Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 47 - The Shocked Senior of the Spirit Sword Sect!  

Chapter 47: The Shocked Senior of the Spirit Sword Sect!

The next day.

Chen Qianxue’s flying speed on the sword was not too fast. She spent almost an entire day flying before returning to the Spirit Sword Sect.

Looking at the Spirit Sword Sect’s headquarters with spiraling spiritual energy, she felt as if a lifetime had passed.

She had clearly only left the Spirit Sword Sect for less than half a month.

However, she felt as if she had been away for hundreds of years.

“It’s a little strange…” Chen Qianxue stood on the Spirit Sword and hovered in the air, looking at the sect headquarters in front of her. She muttered to herself, “Perhaps it’s because I’ve been in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator for too long, I’ve simulated so many Immortal cultivation lives. It’s definitely been hundreds of years if I accumulate all of them.”

Just as she was about to fly into the Spirit Sword Sect, she felt several powerful auras lock onto her in an instant.

What followed was a light shout–


“Who is it… Hmm? It’s the Holy Maiden!”

The other party thought that the people who wanted to break into the Spirit Sword Sect were some itinerant cultivators who did not know where they were.

However, he felt that Chen Qianxue’s aura was very familiar, and upon closer inspection, he was shocked.

Wasn’t this the Holy Maiden?

The Holy Maiden had returned!

After recognizing Chen Qianxue’s identity, those powerful auras were restrained.

“Seniors, you’ve worked hard,” Chen Qianxue replied.

She recognized these people. They were all the sect guardians of the Spirit Sword Sect. Each of them was a Golden Core stage Immortal cultivator, and their strength was very strong.

Once a stranger wanted to break into the Spirit Sword Sect, they would be the first to intercept.

After all, it was an Immortal cultivation sect. How could they let people in casually?

After entering the sect, Chen Qianxue clearly felt that there were many gazes, either aboveboard or stealthily watching her.

Among them were the sect seniors.

There were Senior Brothers and Sisters.

There were Junior Brothers and Sisters.

Regarding this, Chen Qianxue was actually a little unaccustomed to it. In the numerous life simulations in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator, she had tried to keep a low profile for God knows how many years, and her sense of existence was simply pitifully low.

Now, she had returned to the Spirit Sword Sect and once again became an existence that was the focus of everyone’s attention. It felt very strange.

“Hiss! It’s Her Excellency the Holy Maiden? I had only seen a few portraits of her in the past, but I never thought that I would actually be able to see her with my own eyes now! Sure enough, just as the rumors said, the appearance of the Holy Maiden is simply hard to describe with words, just like a celestial being descending to the mortal world.”

Some disciples of the Spirit Sword Sect whispered to others, their tone filled with shock and worship.

“I heard that the Holy Maiden is already a Foundation Establishment cultivator at such a young age. Foundation Establishment! Enough to become an inner deacon! She’s only 19 years old this year!”

“The Holy Maiden has such a good temperament… but when I look at her, why do I feel a strange feeling? It’s as if I’m facing an Elder?”

“It’s said that the Sect Master wants to groom the Holy Maiden as the next Sect Master of the Spirit Sword Sect!”


Compared to the disciples of the Spirit Sword Sect, they were all discussing animatedly.

Those Elders and Deacons were full of surprise, and their tone was full of disbelief.

That was because they could see something deeper.

“She’s at the second level of the Foundation Establishment stage? When she left the sect, wasn’t she only at the first layer of the Foundation Establishment stage? Could it be that she got some kind of opportunity outside?”

“A 19-year-old at the second level of Foundation Establishment, what kind of ridiculous foundation is that? What kind of astonishing aptitude is that?”

“As expected of the Holy Maiden of this generation!”


As expected, it was impossible for Chen Qianxue’s cultivation stage to hide from those seniors in the Spirit Sword Sect.

They could see at a glance what kind of cultivation base Chen Qianxue had now.

It was because of this that they were so shocked. The speed of Chen Qianxue’s cultivation breakthrough was simply beyond their understanding!

It was jaw-dropping!

The only explanation they could think of was that Chen Qianxue had obtained an opportunity outside.

Otherwise, it could not be explained!

In the face of these stares and discussions, Chen Qianxue calmed her thoughts for a moment and then selectively ignored them.

She immediately went to find her Master, the Sect Master of the Spirit Sword Sect.

After the Sect Master of the Spirit Sword Sect saw Chen Qianxue, he was also shocked.

“You broke through?” he asked in surprise.

“Yes!” Chen Qianxue answered, “This disciple did not disappoint Master’s expectations and broke through to the second level of the Foundation Establishment stage at the age of 19!”


The Sect Master of the Spirit Sword Sect took a deep breath and said with a sigh, “Your Immortal cultivation potential is more powerful than I expected. When I was the same age as you, I was still in the Qi Refinement stage.”

“The future of the Spirit Sword Sect is in your hands, so I can rest assured and retreat into seclusion.”

As a Nascent Soul stage Immortal cultivator, the Sect Master of the Spirit Sword Sect was no longer greedy for power.

The position of the Sect Master was dispensable to him.

He had strength, and it meant that he did not lack cultivation resources. After becoming the Sect Master of the Spirit Sword Sect, he had to think of ways to obtain resources for the inner disciples of the sect.

He also had to think of how to continue the future of the Spirit Sword Sect. He had to think of how to carry forward the sect.

He had less and less time to cultivate.

If he could hand the sect over to a successor that he could rest assured of, then he would be able to cultivate with peace of mind and strive for a higher cultivation stage.

In the end, Chen Qianxue still did not tell her Master about the existence of the Immortal Cultivation Simulator.

She also did not tell her Master about what she had experienced these days.

Everyone had secrets.

The Spirit Sword Sect’s Sect Master also did not probe further.

Moreover, in order to let Chen Qianxue stabilize the Foundation Establishment’s second level more quickly, the Sect Master especially gave her some precious medicinal pills.

Chen Qianxue accepted them.

After paying respects to her Master, Chen Qianxue returned to the place where she lived in the sect.

She felt the abundant spirit energy in the sect, and she was slightly moved.

“Whew!” She exhaled and muttered, “Let’s stabilize the second level Foundation Establishment as soon as possible!”

After she finished speaking, she took a pill.

She meditated and cultivated!

Time passed.

When it was noon, the cooling down time of the Immortal Cultivation Simulator ended. Chen Qianxue opened her eyes.

She tried to connect with the consciousness of the Immortal Cultivation Simulator.

To be honest, Chen Qianxue was a bit worried. Could she connect with the simulator when she was in the Spirit Sword Sect?

If she could not, then she could only go back to Qinghe County to try.

Fortunately, as long as the Immortal Cultivation Simulator confirmed the candidate, no matter how far the candidate ran, they could connect with the Immortal Cultivation Simulator.

Far away in Qinghe County, Bai Yi gave her permission.

When a familiar text prompt appeared in front of her eyes, Chen Qianxue let out a sigh of relief.


She chose to continue that part of her life. She wanted to avoid that Demon who glared at her to death.

There was nothing she could do.

That Demon’s strength was ridiculously strong. In the simulated Immortal cultivation life, she did not even have the Foundation Establishment stage. It was impossible for her to defeat the Demon.

[Age 0, you were born in a poor family…]

The Holy Maiden’s new simulated immortal cultivation life.

It began!

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