Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 9 - The Threat of the Li Clan

Chapter 9: The Threat of the Li Clan

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In the afternoon.

Bai Yi applied the ointment on himself on the way. He did not know whether it was the effect of the ointment or the effect of the pill fragrance of the Heart-cleansing Pills, but he actually felt that his injured palm no longer hurt.

Logically speaking, even if the effects of the ordinary ointment were good, it should not be this good, right?

If it was really so exaggerated, Old Liu could have used this medicinal paste to make a fortune.

Why was there a need to be calculative with the two to three months’ rent?

“Is it really the effect of the medicinal fragrance… The medicinal pills of Immortal cultivators are too powerful.”

He did not even consume a Heart-cleansing Pill.

He only carried them with him.

He only smelled the special medicinal fragrance emitted by these three pills.

Then, his injured palm did not hurt anymore?

It was no wonder that a Heart-cleansing Pill could be sold for more than 1,000 silver.

If he met someone who needed it, he could even sell it for 2,000 silver.

However, just as he was about to return home, he suddenly saw a group of people gathered in front of his house.

At first glance, there were at least seven or eight people. Most of them were dressed like servants.

Only one of them was dressed luxuriously. The satin cloth he used was very expensive.

The memories of his predecessor flooded Bai Yi’s mind. He remembered the group of people in front of him.

These were people from the Li Clan of Qinghe County!

He also recognized this luxuriously dressed young man. He was a direct descendant of the Li Clan. He was the youngest son of the head of the Li Clan — Li Jinfu.

Li Jinfu was one of the best people of his age, and he had taken over many of Li Clan’s businesses at a young age.

Of course, when he referred to people of his age, he referred to people of his age in the secular world.

Immortal cultivators were excluded.

Bai Yi could not help but frown. Just a moment ago, he had been reminded by Old Liu at the medicine store to be careful of the Li Clan. He had not expected to run into someone from the Li Clan the moment he returned home.


It should be said that the Li Clan took the initiative to find him. These guys really did not give him a break.

They even blocked the entrance of his courtyard, waiting for him to come back.

It was obvious that there were not here to have afternoon tea with him.

At this moment, Li Jinfu noticed Bai Yi, who was about to go home. He could recognize Bai Yi at a glance.

Then, he put on an unfriendly smile. “Is Young Master Bai finally back? In a few days, it will be the 90th birthday of the Old Master of the Chen Clan. I wonder if Young Master Bai has received an invitation from the Chen Clan?”

“I don’t think so. After all, Young Master Bai is alone.”

“The Bai Clan has long become history in Qinghe County.”

“How about this?” Li Jinfu said, “Stop being stubborn and sell more than ten land deeds to my Li Clan. When the day of the Chen Clan’s Old Master’s birthday comes, I might be able to bring you in to see the world. Maybe you can even meet the Spirit Sword Sect’s Holy Maiden.”

Meet the Spirit Sword Sect’s Holy Maiden?

Listening to this guy’s arrogant tone, Bai Yi’s expression was a little strange.

Bai Yi knew everything there was to know about the Holy Maiden of Spirit Sword Sect.

There was no need for him to go to the Chen Residence to see what his human tool looked like.

This guy had said so much, and his goal was none other than his stores.

Bai Yi did not expect the Li Clan to be so persistent about these stores.

Was it all for the measly 1,000 or 2,000 silver by collecting rent every year?

“I’m allergic to women, so I’m not interested.”

“I’m not selling the land deeds either.”

“Move aside.”

Bai Yi replied with these three sentences.

Li Jinfu put away the smile on his face, and there was a hint of unkindness in his eyes. “Bai Yi, you’ve challenged the Li Clan’s patience countless times. Are you sure you can keep those dozens of land deeds by yourself?”

“If you can’t hold on to the hot potatoes, you should throw them away as soon as possible. Do you know what I mean? One day, you might accidentally fall into the river and can’t climb up again.”

The threat in his tone was very obvious.

This kind of open verbal threat was also in line with the style of these clans.

After all, they basically relied on bloody means to obtain their wealth.

In this cultivation world where the strong preyed on the weak, a person suddenly turning into a corpse would not cause much of a stir.

That was because it was too common.

“One day.” Li Jinfu did not wait for Bai Yi to speak. He continued, “I’ll only give you one day. A land deed is 200 silver.”

“If you still refuse to sell…”

“The Li Clan will come and get it themselves!”

With that said, they actually left just like that. It was as if the purpose of their visit this time was just to give an ultimatum. This was a verbal threat to Bai Yi.

One of the servants could not hold it in anymore.

He couldn’t help but ask in a low voice out of curiosity, “Young Master, why even bother talking to him? There are so many of us. We can just hold him down and beat him up. We could have threatened to hand over the title deed and just threw him over to the railing. Wouldn’t that be great?”

Li Jinfu glanced at him. “A year ago, the Li Clan did something even more ruthless than this. We thought we were going to get the land deed. In the end, that guy didn’t die… We thought there was something special about him, so we didn’t touch him. We didn’t want to get into trouble that we shouldn’t have.”

“However, after a year of observation, he doesn’t seem to have anything special about him. He must have been lucky to survive.”

The servant was enlightened, but he scratched his head. “Then, why wait till tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow is a good day for doing the deed. Those who are killed have no chance to become ghosts.”

Li Jinfu smiled and said, “Think before you do anything. Don’t bring unnecessary trouble to yourself.”

“Yes, what Young Master said is very wise…” The servant shivered.

These disciples of the big clans were too terrifying. They even wanted to pick a good day for killing!

Bai Yi thought that these people wanted to make a move on him. He wanted to try out his new strength. Just how much stronger was he now? He wanted to try how powerful Chen Qianxue’s self-created swordsmanship technique and lightness skills were.

Unfortunately… these people had half a brain.

Looking at their leaving figures, Bai Yi could not help but squint his eyes.

He remembered that Li Jinfu had threatened him to be careful of falling into the water and drowning.

It seemed that.. his predecessor’s drowning was really related to the Li Clan.

This time, they took the initiative to come and threaten him.

It was very likely that they were already prepared to make a second move.

As for why they threatened him before making a move?

Bai Yi was not too sure.

Could it be because of the ritual?

Although the Li Clan was a secular clan, if they chose to spend money and hire a few martial arts experts, they still had the capital to do so.

With the Li Clan’s resources and connections. it was not impossible to hire an Immortal cultivator to do the deed.

Moreover, Bai did not believe that a clan that had been around for so long did not have any strength or foundation.

A clan that did not have any foundation would have died off long ago. How could it have survived until now?

It seemed that he could only wait for the cooldown of the Immortal Cultivation Simulator to pass, and then look forward to Chen Qianxue’s performance in the simulator.

If Chen Qianxue’s performance in the immortal cultivation simulator was outstanding… then Bai Yi would not be afraid of the Li Clan.

If it did not work…

Then Bai Yi would have no choice but to abandon all of his inherited assets and find a safer place to live. After he became stronger, he would think of a way to deal with the Li Clan.

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