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Chapter 23 - Feng Wu the Little Genius

Chapter 23: Feng Wu the Little Genius

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“Yes.” Xuan Yi nodded.

That shut everyone up instantly!

Jun Linyuan went on eating gracefully, but he took the time to give Xuan Yi a long look and frowned a little.

Fairy Muyao glared at Xuan Yi. She wanted to cry, but no tears would come. “As if what Young Lord Feng said wasn’t enough, you, my cousin, are doing this to me as well! Sob …”

Feng Xun’s eyebrows waggled as he felt pleased with himself. “See? I told you! Xuan the Second did compliment her!”

Infuriated, Fairy Muyao ground her teeth and looked the other way. Unexpectedly, she caught Feng Wu’s gaze while the latter was watching them in resignation.

Muyao immediately decided that Feng Wu was laughing at her!

She flared up and glared at Feng Wu. “What are you looking at?! I may not be as pretty as Feng Wu, but I’m still a thousand, no, ten thousand times better-looking than you are! You hag!”

Gnawing on a bone, Feng Wu watched in resignation as Fairy Muyao vented her rage. Feng Wu was speechless… What had she done now?

Feng Xun took pity on Feng Wu, who looked so innocent. He cast a stern look at Fairy Muyao and said, “That’s a personal attack! Xiaowu may not be as pretty as you are, but she’s kind and pure at heart. If you ask me, she’s much lovelier than you.”

Feng Wu was too abashed to meet Feng Xun’s eyes.

How did he come to the conclusion that she was kind and pure? She was a little wolf in a lamb’s skin, ready to steal that Immortal Spiritual Fruit at the first opportunity!

Fairy Muyao clenched her fists, her cheeks flaring. “Are you suggesting that I’m unkind, impure, and not lovely enough?”

Feng Xun gave her a half-smile. “Would a kind person call a complete stranger hideous?”

He heard it! He had heard it the first time! Fairy Muyao stared at Feng Xun and went stiff with fright!

Driven by her anger, Muyao opened her big eyes wide. “So, you brought Feng Wu up on purpose and said she was much more beautiful than me because you wanted to avenge this girl? Was that it? Young Lord Feng, you have no idea what Feng Wu looks like now, do you?”

Tearing at a tender, juicy piece of roasted leg of Crying Elk unhurriedly, Feng Xun gave Muyao a devil-may-care smile. “Her mother was the most beautiful woman of the Junwu Empire of her time. How much worse can she be? Young lady, if you ask me, stop trying to compare yourself with her. She’s way beyond you.”

“You —” Muyao fumed. She smacked the table and announced, “Fine! No one is going anywhere after we leave here! Let’s go to the old Feng family manor — I’d like to see how that good-for-nothing will look standing next to me!”

Feng Wu was speechless. She now knew what an “undeserved catastrophe” felt like.

Luckily, she was finally no longer the topic of conversation and she could eat her dinner in peace.

However, she couldn’t be more wrong —

Feng Xun looked up at the starry night sky and sighed with emotion. “Come to think of it, Feng Wu was so brilliant. Back then, everyone in the imperial capital knew the legends of her and she broke all the cultivation records there were to break. She was a level 3 Spiritual Master when she was four, right?”

“Level 4.” Xuan Yi, who didn’t seem to be paying any attention to Feng Xun’s words, corrected the latter immediately.

“A level 4 Spiritual Master at four years old. We didn’t even qualify as Spiritual Masters when we were four,” Feng Xun said in amazement. “Of course, Boss Jun isn’t included. He’s not as ordinary as the rest of us.”

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