Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 1616 - She's Missing (5)

Chapter 1616: She’s Missing (5)

The man looked at Feng Wu as if he was looking at an idiot. “Is she more important than your own life?”

Feng Wu said, “She’s my best friend.”

Putting his hands behind his back, the man looked up at the silver moon in the sky, and his expression turned so brooding that his eyes looked like bottomless pits.

“You know what? I asked your friend the same question.” The man stared at Feng Wu and his smile turned bloodthirsty. “Do you know what she said?”

Feng Wu bit her lower lip. “So, it really was you who took my friend.”

The man didn’t deny it. “That’s right. It was me.”

Feng Wu asked, “Why? Did I offend you?”

Feng Wu kept her clear eyes on the man and wouldn’t miss any emotion in his eyes.

She knew that the man was wearing a skin mask, but his eyes couldn’t lie.

“You didn’t offend me, but you’ve offended someone you shouldn’t have.” The man shook his head. “And that’s the last person you should have offended in your life.”

Feng Wu was probing for information with every sentence she spoke.

The man seemed to be talking casually, but if she analyzed his words closely, she could pick up a lot of useful information from them.

He had kidnapped Chaoge, and he was working for someone she couldn’t afford to offend… Based on this description, a lot of people could already be ruled out.

“Who’s that person? Is it a man or woman?” Feng Wu stared at the man.

Unfortunately, the man closed his eyes and didn’t give Feng Wu any chance to study them.

With the mask over his face, Feng Wu couldn’t see the movement of his muscles, so she lost the advantage.

He didn’t answer Feng Wu’s question, but suddenly smirked and stared at Feng Wu. “Aren’t you curious about what your friend said?”

Feng Wu said indifferently, “Do I need to guess?”

Crossing her arms, she said confidently, “She’s very loyal to me and will never betray me. Everything she does is for my own good.”

“Are you that confident?” The man stared at Feng Wu.

Feng Wu nodded.

He asked, “What if I told you that she chose to betray you to keep herself alive?”

Feng Wu shook her head. “Such an attempt to alienate us may work on other people, but not with Chaoge. She’s not the brightest person in the room, so when she trusts someone, she’ll never betray them.”

She stared at the man with cold eyes. “So, she would rather choose to die herself than betray me. I’m that confident in her.”

The man narrowed his eyes and studied Feng Wu silently.

Feng Wu suddenly smiled. “Are you speechless because I’m right?”

The man nodded. “It’s true. You were right.”

He then heaved a long sigh. “I gave her two options when I captured her at the beginning. Option one, if she betrayed you, she could live. Option two, if she didn’t, she had to die. Do you know which one she chose?”

Feng Wu’s pupils contracted, and she suddenly grabbed the man’s arm.

“How is she now?!” She sounded very anxious!

The man stared at her, for she had been able to stay calm when her own life was threatened, but now, she was so worried.

“Tell me! How is she now?!”

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