Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 132 - Why Did She Look So Familiar From Behind?

Chapter 132: Why Did She Look So Familiar From Behind?

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Feng Wu looked at him in bewilderment, her limpid eyes filled with confusion. “What?”

Yu Mingye had no idea where all his temper was coming from. He only stared at Feng Wu, looking very angry. All of a sudden, he reached out to grab Feng Wu’s hand.

However, Jun Linyuan, who had been aloof and undisturbed this whole time, stepped out and stood in front of Feng Wu.

Feng Wu had no choice but to make way for him.

Yu Mingye’s eyes met Jun Linyuan’s!

Both were tall, had long legs, and were about the same height. They were equally handsome and capable, which turned this into a duel between two princes.

Their eyes were on the same level.

Neither would budge, and one could almost see the sparks flying in the air.

Feng Wu took a deep breath. Obviously, Jun Linyuan and Yu Mingye didn’t see eye to eye and would jump at each other like fighting roosters whenever they met. So —

In order to avoid being turned into collateral damage here, it was better for her to slink off now. Plus, she needed to release gas again…

Hence, while the two princes tried to kill each other with their eyes, their stares so intense that one could see icy shards and fiery sparks flying in all directions, Feng Wu took the chance. She took one step back, then another… Before long, she was ten meters away.

Good job!

Feng Wu cheered herself on, turned around, and was ready to sprint off when —

All of a sudden!

A familiar voice came from behind. “Hey, little Feng Wu, where are you going?”

It was Feng Xun!

Feng Wu almost snapped. She had to take a very deep breath to keep her temper at bay!

What had she ever done to Feng Xun? Why did the guy have to ruin her day all the time?!

Feng Xun was still urging her, “Little Feng Wu, get over here. Boss Jun is right here. Why are you running that way? You dumb girl!”

Feng Wu breathed in. Deep breaths were the only thing that could calm her down now, otherwise she was sure that she would pounce at Feng Xun and punch him in the face.

“Wait, little Feng Wu, you look so familiar from behind. Why do I feel like I’ve seen it before…” Staring at Feng Wu’s slim back, something clicked in his head.

Those words gave Feng Wu the shivers!



This wasn’t happening!

At that thought, Feng Wu turned around immediately, hurried to Feng Xun’s side, and smacked him on the head, waking him up from his reverie!

“Hey, what was that for? I almost figured it out.” Feng Xun looked at Feng Wu, a little displeased.

Feng Wu sighed in relief inwardly. She then glowered at Feng Xun and said grumpily, “You called me back, didn’t you? I was going to get you people some water, seeing that you all look tired. But you had to get me back here, so forget about it.”

Feng Wu found a random excuse, and Feng Xun didn’t suspect a thing.

Right now, Yu Mingye and Jun Linyuan were still engaged in their staring contest. To be more precise, Yu Mingye was the one staring. Jun Linyuan, on the other hand, had already raised his head to savor the clouds in the sky.

Feng Xun patted Yu Mingye on the shoulder. “Stop doing that! We have no time to waste now. Our priority now is to catch that ugly girl!”

“Catch the ugly girl? You really found her?” That successfully distracted Yu Mingye.

“Of course we did. Look —” Taking out that drawing from his chest pocket, Feng Xun tossed it to Yu Mingye. “See for yourself.”

Yu Mingye opened the scroll eagerly, and immediately saw the person in the drawing.

Her features couldn’t be any more ordinary, but —

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