Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 439 - Reward!! Bai Yi Broke through to the Soul Formation Stage! (3)  

Chapter 439: Reward!! Bai Yi Broke through to the Soul Formation Stage! (3)

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No matter what, that was the place he had lived the longest. How could he not have any feelings?

The current Bai Yi was in an unknown place in the Great Yan Dynasty.

The three Human Tools all had their own rewards. It was impossible for Bai Yi to not have any.

When Qin Jiao and Fu Shuang ni finished their simulation of Immortal cultivation, Bai Yi received rewards related to the two of them.

Of course, that was a few days ago.

A few days ago, Fu Shuangni and Qin Jiao’s rewards allowed Bai Yi to leap from the sixth level of the Nascent Soul stage to the ninth level of the Nascent Soul stage in one step. In an instant, he jumped three levels, and it was at the Nascent Soul stage.

After a few days of peace, Bai Yi discovered that Chen Qianxue had also ended her simulated Immortal cultivation, and the rewards related to Chen Qianxue had also been distributed.

The settlement rewards on Chen Qianxue’s side were clearly still the most generous and the most exaggerated rewards.

Not to mention the spirit stones and medicinal pills.

Just the reward in terms of cultivation was enough to make Bai Yi very satisfied.

[Reward: First level of the Soul Formation stage!]

“First level of the Soul Formation stage, huh…” Bai Yi rubbed his chin. He had thought that he would come directly to the second level of the Soul Formation stage. After all, Chen Qianxue was in the simulator… After all, she was at the second level of the Soul Formation stage!

However, Bai Yi was not dissatisfied. He could accept the reward of the first level of the Soul Formation stage.

It had to be said that Chen Qianxue, the Human Tool, was a godsend!

Fu Shuangni and Qin Jiao’s combined reward… Could only allow him to break through three cultivation stages a few days ago.

And now…

Today, Chen Qianxue was able to make Bai Yi reach the Soul Formation stage from the ninth level of the Nascent Soul stage with her rewards alone!

At the side.

Noticing that Bai Yi’s aura was a little restless, Shu Zhihua seemed to be able to guess something. She asked in surprise, “You… aren’t going to break through cultivation again, are you?”

“Yes.” Bai Yi nodded and said with a smile, “I might have some Enlightenment recently, so it’s normal for me to break through.”

Shu Zhihua: “Enlightenment… Enlightenment…”

She did not know how to ridicule this lame excuse.

What Enlightenment could break through to the ninth level of the Nascent Soul stage in such a short time!

And now he was going to break through again…

Could it be…

That he had directly broken through to the tenth level of the Nascent Soul stage?


However, Shu Zhihua quickly realized that she seemed to have underestimated the terror of this obedient disciple of hers. She watched helplessly as Bai Yi’s cultivation base broke through to the tenth level of the Nascent Soul stage without any hindrance. However, the problem was that all of this was not over yet. Bai Yi’s posture seemed as if he was able to break through to another level of cultivation.

This time, even though Shu Zhihua was mentally prepared, she could not help but be stunned. This was because she knew very well what cultivation level was above the tenth level of the Nascent Soul stage.

That was the Soul Formation stage!

The Soul Formation stage!!

She had lived for more than 300 years in her life, but she had never seen a living Soul Formation stage supreme expert. It was only in some very ancient books, he had seen some scattered records of Soul Formation stage powerhouses.

Now… Was her good disciple going to break through to the Soul Formation stage?!

Thinking of this, she could not help but become nervous.

Yes. She was nervous.

Soul Formation Stage!

If her good disciple accidentally failed to break through, the backlash from the failure would not be easily endured. It was very likely that her life would be in danger!

Although Bai Yi’s breakthrough had always been extremely smooth, as if there were no obstacles at all…

But could the Soul Formation stage really be the same as the breakthrough of the Nascent Soul Stage or the Golden Core stage?

Would there really be no obstacles?

Just as Shu Zhihua wanted to open her mouth and ask Bai Yi whether he should be prepared before breaking through to the Soul Formation stage… Her eyes instantly widened, and she looked in disbelief at Bai Yi, whose temperament had undergone an earth-shaking change!

She was dumbfounded!

“He… succeeded?!” Shu Zhihua felt that she had run out of words. She could not even find any words to describe the emotions in her heart.

He succeeded just like that?

This, this, this…

He was a Soul Formation stage cultivator!

The legendary Soul Formation stage cultivator!!

Bai Yi didn’t notice the shocked Shu Zhihua. He sensed the changes that were happening to him, and a strange look flashed across his eyes. “The most significant change is that the Nascent Soul in my body has turned into another level of existence.”

He muttered to himself. “It’s like a brand-new form of life… As long as the spirit embryo in my body is not destroyed, even if my body is crushed into ashes, I still have a way to rebuild my body and achieve another level of indestructibility. If I hide my spirit embryo, I basically won’t die.”

“In this situation… if I want to die, I can only die at the end of my life. However, if I take the initiative to peel off my spirit embryo, my strength will be greatly reduced. On the surface, I may look like I’m in the Soul Formation stage, but in reality, I might not even be able to defeat a few Nascent Soul stage cultivators.”

After thinking for a while, Bai Yi decided not to peel off his spirit embryo and hide it. There was no need to weaken his strength for the sake of survival.

Otherwise… Daoist Blood Lotus would be a very good example to teach him a lesson.

He did not want to follow in Daoist Blood Lotus’s footsteps.

A Soul Formation demon dying in the hands of a group of Nascent Soul cultivators, there was no need to mention how sullen it was.

Not to mention that Daoist Blood Lotus was at the tenth level of the Soul Formation stage!

One could imagine how severe the weakening of one’s strength would be after the spirit embryo was taken out.

This was perhaps the reason why when Chen Qianxue was in the process of simulating Immortal cultivation… When she broke through to the Soul Formation stage, she did not choose to imitate Daoist Blood Lotus.

In the end, if one wanted to save their own life, one’s own strength was the most important thing.

One did not need to rely on some trivial things.

“Phew… I’ve already reached the Soul Formation stage. Above the Soul Formation stage… is the legendary Mahayana stage, right? Whether it’s in the real world or in the simulator… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Mahayana stage cultivator.”

“Oh…” Bai Yi seemed to remember something. “Except for the Ancestral Master in the Immortal Residence, and he has already Ascended.”


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