Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 420 - Qin Jiao: You Can’t Be Serious?! (1)

Chapter 420: Qin Jiao: You Can’t Be Serious?! (1)

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Qin Jiao felt that at this moment, she actually had a dream-like feeling. After all, what she broke through wasn’t some Foundation Establishment or Golden Core, but the Nascent Soul stage that countless Immortal cultivators dreamed of!

Nascent Soul! Her mother’s cultivation was only at the Nascent Soul stage, right?

Although she was only in the first level of the Nascent Soul stage now, if she cultivated for another few hundred years, she might break through to the second level of the Nascent Soul stage? Third level of the Nascent Soul stage?

Or even the fourth or fifth level, that was not impossible!

When the time came, would she be able to defeat her mother?

The idea of bringing a filial daughter suddenly popped up in Qin Jiao’s mind.

Fortunately, she cast this idea aside in time. After all, she thought that she still loved her mother very much.

Even though she always made her angry in the past.

Cough cough! Let’s not talk about the past!

“It’s a pity that this body is too weak. It’s always stuck at the end of my lifespan before I can break through to the next stage. It’s as if someone intentionally stuck me in that awkward period of time, forcing me to cultivate non-stop.”

At this moment, Qin Jiao still did not forget to complain about the difficulty of her cultivation. She always felt that the total time she had rested did not even exceed 50 years. What kind of concept was this?

In 2,000 years, she had not even rested for 50 years!

Damn it!

Even animals should not be used like this!

[Age 2,100, you’ve already become a Nascent Soul grand cultivator. You’re very satisfied with the sudden increase in your strength. At the same time, because of the sudden increase in your Nascent Soul cultivation, the dynasty you’re in has pulled you into the core area of power. The current you is already a truly important person in the dynasty! Even the monarch of the dynasty has to show respect and kindness to you.]

[Age 2,150, the dynasty encountered an invasion from a neighboring dynasty. You have been ordered to suppress the enemy’s army. You have fought with a Nascent Soul stage general of the enemy country for half a year. In the end, you won by a bit. The enemy country’s army immediately retreated when they saw that the situation was bad.]

[This battle result raised your reputation and status in the dynasty to a whole new level. There were also many people in the dynasty who praised your deeds.]

[Age 2,300, you started to break through to the second level of the Nascent Soul stage. Perhaps you got lucky, but this time, you actually succeeded!]

[After breaking through to the second level of the Nascent Soul stage, you are even more surprised. Do you think that you have already surpassed Chen Qianxue? You should have surpassed even Fu Shuangni, right?]

[But you are very surprised that there is still no notification of the end of the simulation between the two of them.]

[Age 2,400, what you didn’t expect was that… You, who were still waiting for the notification of the end of the simulation from Chen Qianxue and Fu Shuangni, met big trouble!]

[Your dynasty experienced an unprecedented huge change — for some unknown reason, the monarch of the dynasty suddenly died, and a power struggle started within the dynasty.]

[Even in this battle, many Nascent Soul stage Immortal cultivators were involved.]

[You are one of them!]

[Age 2,450, in this conflict that swept through the entire dynasty, you seemed to be on the wrong side and were attacked by the other parties. Or perhaps they were afraid of your powerful strength as a Nascent Soul stage cultivator, and they seemed to be targeting you abnormally. Moreover, in order to prevent you from causing any changes, they even wanted to plot to get rid of you.]

[Because they were also people in the Imperial Court of the dynasty, and they were very familiar with each other, they also knew how to smoothly get rid of you. You were tricked into a dangerous place, and you were ambushed.]

[Realizing that you might have been ambushed, you fought with all your might. Unfortunately, you didn’t only face one enemy. The enemies you faced were five Nascent Soul stage cultivators.]

[It was difficult for you to fight against ten opponents with two fists. In the end, you only lasted for less than a month before you were defeated.]

[You died!]

When the last two shocking words appeared in front of her eyes, Qin Jiao felt that her whole body was in bad shape.

She found that she had returned to reality, and what she found very hard to accept was – Chen Qianxue was still not on the flying boat this time!

What did this mean? This time, she was the first to die in the simulation of Immortal cultivation!


Damn it!!

“Why am I the first to end simulated Immortal cultivation every time? Is this really a matter of luck?” Qin Jiao was already starting to wonder if it was her own fault. However, this thought only flashed through her mind for a moment.

It was absolutely impossible for her to hold on to these kinds of thoughts for a few seconds.

Because if she really admitted that there were shortcomings in her own aspect…

That would be a disguised belief that she was not as good as Chen Qianxue, right?


So all of this was definitely not because of her own problem, it was definitely just a problem of bad luck.

Things like luck were simply unfathomable.

Yes, that’s right. That was it.

Next was the reward that Qin Jiao was most interested in. She knew that after Chen Qianxue received the settlement reward yesterday, she broke through to the tenth level of the Golden Core stage in an instant. She was just a little bit away from breaking through to the Nascent Soul stage.

What about her?

What about her, Qin Jiao? What would it be?

Just as these question marks appeared in her mind, the settlement reward of the Immortal Cultivation Simulator had already been handed out.

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