Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 7 - he First Meeting between the Boss and the Human Tool

Chapter 7: The First Meeting between the Boss and the Human Tool

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In the medicine shop.

The shopkeeper, Old Liu, was also a part-time doctor. He was holding Bai Yi’s hand and looking at it curiously. Then, he could not help but ask, “Master Bai, how did your hand become like this?”

Bai Yi sighed and said, “I accidentally knocked it.”

“Knocked it?”

Old Liu’s expression was a little strange. How could he injure it like this just by knocking it?

Why did it look more like someone had smashed it with a hammer?

However… it was also strange.

On the surface, it looked quite serious, but upon closer inspection, it was obvious that it was a superficial wound. The bones inside were not damaged at all. Old Liu had been a doctor for decades, and he was extremely curious. He had the thought of dissecting this hand and observing it carefully…

Bai Yi, who could not stand his stare, withdrew his hand quickly.

Bai Yi glanced at him warily. He was a little worried that this Old Liu would pull some trick on him.

Bai Yi said, “Old Liu, why don’t you just prescribe some medicine for me?”

Old Liu was obviously reluctant to part with him. However, in the end, he said, “Alright, I’ll prescribe some ointment for you, Young Master Bai. You just need to apply it three times a day when you go back. During the recovery period, eat less spicy food.”

Watching Old Liu walk into the pharmacy to grab the medicine, Bai Yi looked at his red and swollen palm. The corner of his mouth twitched slightly.

At the moment when he forcefully hacked the wooden table, the hard table told him that Newton’s third law was also applicable in the cultivation world!

It was true that they had hurt each other.

At this thought, a faint fragrance rushed into his nose and mixed with the smell of the medicinal herbs in the pharmacy.

Bai Yi could not tell what the smell was. The fragrance of flowers? Perhaps it was body wash?


How could there be body wash in this cultivation world?

Suddenly, a vaguely familiar voice came from behind him. “Can I see your hand?”

It was a woman’s voice. It was crisp and melodious. It was quite pleasant to hear.

Bai Yi turned his head in surprise. Then he saw a beautiful woman on the street. She was as beautiful as a carefully modeled 3D character.

However, the biggest problem now was… this face, this person. He had seen her before! He recognized her!

It was the Spirit Sword Sect’s Holy Maiden, Chen Qianxue!

Why was she here?

What a coincidence!

She just finish her simulated Immortal cultivation life not long ago, so she needed a good rest, right? As the Spirit Sword Sect’s Holy Maiden, she came out for a stroll?

Bai Yi never dreamed that he would meet the human tool he had chosen when he went out to grab medicine in the huge county.

Or rather… it was Chen Qianxue who took the initiative to look for him.

Moreover, Bai Yi was also curious about what Chen Qianxue wanted.

“My hand?” Bai Yi was a little confused.

Chen Qianxue concealed the shock in her eyes. She nodded slightly.


Bai Yi had gone through all kinds of deaths in the simulator, and he learned to maintain a certain level of caution in everything. He had already raised the vigilance in his heart to the maximum the moment he saw Chen Qianxue.

This was especially so when his ‘human tool’ had such a strange request. He decisively rejected her. “I don’t know you.”

He even added, “I’m allergic to women.”

Chen Qianxue was speechless.

How did he come up with such a lame reason?

At this moment, the shopkeeper of the medicine shop, Old Liu, came out of the medicine shop with a bottle of ointment. As he walked over, he said, “Young Master Bai, this kind of ointment might be quite strong. Don’t apply it in places you shouldn’t for the sake of stimulation.”

“Hey, do you remember that old whoremaster across the street? That guy was injured a month ago. I prescribed an ointment for him. In the end, that guy almost died because he used the ointment on his private parts.”

“In the end, it was swollen for a whole month!”

“He even ruined a hooker girl!”

“You mean that old whoremaster… eh?”

Old Liu suddenly noticed that there was another customer standing next to Bai Yi.

His first reaction was —

So beautiful!

His second reaction was —

Immortal cultivator!

There was a huge difference between Immortal cultivators and ordinary people in terms of temperament alone. Usually, people with good eyesight would be able to recognize which person was an Immortal cultivator and which person was an ordinary person.

Only a few Immortal cultivators would deliberately conceal their detached temperament, looking exactly the same as ordinary people.

As for whether ordinary people could give off the detached temperament of Immortal cultivators?

It was impossible!


Old Liu’s third reaction was — a big customer had come today!

Immortal cultivators were usually extremely generous!

This was publicly acknowledged by the secular world.

“Fairy, may I ask what medicinal ingredients you are looking to buy? My medicine shop is quite renowned in Qinghe County. There are also some special medicinal ingredients like spirit herbs that can be used to refine pills.”

Old Liu rubbed his hands.

“There’s no need.”

Chen Qianxue looked at Bai Yi. She did not choose to force her way in. Instead, she faced Bai Yi and asked openly, “The internal energy in your body gives me a sense of déjà vu. Since you are allergic to women, can you mobilize your internal energy? Let me take a look?”

After hearing this, Bai Yi finally understood why the human tool would take the initiative to look for him.

Was it because the fluctuation of inner energy in his body felt very familiar to Chen Qianxue?

How could she not be familiar with it?!

The inner energy in Bai Yi’s body was originally from the same origin as Chen Qianxue’s in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator!

There was no difference!

Seeing that Bai Yi was still unmoved, a medicinal pill appeared in Chen Qianxue’s palm. Immediately, an extremely rich medicinal fragrance filled the medicine shop.

The medicinal fragrance was extremely soothing.

“This is a Heart-cleansing Pill. It can boost your spirits and strengthen the body. If a cultivator consumes it, it can wash the impurities in the body, refine the purity of the internal energy, and increase the internal energy.”

“If this medicinal pill is exchanged for gold and silver, it can be sold for at least 1,000 silver. If you meet someone who urgently needs it, you can sell it for 2,000 silver.”

Chen Qianxue continued, “I’m just very curious and want to see your inner strength, that’s all.”

1,000 silver?!

Bai Yi did not show any reaction, but Old Liu, who was at the side, was staring straight at it. He hurriedly pulled Bai Yi’s sleeve.

“Young Master Bai, 1,000 silver! This is 1,000 silver! That’s the sum of the annual rent of your dozen or so shops, right? Young Master Bai, since you’ve earned this 1,000 silver, can you exempt Old Liu from my next month’s rent?”

Bai Yi was also stunned by this Holy Maiden’s extravagance.

However, on the surface, he still had to appear calm. “Look at you, 1,000 is enough to make you lose your mind?”

The next moment, he saw another pill appearing out of thin air on Chen Qianxue’s palm, which looked exactly the same!

My God… this human tool man was so damned rich!

In the next instant, another Heart-cleansing Pill appeared!

3,000 silver!

Bai Yi had already gathered the internal energy in his palm. It was almost as if he had done it unconsciously. It was like he was caught in a trance!

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