Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 26 - Fourth Level of the Qi Refinement Stage! The Holy Maiden Was Gone Again!

Chapter 26: Fourth Level of the Qi Refinement Stage! The Holy Maiden Was Gone Again!

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It had been a whole year since the two newborn talents had been replaced. Chen Qianxue felt that there were no changes in her body.

She also expressed her understanding.

After all, the two newborn talents were not related to her body.

Time Reversal was a new talent that had to do with probability. Who knew when it would be triggered?

As for ‘Standing at 30’, it was self-explanatory.

Before reaching that age, this talent would not be able to be used.

Now… she would have to wait at least nine years before she could trigger this talent.

In order to allow herself to pass this critical nine years peacefully, Chen Qianxue had already given up all opportunities to go out to the sect to gain experience. She also did not participate in any of the sect competitions that had the nature of sparring.

At the same time, she rarely interacted with people she did not know. It could be said that she had become a shut-in.

Chen Qianxue had stayed in the Sky-holding Sect for so long, but she only knew three people.

One of them was Hou Yingyun, this Junior Sister who wanted to get close to her for strange reasons.

The other two were Elder Yue and the Sect Master of the Sky-holding Sect.

She only knew these three people.

As for the remaining people… Even if she knew their names, she did not specifically remember them.

There was no need. In any case, she did not have any contact with those people, so there was no need to remember them.

It was because of this that she was able to live peacefully for so many years, using all sorts of methods to avoid all kinds of dangers, so that she could live longer in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator.

[Age 21, you refused to participate in a sect competition and chose to cultivate in seclusion at a cultivation venue. Your cultivation has increased, and your comprehension of the ‘Sword Cultivation Technique’ has deepened.]

[Age 22, your little Junior Sister was seriously injured during an experiential learning session. Fortunately, she managed to use the Divine Escape Talisman to escape in time. Out of concern, you took care of her for a period of time. ]

[Age 23, you feel that your meridians are slightly swollen, but you don’t think it’s the right time to break through to the fourth level of the Qi Refinement stage.]

[Age 24, the Immortal Ascension Sect that submitted to the Devil Sect was destroyed by several orthodox Immortal cultivation sects. After you heard the news, your mood became a little complicated. After all, you’ve stayed in the Immortal Ascension Sect for a period of time.]

[Age 25, you discovered that your Junior Martial Sister’s talent was astonishing. Her cultivation base was almost surpassing yours. You felt a sense of urgency.]

[Age 26, you attempted to break through to the fourth layer of the Qi Refinement stage. You succeeded! You are already a cultivator of the fourth layer of the Qi Refinement stage!]

[You discovered that Elder Yue’s complexion hasn’t been very good recently.]

[At the age of 27, my Junior Martial Sister Hou Yingyun hasn’t been seen for a year. When you asked Elder Yue about it, she could not explain it well. You felt that there was something fishy going on. It was very likely that something had happened to your Junior Martial Sister. You decided to investigate it in secret.]

[You’ve discovered some clues.]

[Age 28. Little Junior Sister still hasn’t been seen. You’re sure that something has happened to her. Elder Yue must know something.]

[You’ve discovered some clues.]

[Based on the clues you’ve gathered over the past two years, you’ve discovered a shocking secret. You can’t help but feel a chill run down your spine, but you really find it hard to believe.]

[Age 29, weak and dispirited Elder Yue came personally. She seemed to know what you were investigating, and she also knew what you already knew. She laid her cards on the table –]

[The reason why she accepted Hou Yingyun as her disciple is that she cultivates a secret technique and needs a special constitution as a sacrifice. Otherwise, her body will suffer a great backlash, and Hou Yingyun has that constitution.]

[The reason why she accepted you as her disciple was to stabilize Hou Yingyun. Previously, because she had suffered a backlash from cultivating a secret technique, she had no choice but to use Hou Yingyun’s special constitution to counteract the backlash.]

[She didn’t expect that you would actually be able to find out. It’s already very close to the truth. Elder Yue feels that there’s no need to hide it from you anymore.]

[Now that you’ve found out, Elder Yue feels that you do not need to live anymore.]

[You’re dead!]

[You were 29 years old, 10 months, 21 days old.]


A large amount of information exploded in her mind. Even though the anger had left the Immortal Cultivation Simulator, it still remained in Chen Qianxue’s heart, causing her expression to be filled with gloom.

Her logical reasoning told her that all the characters in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator did not really exist.

However, those experiences also told her that the people she knew in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator… each of them had a distinct personalities.

Each of them had flesh and blood.

They did not look like dummies at all.

After more than 29 years, she was already very used to the fourth Immortal cultivation simulation and even had a lot of personal feelings mixed in.

She knew that she would die sooner or later. The Immortal Cultivation Simulator could not let her cultivate in peace, because the previous few times were like this.

Howver, she did not expect that she actually ended the fourth simulation of immortal cultivation in such a way.

Hou Yingyun.

Elder Yue.

These were people that Chen Qianxue was close to in the life of immortal cultivation in the fourth simulation. Her feelings for Hou Yingyun were like how an older sister treated a younger sister, and she treated Elder Yue as if she was a relative and an elder.

However, she did not expect that one of the two people she cared about the most would betray her.

Or rather, the other party had never taken her seriously. It was just that she had naively thought that she was a very good elder.

At the same time… the other person she cared about was also killed by this elder whom she respected very much.


She exhaled heavily, and the gloomy feeling in her heart could not be swept away no matter what.

Chen Qianxue felt that every life of hers was like a story with a very hasty ending, which made her feel that the plot was incomplete.

Every time, it caught her off guard, and every time, it was an eye-opener for her.

It was as if all kinds of dangers in the cultivation world…

These dangers were presented to her one by one. It was hard for her to accept.

Her thoughts were complicated!

“The only thing worth being happy about… is that this time, I lived to the age of 29, and my cultivation reached the fourth level of the Qi Refinement stage. But, why can’t I smile? Why am I not happy?”

Chen Qianxue murmured, “After waiting for so many years, the talent of Time Reversal still hasn’t been triggered. As for the talent of ‘Standing at 30’, I was so close!”

“Did the Immortal Cultivation Simulator target me specifically?”


“Every time I simulated the life of an Immortal cultivator, I was targeted by the Immortal Cultivation Simulator?”


If the resentment in Chen Qianxue’s heart became real, it would probably turn into a tide and drown the entire Chen Residence.

She also knew that no matter how angry or resentful she was, it would be useless.

The only thing she could do was to wait!

Wait for 12 hours!

She could restart her own life and rewrite the original trajectory of her life.

It was like taking a pill of regret every day and then starting over.

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