God Rank Upgrade System

Chapter 1313 - 1313 The Competition... Is About to Start!

1313 The Competition… Is About to Start!


Ning Yu frowned when she heard Ning Tianhong’s words.

“Think it’s too little?”


Ning Tianhong shook his head, then said directly:

This guy, wants those top materials.

At this moment, Ning Yu suddenly showed a sneer.

“Our Ning family doesn’t even have any top-level materials yet he wants it. He really thinks I’m afraid of him? It’s just ridiculous.”

“I played against him just now and his strength is pretty good. When you face him, be careful.”

Ning Tianhong spoke, then handed it to him with the smart watch on his wrist.

“The videos of today’s battle are all here.”

When Ning Tianhong went to find Lin Xiu, he already had an aerial video camera, which clearly captured all the scenes of their battle from a height.

Although they already had the video of Lin Xiu and Huangfu gu’s battle, but now that there is one more video, they can learn more about Lin Xiu’s strength.

In this way, he will be more confident in fighting.


A strange smile appeared on the corner of Ning Yu’s mouth.

He must win.


It was night soon and Lin Xiu finally returned to his room at the City of God Hotel, took a hot bath and lay down on the bed.

Tired, really tired.

Today, in order to practice the god-level skill, Lin Xiu still consumed a lot of strength.

“Ning Tianhong…”

At this moment, Lin Xiu thought of the middle-aged man today and immediately narrowed his eyes.

Although this person’s attribute strength is slightly higher than his, but in battle, he is not his opponent.

And depending on the situation, the opponent in the next match should be someone from his side.

However, when the soldiers came to cover up the water and soil, Lin Xiu didn’t have any fear.

“Still, I shall go to bed first.”

At this moment, Lin Xiu stretched his waist and fell into a dream.

Soon, with the first ray of sunlight in the morning, Lin Xiu woke up.

After Lin Xiu finished washing, Rollie and Xiao Bai still jumped and stood on Lin Xiu’s shoulders.

“So early?”

As soon as Lin Xiu opened the door, he saw Baili Haoling and Lei Tong waiting in the corridor outside the door.

“The competition is about to start.”

Baili Haoling looked at Lin Xiu helplessly and said.

“There’s still half an hour, it’s still early.”

Lin Xiu smiled and said.

In his hand, he already held the White Moon spear.

It’s better to take out the weapon now, it will look a bit suspicious later.

After all, there is no such thing as a space ring in the God warrior Realm.

“Let’s go!”

After resting all night, Lin Xiu felt extremely refreshed.

It’s still the same as the previous competition. When you walk down, there will be staff leading you to the competition venue.

But this time the competition venue is not in this place, but in another place.

After arriving at the competition venue, Lin Xiu was surprised.

Although this competition venue is not bigger than the competition venue in the previous matches.

But the overall decoration and the like were too advanced.

And this competition field is not on the ground, it is suspended in the air!

“It’s quite advanced…”

Baili Haoling stood at the gate of the competition venue. Looking down from the front edge, it was as if they were looking down from the sky.

The buildings below have become extremely small.

At this time, many people have come up in special aircraft one after another.

Although Lin Xiu was able to fly up directly, he still had to follow the rules to ride the aircraft just now.

“There are thirteen people who have advanced…”

At this time, Lei Tong saw the projection screen at the door here and couldn’t help saying in surprise.

At this moment, the match list was clearly displayed on the projection screen.

They were divided into six groups in total, one of which was a three-person melee.

Lin Xiu was in the first group and they were fighting against a warrior named Ning Yu.

Lin Xiu looked at the battle table and immediately narrowed his eyes.

It really is from the Ning family.

“All contestants, please assemble!”

At this moment, loud noises came from the playing field inside.

“Lin Xiu, let’s go.”

Hearing the loud noises, Baili Haoling looked at Lin Xiu and said immediately.

Lin Xiu nodded slightly and walked inside.

At this time, Rollie and Xiao Bai also left from Lin Xiu’s shoulders.

They seemed to know that Lin Xiu was going to fight soon and they couldn’t be brought together in this fight.

As soon as he stepped inside, Lin Xiu could clearly see that there was already a huge competition arena inside.

This competition platform seems to be made of special materials and it looks very high-end.

Lin Xiu felt tempted to take the entire battle platform away.

But as soon as this idea came up, Lin Xiu shook his head.

This is impossible.

“All contestants, please gather on the stage!!!”

At this time, a middle-aged man whose body was suspended in the air said.

Hearing this voice, Lin Xiu looked at the warriors who had already jumped onto the battle platform and jumped up directly at this time.

Taking a closer look, there are already several warriors standing beside him.

Some of these warriors seem to be about the same age as themselves, some are middle-aged and some seem to be elderly.

But these are just appearances.

After becoming a God warrior, the lifespan is very long and some people can even rejuvenate, so it is not possible to judge a person’s age just by looking at his or her appearance.

Although these people look from young to old, without exception, their strength seems to be very strong.

At this time, Lin Xiu glanced around and found that there were already a large number of spectators.

And there are ten special seats in the middle of the auditorium surrounding the entire competition field.

In the middle, there is a seat that looks like a throne.

Noble God Riyan and others during the audition that day sat in the ten special seats next to them.

The bodies of these people exuded an extremely terrifying aura. Lin Xiu could feel their strength just by scanning them.

Lin Xiu didn’t use the Analytic Eye.

Because he knows that if he uses it, it is very likely to be found out.

The seat in the middle, isn’t it, is the God King of Tianling Kingdom.

Lingzhou Tianling Country, one of the nine continents of the God warrior Realm, is the most powerful warrior!

“Beiyuan City, Yuan Zhen!”

At this time, the voice of the game host was transmitted over immediately.

The warrior who was named stepped out from Lin Xiu’s left at this time, looked at the thousands of spectators around him, raised his hands and seemed to be full of confidence.

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