Goddess of Ice; Reborn as Naruto's twin sister

Chapter 535: Another kind of Battle

Chapter 535: Another kind of Battle

Yuna finished her story, causing Kaguya to look at her in awe.

‘So that is what really happened. Amazing! Additionally, now that such a powerful person is here, I don’t need to fear the Otsutsuki clan anymore either.’

Kaguya, whose head was currently resting on Yuna’s lap while Yuna was combing through her hair with her hand, visibly relaxed as a sigh of relief escaped her mouth.

The threat of the Otsutsuki clan one day appearing here to punish her was constantly looming above her head, which was the reason she wanted to create an army of White Zetsu. Now, she no longer cared about that. Even if they came, wouldn’t Yuna just smack them to death?

On the other hand, Black Zetsu was obediently sitting by the side while listening to Yuna’s story with a respectful expression on his face. The previous hostility and fear were no longer present as he looked like he would worship Yuna as his ancestor at any moment.

Then, Yuna opened her mouth and resumed speaking in a voice that seemed to echo through the whole mindscape despite not being very loud. Instead of telling another story of the past, a complex string of words left her mouth, talking about insanity, balance, control, and many more things.

While listening to Yuna’s esoteric speech, Kaguya sighed again and again as every time Yuna combed through her hair and finished a sentence, she could feel her insane thoughts diminishing. No, diminishing wasn’t the correct word, as these thoughts were still there; they were just easier to control and less intrusive.

Additionally, her mindscape was slowly but surely fixing itself as Yuna’s voice reverberated through her mind, the muddy water covering the ground slowly receded, while the black gaseous substances seemed to disperse.

Her mind was healing.

After around an hour, only a vast field of grass remained, causing Kaguya to smile peacefully. Although her mindscape was pretty much empty, Kaguya didn’t mind. After all, this was only the first step as she herself wasn’t even sure what she enjoyed. Now that she has proper control over it, she will sculpt this place to her liking over the coming years.

“Well, now that that is done, what are your plans for the future, Kaguya.”

“I want to stay by your side!”

Kaguya instantly answered Yuna’s question, causing her face to become crimson while Yuna chuckled in amusement. Yuna patted her head, causing her to squint in pleasure, and resumed talking.

“That is fine with me. However, what kind of role would you like to have?”

Question marks popped up above Kaguya’s head as she tilted her head in confusion. However, after thinking about Yuna’s question for a short moment, she realized what Yuna was talking about, and a slight blush appeared on her face.

“*Cough* C-Can I call you grandma?”

At first, Yuna was slightly taken aback by that weird request, but after thinking about it for a moment, she shrugged her shoulders in amusement. She rarely cared how people called her, and since Kaguya’s address was technically correct, at least to some degree, she simply accepted.

Funnily enough, if Kaguya could call Yuna grandma, Yuna could theoretically do the same for Kaguya.

Yuna, in her first life, was the ancestor of Kaguya, while Kaguya was the ancestor of Yuna in her second life. Yuna really wondered if that would lead to some kind of interesting blood mutation if they had children.

As for matters containing incest, that was a laughable argument. Their bloodlines were countless generations apart, so that wouldn’t matter in the slightest.

“Hehe, I don’t mind if you call me grandma, but that is not what I’m talking about. You know what kind of relationship I had with your ancestor, so… are you interested?”

Kaguya froze up when she realized what Yuna was talking about.

‘Right, she had a sexual relationship with the Great Ancestor. Honestly, I’m not too interested. I had sex with my previous husband before, and I honestly didn’t think there was anything special about it. It was, at best, slightly pleasurable. Since he was so eager to do it, I occasionally did it with him to make him happy, but that was all there was to it.’

“I’m sorry, but I’m not really that interested in sex. I mean, it feels decent, but I don’t have any interest in having more children.”

Yuna raised her eyebrows when she heard that as she moved her hand and lightly moved Kaguya’s head, so she was forced to look at Yuna.

“Did you just imply that a pathetic loser that abandoned you at the first sign of trouble would bring you the same level of pleasure as me?”

For some reason, a shudder went through Kaguya’s spine when she saw Yuna’s eyes seemingly piercing into her mind, projecting a whole lot of danger.

Kaguya wasn’t sure why, but yet again, she instinctively clenched her butt.

“Do I have to punish you, child?”

Before Kaguya could say anything else, Yuna lowered her head and met Kaguya’s lips, shocking her quite a bit.

However, the shock quickly diminished as waves of pleasure kept rolling in.

‘W-What the hell is this? Aren’t we just kissing? Why does it feel so amazing?’

While keeping her lips locked with Kaguya, Yuna lifted up her body and straddled her on her lap, giving her easy access to Kaguya’s butt, resulting in a firm smack echoing through the shared mindscape.

‘D-Did she just hit me? B-But it didn’t feel bad at all. W-What’s going on? Why does the pleasure keep increasing?`

Moments later, Yuna broke apart the kiss, causing Kaguya to whimper in frustration.

“Well, did that change your mind, Kaguya?”

However, Kaguya could barely answer, as pleasure was still flooding her body. She had never felt this good before.

“Yesh, grandma~”

‘Grandma, huh? That’s some kinky shit right there.’

[Seen worse.]

‘Done worth.’


Meanwhile, Black Zetsu was obediently spectating everything that was happening with curiosity. Despite being Kaguya’s will, he had developed a few unique characteristics. For example, he loved spectating fights.

Although what happened in front of him wasn’t a traditional fight, he was still somewhat curious.

‘To think mother would be defeated so easily. As expected of Yuna-sama.’

*Author Note*

I’m very pleased with how many people got the Sheogorath reference~

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