Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 1831 - Pray to Feng Wu (1)

Chapter 1831: Pray to Feng Wu (1)

Sefiro gave Feng Xun a “you idiot” look. “Hey, can you shut up for a moment? What do you mean by that? Why can’t we find anything good if we don’t pray to Feng Wu? Do you think this place belongs to her?”

Feng Xun said, “I have a feeling that that’s really the case.”

“Idiot!” Sefiro couldn’t be bothered to talk to Feng Xun.

Behind the shelves —


When Ranmil injected her spiritual essence, Little Phoenix’s eyes lit up when it stole it.

Feng Wu was bewildered.

Little Phoenix was fascinated. “The spiritual essence is so pure. It feels so familiar, like an angel coming down from the Sacred Temple…”

“What?” Feng Wu looked at Little Phoenix in bewilderment. “Sacred Temple? Angel? What are they?”

She had never heard those terms before.

“Did I say those words?” Little Phoenix looked confused.

Feng Wu didn’t know what to say either.

She asked the white fairy, “It did say that, right?”

Meanwhile, the white fairy looked at Little Phoenix in a strange way and seemed to be lost in her thoughts. Feng Wu didn’t want to disturb her.

On the other side of the shelves —

Ranmil rolled the dice after she injected the spiritual essence.

She seemed very confident in her actions.

Sefiro told Feng Xun in a satisfied tone, “Don’t worry. My sister has always been a lucky person. She’s a blessed girl. Therefore, she’ll definitely find the best treasure here. Don’t worry.”

Ranmil herself believed it as well.

That was because —

What she didn’t tell the others was that she had a keen and innate sense for treasures.

Therefore, Ranmil was very confident in herself.

She could control the dice and could roll the best numbers.

8 and 8.

Ranmil stared at lattice No. 88 and smiled.

She knew she was going to find something very nice.

She slowly walked up to lattice No. 88.

At the same time.

Feng Wu looked at reward No. 88.

Ranmil was indeed the blessed girl. She hit the jackpot on her first go. In that lattice was none other than the Purple Sun Swordplay that Feng Xun wanted.

Feng Xun would cry his eyes out if Ranmil took the swordplay.

Therefore, Feng Wu walked up to the shelf, removed the boards at the back of the lattice, and switched the items of lattices 87 and 88.

When she saw what was in No. 87, she chuckled and said sorry to Ranmil in her head.

Squeak —

Ranmil opened the door with utter confidence.

Splash —

A giant ball of water flew out and charged at Ranmil.

It was so close and fast, and the explosion was larger than anyone could imagine.

Ranmil spread out her arms and moved back as fast as she could.

Even with her capability, a few drops of water still got her.

“Sister, are you alright?”

Sefiro rushed over and took Ranmil’s hand.

Ranmil frowned and couldn’t believe what had happened.

“Sister? Sister?” Sefiro was worried that her sister was injured.

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