God Rank Upgrade System

Chapter 1447 - 1447 The Last Golden Body Immortality

1447 The Last Golden Body Immortality

Looking at the scene in front of him, Luo Huatian opened his mouth wide.

Luo Yue, she just learned it once and she has completely mastered it!

And at this time, following Luo Yue’s thoughts, the water of the Black River formed a huge black dragon and charged toward Zhang Tiansheng directly!

Zhang Tiansheng, originally holding the big halberd in his hand, was going to attack Lin Xiu who was sent flying by him!

But at this moment, from the corner of his eye, he noticed something.

His eyes turned sharply and looked to the side.

Taking a closer look, I suddenly found a huge black dragon charging toward me!

This black dragon seems to be made of some black liquid.


The water of the Black River!?

He seemed to have discovered something and the pupils in his eyes suddenly shrank.

Originally holding the big halberd in his hand, he wanted to attack Lin Xiu, but at this moment, he still stopped the movement in his hand.

And flew up directly.

At this moment, the black dragon continued to charge toward Zhang Tiansheng as if it had a target positioning device installed!

Lin Xiu, who was lying on the ground, also slowly got up at this time.


At this moment, Lin Xiu felt that his body was in excruciating pain.

Looking up into the sky, he saw a huge black dragon chasing Zhang Tiansheng and attacking him!

Looking forward, he could see Luo Yue’s figure.

Luo Yue seems to be controlling this black dragon!

The water of the Black River!

Luo Yue manipulated the water of the Black River River, turned it into a huge black dragon and attacked Zhang Tiansheng.

At this time, Zhang Tiansheng’s body was constantly flying around in the sky.

But this black dragon was unyielding.

It didn’t stop at all.

Damn it!

Zhang Tiansheng’s face became extremely ugly.

This black river water is called the ‘Dark Water’.

Even the god kings dared not touch it.

If one is touched by the Black River water, it is highly likely that they will be corroded by dark power!

Is she controlling the water of the Black River? How can this be!

At this time, while dodging the black dragon that was coming towards him, he looked at Lin Xiu below.


With a roar, he waved an orange flaming halberd in his hand directly in the air.

Boom, boom, boom——

At this moment, streaks of orange flames charged directly toward Luo Yue!

When Luo Yue saw this scene, the pupils in her eyes couldn’t help shrinking.

At this moment, she must concentrate on controlling the black dragon formed by the water of the Black River.

There is no way to dodge!

Seeing the moment when the flames were about to rush over, Lin Xiu’s figure instantly appeared in front of her.

Reaching out with one hand, when those flames hit, an energy barrier appeared, completely resisting the flames that were naturally released!

When Zhang Tiansheng saw this scene, he immediately gritted his teeth.

But now he has continued to release the flame because the black dragon, under Luo Yue’s control, continued to charge toward him.

Lin Xiu took a deep breath. At this moment, the power of his whole body burst out!

“Are you going to fight to the death?”

The phantom of Zhu Long appeared.

“But I still don’t think you can win.”

The Dark Edge spear in Lin Xiu’s hand was already clanking at this time.

“shut up.”

Lin Xiu said in a deep voice.

At the next moment, as his legs exerted force suddenly, an extremely terrifying force erupted in an instant.

Straight into the sky!

The Dark Edge spear in his hand was also filled with terrifying power because of the transmission of source strength.

Zhang Tiansheng was dodging the impact of the black dragon when he saw the figure of Lin Xiu charging toward him with a spear!

The pupils in Zhang Tiansheng’s eyes suddenly shrank, holding the big halberd in his hand, he directly blocked Lin Xiu’s attack!


As Lin Xiu’s spear pierced his halberd, a huge spark erupted immediately.

Holding the halberd in both hands, he also clearly felt that his hands were so painful from the shock.

This kid actually has such a powerful force!


At this time, the Dark Edge in Lin Xiu’s hand was full of great power!

This kid’s strength has recovered a lot.

Zhang Tiansheng’s face became even more gloomy.

Gritting his teeth.

He is the god king.

God warrior Realm, the God King of the Tianshen Pavilion!

He didn’t expect it to be so embarrassing.

Now he wanted to kill Lin Xiu quickly, but found that he had no other way.

The black dragon formed from the water of the Black River River is really annoying!

At this time, Lin Xiu had already grasped the Dark Edge spear and started a new round of attacks!

The lightning on the entire body of the spear became even more terrifying at this moment.

After colliding with Zhang Tiansheng’s weapon, the lightning was directly transmitted to his body!


There was a smell of electricity burnt in the air.

These electric currents passed through Zhang Tiansheng’s whole body and his face became ugly at this time.

His body also seemed to have slowed down a little due to the influence of the electric current.

This guy doesn’t have that strong resistance to electricity!?

Seeing that his body was obviously paralyzed, the look in Lin Xiu’s eyes also changed slightly.

Holding the spear in his hand, he stabbed directly at his head!


But at the next moment, Zhang Tiansheng still used his weapon to resist Lin Xiu’s attack!

And while resisting Lin Xiu’s attack, an extremely terrifying force erupted from his body instantly.

The surrounding space was instantly shaken to the point that a large number of space cracks appeared!

He wasn’t affected by these electric currents at all just now, he just pretended to show his flaws on purpose.

The reason is to lure Lin Xiu to take the bait!


At this moment, the big halberd in his hand slashed toward Lin Xiu’s body!

He believed that there was no way for Lin Xiu to resist this blow.

Lin Xiu will be split in half by his halberd!

But just as his halberd was about to hit Lin Xiu’s body, a dazzling golden light burst out from Lin Xiu’s body.

‘Golden Body Immortality’!


Fang Tian’s halberd struck Lin Xiu’s head as if it had struck some kind of extremely hard metal and there was an extremely loud sound.

As for Lin Xiu, his whole body was filled with golden light, so he was fine!

This is impossible!

Looking at this scene, Zhang Tiansheng roared in his heart.

And at the next moment, the black dragon opened its mouth wide and instantly bit his body!

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