Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 414 - A New Version of the Simulated Immortal Cultivation World! (1)

Chapter 414: A New Version of the Simulated Immortal Cultivation World! (1)

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The citizens of Qinghe County had been tense all the time because of the various abnormalities that had happened in the past few days… They were constantly paying attention to whether there would be any movements around them.

Then… the movements came.

The deafening explosion caused the citizens of Qinghe County, who were relatively close, to lose their hearing temporarily.

They were even dazed for a moment, as if their souls had been struck by a heavy hammer.

Some ordinary people with weaker willpower rolled their eyes and fainted.

The aftershock of the explosion affected the entire Qinghe County.

It caused some of the Immortal cultivators in Qinghe County to reveal shocked expressions.

“What… What happened this time?”

“I just sensed a very strong spiritual energy fluctuation.”

“Hiss! How could so many strange things happen in such a small Qinghe County?”

“No! We can’t stay here anymore!”


The Immortal cultivators in Qinghe County with low cultivation did not know what exactly happened. Of course, they did not have the courage to find out the truth.

This kind of terrifying activity was obviously not something they could participate in.

Some Immortal cultivators were even considering whether they should leave this place or not.

What if something happened one day, and it even affected them…

There was not even a place to complain!

As for the ordinary people… Although they were trembling with fear, what else could they do?

If they took the risk to leave Qinghe County, the danger they might run into was no less than the danger they would run into if they stayed in Qinghe County.

After all, the demonic cultivators of Sacred Heart Palace had wreaked havoc not long ago.

This was the helplessness of ordinary people. They had no other choice.


Chen Qianxue could clearly see the chaos that was happening nearby.

At this moment, she had already arrived at the place where Qin Jiao was.

She appeared without any scruples and was not afraid of being discovered by Elder Yu. After the huge commotion just now, she could not sense too much of Elder Yu’s aura.

And the one who clashed with Elder Yu was one of the candidates for the Immortal cultivation simulator, Qin Jiao.

Chen Qianxue could already guess what kind of situation the two sides were in.

As expected.

She saw Qin Jiao, who looked a little lost, but she did not see Elder Yu.

She could clearly sense Elder Yu’s weak aura, but she could not see it.

Then, Chen Qianxue shifted her gaze to the small pile of dust on the ground.

She fell into deep thought.


Could it be Elder Yu?

At this moment, because the power of her trump card was too great, Qin Jiao, who was stunned, also noticed Chen Qianxue’s arrival.

After she recovered, her mouth was like a machine gun, she kept saying, “Wow, I was almost killed by you… Where did you provoke a Nascent Soul stage mighty figure? The moment this guy found me, he asked me about the huge pit outside Qinghe County.”

“This obviously has something to do with the guy you killed. Maybe he came here to seek revenge on you and Fu Shuangni. When I didn’t answer him, this guy actually wanted to make a move on me!”

“If I was just an ordinary Golden Core Immortal cultivator, I might have died here today. Unfortunately, I could deal with this guy…”

“Hmph! He doesn’t know that I’m not an ordinary Golden Core Immortal cultivator!”

“So what if I’m a Nascent Soul expert? I can kill him if he’s caught off guard!”

“This guy is here to seek revenge on you. Did I do you a big favor by killing him? Hehe, I’ll remember this favor first. Remember that you owe me!”


Qin jiao babbled so much that Chen Qianxue only picked out some important points to listen to.

When she heard that Elder Yu really died at Qin Jiao’s hands…

Chen Qianxue fell into silence.

To be honest, her heart was still a little complicated. After all, that Elder Yu was also the Supreme Elder of the Spirit Sword Sect.

And she, Chen Qianxue, was also a member of the Spirit Sword Sect.

She was even the Holy Maiden of the Spirit Sword Sect.

So… Forget it!

The myriad of complicated thoughts in her mind vanished into thin air along with these two words.

Because things had already happened, could she still turn back time?

Moreover, the most important thing was that Elder Yu had come to investigate the cause of Elder Tie’s death. If he really found out anything, even if she was the Holy Maiden of the Spirit Sword Sect, she reckoned that she would not be able to escape the sect’s judgment.

At the very least, she would be stripped of her position as the Holy Maiden, and then Elder Yu would force her to marry that Holy Son.

At the very least, she would be directly thrown into the ranks of demons.

It would cause the righteous path to rise up and attack her. She would become a witch that everyone wanted to beat up.

As for Qin Jiao saying that she owed her a favor in the end, this sentence was beautifully ignored by Chen Qianxue.

Chen Qianxue slightly reorganized her thoughts in her heart. She finally opened her mouth and said, “To kill such a Nascent Soul stage mighty figure, it’s best to clean up the scene. Don’t let any trace of the other party’s aura be left behind.”


Chen Qianxue paused for a moment and continued, “Spirit Sword Sect has consecutively lost so many important figures, including the Supreme Elder. If Spirit Sword Sect investigates this matter with the entire sect’s strength, they will probably discover some clues.”

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