Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 448 - The Settlement Reward Shouldn’t Be Too Bad, Right? (3)

Chapter 448: The Settlement Reward Shouldn’t Be Too Bad, Right? (3)

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Therefore, Bai Yi focused his attention on the other rewards. Among them, the rewards that attracted his attention the most were — an interesting-looking spirit tool.

This was a very high-level spirit tool, and without the cultivation of the Soul Formation stage, there was no way to activate it.

Its function was also quite special. It was actually able to distinguish between good and evil toward strangers!

That was equivalent to… being able to see good impressions of strangers toward oneself?

“It’s a pity that I don’t have a sect. Otherwise, having a spirit tool… is equivalent to having countless loyal disciples. Even if there are traitors in the sect, I can tell at a glance.”

“If this spirit tool… is given to a large sect with a Soul Formation stage cultivator, then that large sect will probably transform into an even more superior existence in no time.”

The other things that interested him were a talisman that could offset a fatal attack, which was equivalent to having an extra life in disguise.

It was very useful in certain critical moments.

The most important thing was that this talisman could be used by anyone.

Bai Yi could give it to Shu Zhihua.

Shu Zhihua’s cultivation base of the sixth level of the Golden Core was still a little bit weaker in the end. Having a life-saving item would allow her to survive better in the Immortal cultivation world, and it would also make Bai Yi feel more at ease.

The last thing was an extremely huge and extremely luxurious huge flying boat… It could not even be described as a flying boat. It could completely be called an Immortal cultivation version of a battleship.

This flying boat was more than a thousand meters long and two hundred meters wide. There were even buildings and palaces built on top of it.

There were room after room inside.

Moreover… The most ridiculous thing was that the core of this flying boat was actually a compressed small spiritual vein.

In other words, this flying boat… was equivalent to a cave abode like a paradise!

Moreover, its flying speed was extremely fast, not inferior to those small flying boats at all.

There were even some arrays that could be used to attack the enemy.

Of course, there was no lack of defensive formations.

Damn it…

“This is a real space carrier! It just looks a little eastern and antique. I shouldn’t be a problem to accommodate tens of thousands of people… Tsk. It’s equivalent to a sect base that can move at high speed and has both offense and defense.”


In the Immortal Cultivation Simulator —

Chen Qianxue entered the Immortal Cultivation Simulator a while later than Fu Shuangni. In other words, when Fu Shuangni was 15,500 years old in the simulator, Chen Qianxue was only 14,800 years old.

It had been more than 2,000 years since she broke through to the fourth level of the Soul Formation stage, but Chen Qianxue found that her cultivation did not seem to have made much progress.

She could not help but frown… If it was only a few hundred years, she could still accept it.

After all, with her current lifespan, it was not impossible for her to wait a few hundred years.

But if her cultivation stopped for several thousand years, then there would be a big problem.

Although she had a long lifespan, she could not wait for several thousand years.

That was obviously unrealistic. After all, she was not a deity.

She did not reach the point where she could live for a long, long time.

Chen Qianxue decided to travel around the Immortal cultivation world again, looking for opportunities to break through to the fifth level of the Soul Formation stage.

[Age 15,000, Chen Qianxue unexpectedly found a cave abode left behind by an ancient mighty figure. The cave abode was left behind by an ancient mighty figure at the seventh level of the Soul Formation stage. Chen Qianxue gained a lot of benefits and gained a lot of insights from it.]

[She gained some insight into the fifth level of the Soul Formation stage above the fourth level of the Soul Formation stage. She was not like the headless fly that had been cultivating for more than 2,000 years without making any progress.]

[Age 16,000, Chen Qianxue began to study the things left behind by the ancient mighty figure in the cave dwelling. At the same time, she began to strive for the cultivation stage of the fifth level of the Soul Formation stage!]

[However, Chen Qianxue realized that she had fallen into a trap. The ancient mighty figure was not dead. He was using a special secret technique to prolong his life until today. The items he obtained in the ancient mighty figure’s cave abode had become life-threatening spikes. In the process of breaking through, she was ambushed and seriously injured!]

[In order to prevent her body from being taken by that extremely sinister ancient Soul Formation mighty figure, Chen Qianxue chose to perish together with him. Everything within a radius of thousands of miles was razed to the ground by the final battle between the two of them. Everything was in ruins!]

[Although the ancient expert who was struggling to survive had vanished into thin air, Chen Qianxue had also paid the price with her life.]

[Chen Qianxue is dead!]

“… I was too careless. I didn’t expect that in the brand-new simulated Immortal cultivation world, there would actually be an existence similar to Daoist Blood Lotus. As expected, old monsters in the Soul Formation stage could not be underestimated.”Even if the other party was an existence from 100,000 years ago, logically speaking, he should have already passed away. However, I can’t let my guard down.”

“Who knows if the other party will use some strange secret technique to survive until now? I’ve learned a brand-new lesson this time… Fortunately, I can fail countless times. It’s no problem for me to fail a few more times.”

Chen Qianxue, who had returned to the real world, muttered to herself. She did not feel upset that she died.

If it were Qin Jiao, and she died this way…

The first thing that Qin Jiao would do she got back to the real world…

Would be to give the ancient Soul Formation expert who killed her a good scolding.

Fortunately, Chen Qianxue was not Qin Jiao.

She was more stable.

“I broke through to the fourth level of the Soul Formation stage in the simulator, and my cultivation level is higher than the last time I simulated Immortal cultivation. I’ve broken my own record. So… the settlement reward shouldn’t be bad, right?”


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