Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 2158 - Affectionate Look

Chapter 2158: Affectionate Look

Feng Wu suddenly had an idea. “I don’t need you to protect me. You can just stay at my home and protect my family. Will you do that?”

Her mother and Feng Xiaoqi were her soft spot. If she could make sure that they stayed safe, she would be free to do anything.

At that thought, Feng Wu clenched her fists in excitement.

The white fairy looked at Feng Wu and said, “Don’t blame me when you get killed out there.”

The white fairy was obviously talking to Jun Linyuan.

Because Jun Linyuan was the one she was making the deal with.

Feng Wu said, “Of course!”

The white fairy glanced at her. Obviously, her response didn’t count. Jun Linyuan was the only one who could make the call.

Therefore, the white fairy stared at Jun Linyuan and waited for his reply.

The crown prince, on the other hand, was staring angrily at Feng Wu.

He was mad because she cared more about other people than herself.

“Jun Linyuan, Jun Linyuan…” Feng Wu knew that if Jun Linyuan didn’t agree, the white fairy would never say yes.

Feng Wu ran to sit next to Jun Linyuan and held his arm. “I need to put myself in danger to train myself. Protecting me all the time won’t help me. Plus, you’re here. You’ll keep me safe, right?”

Jun Linyuan rolled his eyes at her.

Feng Wu grinned at him.

Jun Linyuan was speechless.

He had let the white fairy out so that she could protect Feng Wu’s family. That was the only way to free Feng Wu from her worries. She could then do whatever she wanted.

Otherwise, the girl would be restrained by her responsibility toward her family.

If she couldn’t be a free spirit, how could she defeat her enemies?

Jun Linyuan gave her an affectionate look and nodded in resignation.


Feng Wu was thrilled. She took Jun Linyuan’s arm and swayed it in excitement.

Just then, footsteps approached from outside again.

This time, it was Gao, the eunuch.

Zhao Jia still stopped him, but when Jun Linyuan heard the voice, he snorted and said, “Let him in.”

When Gao saw Feng Wu, he smiled wryly and said, “Your Royal Highness, I didn’t mean to disturb you, but Princess Jun Wuxia has woken up, and His Majesty wants to see Miss Feng Wu.”

Before, Feng Wu was worried, but now that her family was protected, she had nothing to worry about.

She had to deal with Jun Wuxia as soon as possible.

Jun Linyuan thought the same, and they both rose to their feet.

Seeing that “Jun Linyuan” was going as well, Gao tried to stop “him.” “Your Royal Highness, His Majesty summoned Miss Feng Wu only…”

Feng Wu rolled her eyes in her head.

In Gao’s eyes, Feng Wu was Jun Linyuan. He was worried that “Jun Linyuan” would enrage the emperor.

But because of the ninth trial, she had to stay within ten steps of Jun Linyuan.

She had about two weeks to go.

Therefore, she walked out of the room without looking at Gao.

She was getting better and better at imitating Jun Linyuan.

Of course, Gao didn’t dare stop the “crown prince.”

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