Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 496 - 496 More than Five Million Years! Have I Taken the Wrong Path? (2)

496 More than Five Million Years! Have I Taken the Wrong Path? (2)

“When that time comes, the speed of your breakthrough will not be any slower than it is now, even if you are already an Immortal cultivator in the Nascent Soul stage by then.”

“But it’s only at Golden Core and Nascent Soul stage. I can help you speed up your breakthrough, but after you reach the Soul Formation stage, I won’t be able to give you much help.”

Shu Zhihua did not really care about this. “Nascent Soul stage cultivation is already enough. How many people in the entire cultivation world have Nascent Soul stage cultivation? In the entire world of cultivators, I’m afraid that there are less than five hundred people in the Nascent Soul stage, right?”

That was true. In the Immortal cultivation world, powerful Immortal cultivators were still very rare.

There were not many Immortal cultivators in the Golden Core stage, and the Immortal cultivators in the Nascent Soul stage were as rare as the giant pandas on earth, or even rarer than the giant pandas on earth.

When one’s cultivation reached the level of the Nascent Soul stage, basically no one in the cultivation world would be able to hurt them.

Even if she could not defeat a more powerful enemy, she could still run away.

Of course, under normal circumstances, there was no such thing as being defeated.

This was because Bai Yi had given her a large number of trump cards. Many of these trump cards could even allow her to challenge those of a higher level. Some of the trump cards could be used even with her Golden Core stage cultivation.

The power of this trump card was very strong. It was enough for her to kill a tenth level Nascent Soul Stage.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, there was no such thing as being defeated.

The only exception was if they encountered a Soul Formation stage mighty figure. However, in the Immortal cultivation world, Soul Formation stage mighty figures were even rarer than Nascent Soul stage mighty figures. There might not even be ten Soul Formation cultivators in the entire world of cultivators.

Furthermore, even if she were to encounter a Soul Formation stage cultivator, she could still run away if she could not defeat them. Among the trump cards that Bai Yi had given her, there were also many that she could use to escape.

Run if you can’t win

It was still very easy.

Time began to pass year by year. The three Human Tools were still in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator, and ten years had passed in the real world.

Yes! 100 years had already passed in the real world. The time in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator would be even more exaggerated.

Originally, Chen Qianxue and the others would not have been able to live for so long in the simulator. Although their own cultivation was at the tenth level of the Mahayana stage, it was already very difficult for them to live for millions of years.

But now, they had actually lived for more than five million years in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator. The only possibility was that they were using some secret technique to extend their lifespans in the simulator.

If it was in another cultivation stage, it would be useless for them to use some secret techniques to prolong his life if his cultivation base was stagnant.

Even if it could let you live for tens of millions of years, it would be of no use, because your stage was still the same.

However, the three of them were at the tenth level of the Mahayana stage.

As long as he took a step forward, he would be able to transcend the Tribulation and Ascend.

Under such circumstances, how could they miss such a great opportunity?

After all, they could not guarantee that they would not be able to break through to this stage the next time they simulated cultivation. Therefore, such an opportunity could not be missed. In order to seize this opportunity, they had to use some special means to extend their life.

Fortunately, they had simulated Immortal cultivation so many times that they naturally knew how to extend their lifespans, and there was more than one way.

Although they could not reach the level of Immortality, they could still survive for tens of millions of years.

However, the price of this method was particularly high.

However, at this point, it was useless to say what the price was.

In the past ten years, Shu Zhihua had broken through from Golden Core to the Nascent Soul stage!


Even she herself felt that this was too exaggerated. She even felt that every time she broke through, although she succeeded, her cultivation stage was particularly unstable.

However, this unstable cultivation stage did not last for too long. Her good disciple had relied on a large number of natural treasures to stabilize her unstable cultivation.

In the short span of ten years, Shu Zhihua felt that all the treasures that Bai Yi had thrown at her were enough to buy a few dynasties!

It was not an exaggeration at all.

Because it was the truth.

To be able to break through to such a powerful cultivation stage in such a short period of time, she must be unique, right? Shu Zhihua was even thinking of this, but when she saw Bai Yi in front of her, she changed her mind. She realized that her disciple’s breakthrough speed was even more ridiculous than her own.

That’s fine!

Compared to this extremely heaven-defying and outrageous disciple, her own breakthrough speed actually seemed a little normal.

In the Immortal Cultivation Simulator.

Logically speaking, it was impossible for Chen Qianxue to survive in the simulator for such a long time. Her cultivation was almost stagnant.

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