Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 1740 - Face-slapping, Round 10 (7)

Chapter 1740: Face-slapping, Round 10 (7)

But because of those petty tricks, Five wasn’t able to catch Feng Wu right away. Moreover, the distance between them was getting bigger.

Whoosh —

Feng Wu jumped into the mud.

A moment later, Five arrived as well.

He frowned when he saw the black swamp.

The mud was giving off a stench.

Everywhere he looked, he only saw the undisturbed surface of the swamp.

“That girl has to be here!”

As a captain, Five would never jump into the mud himself.

Hence, he crossed his hands behind his back and looked at the swamp.

With him here, Feng Wu would never be able to run away.

He had cornered Feng Wu in this swamp.

Just then, all of Five’s men arrived.

In the assassin organization, every captain had thirty men under them. Unlike Six, who had brought all his men with him, Five had only brought ten.


The ten men bowed at him.

Five gave a wave of his hand and said coldly, “Go search the swamp. Drag her out!”


Immediately, all ten men rushed into the swamp.

At that moment.

“Who’s there?!”

There was a rustling noise in the cave nearby.

Other people might miss it, but it couldn’t fool Five’s ears.

Hence, Five immediately ran in the direction of the cave.

The next second, Five was inside the cave.

“Who’s there?!”

In the darkness, two figures sprang out and charged at Five.

Thump, thump, thump!

They clashed into him.

The two men then flew backward and spat out blood when they smashed into the wall.

But Five stood there, as steady as a rock.


The two men cried out in surprise.

“Six? Seven?”

Thanks to the dim moonlight which shone into the cave, Five finally saw who the other two men were, which only astonished him.

He pointed at the other two men. “What happened? What did you two do to yourselves?”

In the organization, the ten captains were more or less of the same level. Five had never seen the other two men look so miserable.

The question silenced Six and Seven.

“Speak. What happened?” Five urged them.

Seven knew that he couldn’t keep such a thing a secret, so he told Five how Feng Wu had tricked him. After he finished, he nudged Six with his elbow and said, “Your turn.”

Hence, Six told his story as well.

“Bullshit!” Five wouldn’t believe it. “Feng Wu is only a Level 7 Spiritual Elder. You’re telling me that she did this to you? I don’t buy it!”

Six and Seven said in unison, “She’s really good! She’s cunning and knows a lot of tricks, and they never seem to end. You won’t know where she’ll hit you.”

Five smirked. “Cunning? You won’t know where she’ll hit you? She’s just an arrogant girl and nothing more. The story you came up with is just to shirk your responsibility, gosh.”

Six and Seven were so angry that they almost exploded.

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