Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 436 - First Breakthrough to the Soul Formation Stage! (3)

Chapter 436: First Breakthrough to the Soul Formation Stage! (3)

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The day after tomorrow, she might be at the Soul Formation stage.

Who could afford to provoke her?

At the same time, in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator…

[Age 5,000, Chen Qianxue’s cultivation is still stuck at the tenth level of the Nascent Soul stage. She was stuck with this cultivation for who knows how many years. However, Chen Qianxue wasn’t particularly anxious about this. She knew that she couldn’t be anxious if she wanted to break through to the cultivation stage. The more anxious she was, the more likely it would be that something unexpected would happen during the process of breaking through.]

[Age 5,100, Chen Qianxue felt that training in a daze like this wasn’t a solution. She began to wander around the entire cultivation world, trying to find an opportunity to break through. However, it was clear that a miracle of breaking through wasn’t easy to find. Instead, she met many different types of people during her journey.]

[She also saw many of the true feelings of the human world. Whether it was a comedy or a tragedy, she had seen them all. However, she was more inclined to be an audience member or a passer-by. She didn’t participate in these things.]

[Chen Qianxue felt like she was a chess piece in the chessboard of time. The long life allowed her to stay outside the chessboard and quietly watch the changes on the chessboard. In the blink of an eye, the world had changed. She did not know how many years had passed or how many things she had experienced.]

[Age 6,000, Chen Qianxue already had her own unique insight into everything in the world. This insight might not be profound, but it could help her gain a lot of insights from it.]

[Age 6,100, Chen Qianxue felt that the time for her to reach the Soul Formation stage was almost up. She realized that she had to seize this rare opportunity. If she missed this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, she might not be able to seize it in her lifetime.]

[Age 6,500, Chen Qianxue, who had made all the preparations, began to strive for the Soul Formation stage.]

[Age 6,600, the process of breaking through to the Soul Formation stage lasted for a full hundred years.]


[Chen Qianxue has broken through to the first level of the Soul Formation stage!]

Soul Formation stage.

It was a completely new level above the Nascent Soul stage, Daoist Blood Lotus, the Master of the Immortal Residence, the Emperor of the Great Wei Dynasty, the Patriarch of the Great Wei Dynasty… All of these people were supreme experts of the Soul Formation stage, and their strength was as powerful as the Heavens and the Earth.

They were like Immortals.

And now, Chen Qianxue had also stepped into such a cultivation stage. She felt that in this life, she was not a peerless genius in the Soul Formation stage, but perhaps just an ordinary genius.

She had encountered so many heaven-defying opportunities. If she was a true genius… She might have broken through to the Soul Formation stage at the age of two or three thousand years old.

But she had spent more than 6,000 years.

It had to be said… Her talent in this life was really average.

However, sometimes, luck was more important than talent. Chen Qianxue knew that in the past 6,000 years, she had encountered countless crises. Many crises had almost cost her life.

However, she survived. She had lived until now.

Breaking through to the Soul Formation stage.

All of this was worth it!

[Age 6,700, Chen Qianxue, who had broken through to the Soul Formation stage, did not slacken her cultivation in the future. She began to work hard towards a higher cultivation level. However, after reaching the Soul Formation stage, it was too difficult to take another step forward. As a result, after bitterly cultivating for dozens of years, Chen Qianxue found that she still had no progress.]

[However, if she was discouraged like this, then she wouldn’t be the Holy Maiden of Spirit Sword sect, Chen Qianxue. She began to travel around the Immortal cultivation world and communicate with other supreme experts who had reached the Soul Formation stage. She gained a lot of experience from those seniors.]

[Age 6,900, a full 200 years did not stop Chen Qianxue from pursuing higher cultivation. She tried all kinds of precious experiences that she had gained from humbly asking for advice, and finally found a path of Immortal cultivation that belonged to her.]

[Age 7,000, after 100 years of hard cultivation, Chen Qianxue’s cultivation that had been unmoving for a long time finally began to waver. This also let her know that her achievements were not limited to this.]

[Although every Immortal cultivator had their own ceiling, it was clear that she, Chen Qianxue, had yet to touch it.]

[Or rather… she had yet to touch the ceiling that mimicked an Immortal cultivator’s body! ]

[7,500 years old. Five hundred years of hard work had brought about a tremendous improvement in cultivation. Chen Qianxue felt that she wasn’t too far away from the second level of the Soul Formation stage. However, she also felt that her cultivation speed was too slow. Among all the Soul Formation stage experts, she was the one with the fastest cultivation speed and the worst talent.]

[Age 8,000, Chen Qianxue had successfully broken through to the second level of the Soul Formation stage. Now, she felt that she could live for another several thousand years. Her long life had already made her no longer care about how old she was this year. She was completely relying on the prompt of the simulator to remind her of her age every year.]

[Age 8,600, the Immortal cultivation world has encountered an unprecedented great change. Chen Qianxue also doesn’t know if her luck has been exhausted, resulting in her being forced to be involved in this change.under this enormous change, even if she also has the cultivation base of the second level of the Soul Formation stage, she might not be able to live to the end.]

[Because she isn’t the only Soul Formation cultivator affected by this change. In addition, there are several other Soul Formation cultivators who have been involved, and their cultivation bases are all stronger than hers!]

[Age 8,700, perhaps her luck had finally come to an end. In this change that swept through the entire Immortal cultivation world, Chen Qianxue had no way to protect herself.]

[Under the encirclement and attack of two powerful Soul Formation cultivators, Chen Qianxue didn’t have any chance to turn the tables. Being able to severely injure both of them before she died was already the limit of what she could do.]

[However,for the most powerful experts at the Soul Formation stage, the so-called ‘serious injuries’ would be fixed with just a few days of rest. They will almost be fully recovered.]

[Chen Qianxue is dead!]

[This simulation of Immortal cultivation has ended!]


When the notification of the simulator reached here, Chen Qianxue had already returned to reality. At the same time, she also noticed that she was not the only one in her residence — Qin Jiao, that fellow… She had been waiting here.

It seemed like Qin Jiao was waiting for her to return.

“What are you doing?” Chen qianxue glanced at Qin Jiao, whose eyes were wide open. She said helplessly, “It’s just that I’m more familiar with your aura. Do you know that when I sensed that there was someone nearby, I almost attacked?”

“Hehehe…” Qin Jiao did not pay attention to Chen Qianxue’s small ridicule. She smiled and said, “Look at your cultivation base of the second level of the Nascent Soul stage, and then look at my cultivation base of the third level of the Nascent Soul stage? Your so-called killing is of no use to me.”

“So… You’ve been guarding here for so many days just to show off in front of me at this time?” The corners of Chen Qianxue’s mouth twitched slightly. She felt that Qin Jiao did not look the same.

“That’s right!” Qin Jiao admitted generously.

Then, Qin Jiao looked at Chen Qianxue suspiciously. She asked doubtfully, “Speaking of which, why did you stay in the simulator for so long this time? Could it be that you encountered some cultivation bottleneck in there that prevented you from breaking through and had to live to the end of your life?”

When she asked this question, her eyes were filled with anticipation…

Qin Jiao really wanted Chen Qianxue to nod her head to confirm.

If Chen Qianxue was really the cause of her death, then she would be very happy.

That meant…

Chen Qianxue’s settlement reward this time might not be particularly generous.

Hehe… Then she would still be able to suppress Chen Qianxue, right?

However, Chen Qianxue’s next answer made Qin Jiao dumbfounded.

“Although I really want to nod my head according to your heart’s desire… The truth is not what you expected.” Chen Qianxue said with a teasing tone, “Actually, I didn’t have much success in the Immortal simulation this time. I just barely made a breakthrough to the second level of the Soul Formation stage.”

“Let’s not talk about it. I have to stay away from the firesheng sect for a while. The next cultivation reward will definitely let me make a breakthrough. That kind of breakthrough is too exaggerated. It’s not suitable for me to make a breakthrough in the Shenghuo Sect.”

Qin Jiao was stunned!

“Soul Formation… Soul Formation?!”

“Second level!!”

These four words were like a bolt from the blue, crashing down in Qin Jiao’s mind.

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