Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 1618 - Unexpected News!

Chapter 1618: Unexpected News!

Emperor Wu never thought that Feng Wu would fall ill one day.

The girl had always struck him as very smart. Just like with Jun Linyuan, nothing ever seemed to baffle her. As it turned out, she also had such a fragile side.

The thought finally made Emperor Wu feel pity for Feng Wu.

“What about that brat, Jun Linyuan?” Emperor Wu stared at the others.

Granny Gong stepped out and reported calmly, “His Royal Highness is cultivating.”

That immediately rendered Emperor Wu speechless.

Every time when Jun Linyuan went away to cultivate, he would come back a much more capable man.

Therefore, it was great news to both the royal family and the Junwu Empire.

However, it wasn’t necessarily the case for Emperor Wu, since his brat was growing more and more unruly.

“Tell them to look for that Chaoge girl carefully.” Emperor Wu took another long look at Feng Wu before he finally left.

Word of Chaoge’s kidnapping quickly spread.

People in the campsite reacted differently.

Mrs Zuo laughed out loud when she heard the news, and Mrs Dugu was over the moon. So was Empress Dugu…

It was dead silent outside.

Feng Wu slowly woke up.

“Miss, you’re awake.” Qiuling had been staying with Feng Wu. Seeing that she had woken up, Qiuling immediately rushed to her side.

Rubbing her head, Feng Wu felt a throbbing pain. Her body hurt all over, as if she had been crushed by a mountain. The pain made it difficult for her to breathe.

“Miss, are you alright? Shall I find Master Chu?” Qiuling was so anxious that she had tears in her eyes.

Feng Wu waved at her. “It’s okay. I’ll be fine after some rest. Don’t run around. Sit.”

“Alright…” Qiuling did as she was told.

After Chaoge went missing, Qiuling had been so anxious that she got spots around her mouth. Then, her mistress fell sick as well, and Qiuling really began to panic.

Thus, she wouldn’t look away from Feng Wu, fearing that she might disappear as well.

Seeing how anxious Qiuling was, Feng Wu felt sorry.

She was the decision-maker in the family. If she fell sick, what would the rest of the family do? She had to pull herself together.

At that thought, Feng Wu took a deep breath and forced herself to sit up.

“Miss —” Qiuling immediately put a pillow behind Feng Wu and helped her sit up. “How do you feel now?”

Feng Wu nodded. “It’s no big deal. What’s going on outside?”

Hearing that, Qiuling started weeping.

“The news of Miss Chaoge’s disappearance has gone out, and people have been saying all sorts of things. Some even say that… that Miss Chaoge is… gone…”

All the worry was so overwhelming for Qiuling that she cried.

But Feng Wu was very calm. “Don’t worry. Chaoge is still alive.”

“Really? Miss, is that true?” Qiuling’s eyes glittered with tears.

Feng Wu nodded. “Although I don’t know where she is, and she may be in a difficult situation right now, at least, she’s still trying to survive and is waiting for us to save her.”

Just then, hasty footsteps came from outside.

With a whoosh, the curtain was lifted up.

Looking up, Feng Wu saw Feng Xun’s sweaty face.

Before she could say anything, Feng Xun rushed in, grabbed her hand, and dragged her away. “Xiao Wu, quickly. You need to see this.”

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