Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 1500 - Untitled

Chapter 1500: Untitled

Feng Xun asked, “What else? Give me a hint.”

Xuan Yi didn’t have time for that. He took a large bite of the fish, chewed, and did it all over again.

The others were all astonished when they saw the way the two of them ran around.

The ladies were utterly surprised when Yufurong told them about it.

“What? Young Lord Feng and Young Lord Xuan are fighting over a roast fish?” Mrs Zuo couldn’t believe her ears.

But Yufurong nodded with a bitter smile. “That’s right; everyone heard it. Young Lord Feng is already running very fast, but he can’t catch up with Young Lord Xuan.”

Mrs Zuo looked shocked. “What’s going on? It’s as if the young lord has never tasted roast fish before.”

“But it does smell nice, and even my mouth is watering.” Mrs Dugu told the old maid next to her, “Go find out who made that fish and have them cook one for me. Quickly.”

Granny Ye was about to go, when Yufurong stopped her.

She smiled wryly. “Granny Ye, please don’t go. You won’t be able to get it.”

“What now?” Mrs Dugu was bewildered.

As the family of Empress Dugu, the Dugu family was one of the most influential families in the empire that everyone thought highly of. Why would anyone say no to such a family? Mrs Dugu smirked.

But —

“That fish was cooked by Miss Feng Wu herself.” Yufurong smiled bitterly.

Miss Feng Wu…

A hush fell over the crowd as soon as she said that name.

“She’s just all over the place!” Mrs Dugu snorted. She didn’t try to hide her disdain.

Mrs Zuo sounded discontent as well and said sarcastically, “What’s going on with the Feng clan? Why is that girl so good at seducing men?”

It was obvious that the two ladies were jealous, because they had daughters as well, and they could never get along well with Feng Xun and Xuan Yi.

While the two ladies were secretly tormented by their jealousy, the empress dowager —

Because she had insisted on going to the Senal Grassland, the empress dowager had to be on a strict diet imposed by Feng Wu.

The instructions were quite simple: the food had to be low in oil, salt, and sugar, and the empress dowager was already getting sick of it.

If she knew that Feng Wu had come up with that regime, she would probably hate her even more.

She was lying in bed and whining about her pain, when she smelled the aroma of food from outside.

It was such a unique smell that she didn’t think she had ever smelled it before.

One could only imagine how someone who was about to pass out from starvation would feel when they smelled the spicy aroma.

The old lady swallowed with difficulty. She was about to ask Granny Lan about it, when she heard footsteps outside.

“Your Majesty, Mrs Dugu and Mrs Zuo are here to see you. Do you feel well enough to see them?” Granny Lan asked.

Mrs Dugu and Mrs Zuo? Had they come with the food that was giving off that nice aroma?

The empress dowager was elated by that thought.

She sprang up from the bed and cried out, “Quickly! Invite them in!”

How thoughtful of them! the empress dowager thought to herself.

Invite them in? Mrs Dugu and Mrs Zuo exchanged surprised looks.

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