Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 139 - I’ve Never Liked Jun Linyuan

Chapter 139: I’ve Never Liked Jun Linyuan

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One look and Feng Wu almost had a heart attack!

Those clothes…

It was identical to the outfit she had put on in her disguise as the ugly girl!

How could she have forgotten about that? For her own convenience, she had made three identical outfits in the same style and color so that she didn’t have to bother choosing what to wear… Right now, she saw that someone had washed one of them and hung everything up in the backyard in broad daylight.

Just. Like. That!

If Feng Xun or any of his fellows happened to walk in, they would definitely… Feng Wu was worried sick!

Right at that moment, someone smashed the door open and rushed in like a gust of wind!

Feng Wu thought her heart was going to explode when the door burst open!

Thump! Thump! Thump!

That was the sound of Feng Wu’s heart.

Had Feng Xun and the others discovered that she was the ugly girl… She recalled what Feng Xun mentioned earlier, about severing the tendons in her arms and legs and draining her blood. “She’d wish she was dead.”

Feng Wu shuddered at the thought.

“Feng Wu!” A shrill, tyrannical voice rang out behind Feng Wu.

Feng Wu’s heart began to beat normally when she heard the voice. She turned around and stared at Feng Liu coldly!

She had to attract all of Feng Liu’s attention so that the latter wouldn’t notice that dress.

However, before Feng Wu could say another word, Feng Liu glared at her and exclaimed, “Feng Wu, I’m warning you! The crown prince is mine and he likes me! Stay away from him, or you’ll be in trouble!”

Jun Linyuan liked Feng Liu? Feng Wu felt like cracking up. If that was the case, Jun Linyuan wouldn’t be Jun Linyuan anymore.

“Are you sneering?!” Feng Liu’s eyes spat fire.

“I’m not.” Feng Wu didn’t forget her main objective now, which was to keep Feng Liu away from that dress and get rid of the woman ASAP.

Staring at Feng Wu, Feng Liu asked, “I only have one question for you!”

“Which is?” Feng Wu took a few steps as she spoke, stepping further and further away from the dress and pretending to marvel at some budding purple flowers in the courtyard.

That way, when Feng Liu stared at her, she wouldn’t be looking at the dress at the same time.

Feng Xun was an excellent painter. Not only had he depicted the ugly girl accurately in that drawing, he had drawn her dress down to the very last detail.

Feng Liu had no idea that upon closer examination, she could finish Feng Wu off for good…

But all her attention was on Feng Wu now. Feng Liu’s eyes tracked Feng Wu wherever she went!

Seeing Feng Wu casually enjoy the flowers with her hands behind her back, Feng Liu burned with hatred!


Why did this good-for-nothing look so pleased with herself when she had no spiritual essence whatsoever?

However, recalling the times when she had been set up by this useless Feng Wu, Feng Liu took a deep breath and stared at Feng Wu with unblinking eyes. “I only have one question and I want an honest answer. Do you still like the crown prince?”

Feng Wu cast her a sidelong glance. “Still? I’ve never liked Jun Linyuan. There’s no ‘still.’”

So, Miss Feng the Sixth, please get lost. Feng Wu stole a glance at the dress hanging there.

Feng Liu might be as good as blind, but not everyone else was. If Feng Xun and the others came back now… Feng Xun would be in a lot of trouble.

Hearing that, Feng Liu looked exhilarated. Pointing at Feng Wu, she said, “You said it yourself. I didn’t make you. You admitted it. You don’t like the crown prince!”

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