Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 173 - Soul Formation Demon Embryo! Mysterious Mask! (3)

Chapter 173: Soul Formation Demon Embryo! Mysterious Mask! (3)

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The old lady continued, “Those ancient Immortal cultivators used supreme secret arts to refine the Demon-sealing Tower, which could seal Daoist Blood Lotus… I even suspect that Daoist Blood Lotus did it on purpose.”

Qin Jiao was stunned. “On purpose?”

“Yes,” the old lady said. “Even a great cultivator at the tenth level of the Soul Formation stage would never be able to live for millions of years. Daoist Blood Lotus deliberately sealed himself so that he could borrow the uniqueness of the Demon-sealing Tower to live until now.”

“During the ancient era, there might have been powerful Orthodox Immortal cultivators who forced Daoist Blood Lotus to temporarily hide from the sharp edge. He deliberately sealed himself so that he could save his life in disguise.”


“Millions of years have passed. Those powerful ancient Immortal cultivators may have died, or they may have ascended to an illusory world. I don’t know if they really exist in the Immortal world.”

Qin Jiao suddenly realized that Daoist Blood Lotus’s image had changed again in her mind.

He had become an ancient demon who would do anything to survive. He had kept a spirit embryo hidden here so that he could have another life.

He even executed the idea of being deliberately sealed was seen through…

Then… Daoist Blood Lotus could also use this spirit embryo to come back to life.

Qin Jiao was eager to try. “Can we destroy this thing?”

She remembered that the leader of the Secret Guards had just said that once a Soul Formation stage expert’s spirit embryo left his body, his own strength would be greatly reduced.

If the spirit embryo was destroyed, Daoist Blood Lotus, who had broken through the seal, would lose this trump card.

It would also make Daoist Blood Lotus unable to merge with the spirit embryo.

Then… Would the other party’s strength be greatly reduced?

Then, when they faced the other party… Would they have a higher chance of winning?

“Little Child, I advise you not to harbor such thoughts,” Granny Qin reminded her. “The spirit embryo of a Soul Formation expert does indeed not possess consciousness when his physical body is not dead. However, it has a defensive instinct. Once someone tries to attack the spirit embryo, the spirit embryo will forcefully suppress and kill those people.”

As she spoke, Granny Qin did not only send a voice transmission to Qin Jiao, but she said this in public.

Her existence was no longer a secret, so everyone knew about it.

Granny Qin this to warn Chen Qianxue who was beside her. She told Chen Qianxue not to act rashly.

At this time, Chen Qianxue’s mood was slightly heavy.

So… The last time she simulated Immortal cultivation, the Great Wei Dynasty had almost used the entire nation’s strength to fight that Blood Lotus Daoist.

The Blood Lotus Daoist was actually not at his peak condition, but his strength had been greatly reduced.

In other words, even if those rats in the gutter did not cause trouble and killed the Blood Lotus Daoist…

Daoist Blood Lotus would be able to come back to life through this spirit embryo.

Perhaps the Soul Formation expert of the Great Wei Dynasty did not expect that the gap between the two could be so great even though they were both in the Soul Formation stage.

The Soul Formation expert of the Great Wei Dynasty definitely did not separate his spirit embryo. Instead, he fought Daoist Blood Lotus with both his body and spirit embryo.

However, he was still defeated.


These powerhouses who had lived for God knows how many years, each and every one of them had life-saving methods. It was truly an eye-opener.

It also made people’s scalps go numb!

It was impossible to guard against!

If she had not found this spirit embryo in the huge bronze door cave abode…

Even if she had the chance to kill Daoist Blood Lotus in this simulation of Immortal cultivation… It would have been useless!

It would not be long before Daoist Blood Lotus would reappear in front of her in his prime.


Chen Qianxue looked at the demon spirit embryo and could not help but have some strange thoughts.

She listened to Granny Qin’s reminder.

It was best not to casually attack the Soul Formation Demon Embryo.

One moment of carelessness, and one would die.


“It’s not that we can’t try,” Chen Qianxue suddenly said, words that left everyone stunned. “Leaving this spirit embryo here is not good for us. Once the spirit embryo and the demon become one, then what level will Daoist Blood Lotus’s strength be at?”

“Eighth level of the Soul Formation stage? Ninth level? Tenth level? or even… the legendary Half-step Fusion stage?”

Hearing this, Qin Jiao felt that this was the first time she had met Chen Qianxue.

In her impression, Chen Qianxue was very cautious, so cautious that she wondered if Chen Qianxue was too timid.

However, now…

Qin Jiao realized that Chen Qianxue’s courage was even greater than she had imagined!

She had just dispelled that bold idea.

Then, in the next moment…

Chen Qianxue actually picked up her own idea.


“Your Highness!” The leader of Great Wei’s Secret Guards hurriedly said, “You must not act recklessly!”

“I’m not acting recklessly.”

Chen Qianxue shook her head. She was not reckless. The reason why she said these words was because she had thought it over carefully.

She looked at the demon spirit embryo and said, “I have an idea. It’s worth a try.”

As soon as she finished speaking, a very strange aura spread out from Chen Qianxue’s body.

It shocked everyone present.

They saw a bronze ghost mask that looked like it was laughing and crying had appeared in Chen Qianxue’s hand.

“This is!”

Seeing this, Qin Jiao had a flash of inspiration in her mind. She immediately reacted and said in surprise, “Can this work? That’s a Soul Formation stage demon, not a Foundation establishment stage demon or a Golden Core stage demon.”

Chen Qianxue shook her head and said, “You don’t know how special this thing is. For a Soul Formation stage demon, in the eyes of the owner of this mask… Maybe it’s just an ant.”

At this moment, images emerged in Chen Qianxue’s mind. They were the images she had dreamed of in her dream.

If the figure in her dream that suppressed the eternal was really the owner of the Mysterious Mask.


A mere Soul Formation stage ancient demon was indeed nothing.

Chen Qianxue did not believe that a Soul Formation Demon Embryo… Could destroy this Mysterious Mask.

“What is this thing…” In this simulation of Immortal cultivation, this was the first time Granny Qin had seen the Mysterious Mask.

Her tone was even more shocked than when she saw the Soul Formation Demon Embryo.

“This thing…”

“Is actually like the abyss of the universe.”

“I can’t see its origins, and I can’t see its roots.”

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