss over what to do.

His mouth fell open at this unexpected scene —

But it didn’t end there —

Feng Wu still found what was left on her too much. Pulling loose the string of her undergarment, she took off the top part and tossed it into the lake —

Jun Linyuan was astonished!

Instinctively, he looked away!

Something seemed to have burst into flame in his chest.

Closing his eyes, he stepped back, then back again —

He only let out a breath of relief after he was behind that big rock again.

However, he couldn’t get that image of Feng Wu ripping the undergarment off of her body out of his head. The temperature in his cheeks was rising.

His earlobes had turned light pink.

Feng Wu had no idea that a peeping tom was close at hand. Wearing nothing but her underpants, she stood on top of a high rock, then somersaulted and dove into the water, as effortless as a fish.

“Thud —”

There was a faint plop and a tiny splash of water, which were almost undetectable.

Feng Wu enjoyed herself greatly, swimming around in the lake.

Scooping up some water with both hands, she let it shower down on her fair skin. Under the silver moonlight, she glistened, and the water on her skin reminded one of twinkling stars.

Jun Linyuan’s face had turned pink. He knew that he couldn’t stay here any longer, or… he had no idea what he would do.

Just then, faint footsteps came from somewhere nearby.

“Brother, Wanping Town wasn’t destroyed? Are you sure about that?”

That was a familiar voice to Feng Wu.

Feng Liu? Why was she here?

Feng Wu then heard Feng Yiran’s voice as well.

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