Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 1480 - Untitled

Chapter 1480: Untitled

“How dare you come here!” Feng Yanfeng threw the bowl of medicine in his hand directly at Feng Wu’s face.

The thick liquid in the bowl arced through the air as it flew at Feng Wu.

Luckily, she reacted in time and immediately stepped aside to dodge the bowl and the liquid.


The bowl broke into pieces on the floor with a crisp sound.

Feng Yanfeng was even more furious when he saw Feng Wu move away.

“How dare you! Feng Wu, how dare you!” Feng Yanfeng sprang up from his bed and asked, “Tell me! What on earth did you do?!”

Feng Wu frowned and looked confused. “What do you mean?”

“Quit pretending! Cough —” Feng Yanfeng was shaking from head to toe. “If you haven’t done something to offend His Majesty, why would he blame it on me?! You’re the one who got me in trouble! Don’t you realize that?!”

Feng Wu was speechless.

Feng Yanfeng stared at Feng Wu. “Speak! What on earth did you do?”

Feng Wu shrugged and looked all innocent. “I didn’t do anything. As for why His Majesty is mad at you… How about you go ask him yourself?”

Just then, she heard light footsteps nearby.

Steward Feng quickly came in and whispered something in Feng Yanfeng’s ear before he backed away.

Feng Yanfeng was completely astounded by the news.

He looked at Feng Wu as if she was an idiot. “You… You!!!”

Feng Wu still looked very innocent. “What?”

Feng Yanfeng couldn’t stop trembling. When he pointed at Feng Wu, his finger trembled as well, which showed how astonished he was.

“You… You could have saved Her Majesty, but you didn’t! Feng Wu! You turned away from the empress dowager!”

Feng Yanfeng wanted to kill Feng Wu right there and then!

She would have been generously rewarded if she had saved the empress dowager, and the entire Feng clan could have risen because of it!

The crime for not helping the empress dowager was so severe that the entire Feng clan could be killed for it!

“You — how could you do that?!”

Feng Yanfeng was so agitated that he couldn’t form a coherent sentence, and he glared at Feng Wu. “We can overlook the generous reward, but we can’t possibly survive the punishment! Feng Wu, you’re taking the entire clan down with you!!!”

Feng Yanfeng’s eyes were bloodshot, and blue veins popped on his forehead. He was so agitated!

And when he said those words, he wasn’t the only one agitated.


“Feng Wu has —”

“Feng Wu! How dare you!”

Lady Wang, Feng Yanfeng, Feng Sang, and Feng Liu all stood there in astonishment. Their heads went blank, and they all trembled violently.

Feng Wu left the empress dowager when the latter was severely ill. That was enough to have the entire Feng clan killed!

“Feng Wu, I’m going to kill you!”

“Feng Wu, how dare you!”

“Feng Wu, go to hell!”

Lady Wang trembled violently, and her heart raced. She rushed over to Feng Yanfeng and yelled, “Master, Master, our clan can’t keep this girl anymore! We won’t know how to teach her! Master, after what she did to you, do you want to see the same thing happen to our children?!”

“Pfft —”

Feng Yanfeng was so exasperated and shocked that he spat out a mouthful of blood!

Cough, cough —

After his coughing fit, Feng Yanfeng looked up, and his eyes were bloodshot red!

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