God Rank Upgrade System

Chapter 1221 - 1221 Liu Qinglan's Death

1221 Liu Qinglan’s Death

Sha Lin stared at Lin Xiu’s side at this time.

Those gravel-like source strengths were still pouring down the ground.


At the next moment, with a roar, at the next moment, these mighty source strengths flew directly.

A huge spiral drill in the sky, impacted by Lin Xiu directly!

Source strength can actually form such things?!

When Lin Xiu saw this scene, the pupils in his eyes shrank slightly.

But at this time, Lin Xiu did not hesitate and waved the Dark Edge Spear directly.


As the spear waved, the dark blue flaming bird immediately charged toward the huge spiral drill head formed by the gravel-like source strength!

But when the flame hit it, but it did not stop.

Still charging toward Lin Xiu!

“Go to hell!!!”

Sha Lin looked at Lin Xiu’s movements and yelled loudly.

This was the trick he was most proud of.

As he yelled, the huge spiral drill instantly slammed into Lin Xiu’s body!


The spiral drill formed by the source strength was still spinning crazily, making a loud noise.

Originally, Sha Lin thought it could be able to directly penetrate Lin Xiu’s body, but found that the spiral drill formed by his source strength was resisted!

This is impossible!

Sha Lin, full of confidence, had his eyes widened when he saw the shocking scenes.


Lin Xiu had inserted the Dark Edge Spear on the ground at this time and held his hands tightly on the source strength spiral drill.

This thing was still rotating crazily, but at this time, he had been held down by Lin Xiu’s hands.

Si si–

Lin Xiu, who pressed on his feet on the ground, was slowly moved back and the friction on his shoes caused a little spark.

“Lin Xiu…”

When Baili Haoling saw this, her eyes widened, but she didn’t know how to help.

“Go, kill him!”

Lin Xiu said suddenly.

Hearing Lin Xiu’s words, the pupils in Sha Lin’s eyes shrink slightly.

Now his strength is concentrated on the huge spiral drill formed.

Baili Haoling also reacted quickly at this time.

Her eyes flushed and the source strength of her body also rose to the extreme at this moment.

Without hesitation, she was holding a double sword and when she moved, she charged toward Sha Lin!

“Get lost!”

Sha Lin yelled and moved and the gravel-like source strength on the ground gathered, then formed a small spiral to attack the Baili Hao Ling who rushed over.

Baili Haoling snorted coldly and used the body technique, dodging the attack.

Because most of his strengths are used to deal with Lin Xiu, there is no way to take Baili Hao Ling at all.

“Liu Qinglan! Kill her quickly, otherwise we will die !!!”

Sha Lin yelled loudly at this time.

His source strength was still continuously passed on to the huge spiral drill and he must use the spiral drill to kill Lin Xiu!

Liu Qinglan, who was behind, also understood that as soon as Sha Lin died, he was about to fall into a more dangerous situation.

At this time, there was no hesitation and the source strength of his whole body broke out.


Baili HaoLing who was charging toward Sha Lin suddenly saw the cold light in front.

She attacked with her double sword but was resisted by Liu Qinglan’s long sword!


Liu Qinglan looked at Baili Haoling in front of her. Although she was a little surprised by her weird red eyes, Liu Qinglan still had confidence in her strength.

This girl, it is impossible to defeat her!!!

“Courting death!”

Baili Haoling looked at Liu Qinglan, who was blocking her and wanted to kill Liu Qinglan first.

Sha Lin was sweating at this time.

Now he has released all the source strength of his body to form this huge spiral drill.

But there was still no way to impact Lin Xiu’s body.

Lin Xiu stopped it with both hands.

And at this time, the spiral drill was constantly rotating and Lin Xiu was slowly succeeding in stopping it!

Sha Lin’s face became nastier.

“This source strength is really a bit weird …”

At this time, Lin Xiu’s forehead was all sweaty.

At this time, taking a closer look that the spiral drill, it was slowly being invaded by Lin Xiu’s source strength.

“Go… back !!!

At this time, Lin Xiu, who felt the time was right, moved his hands and the shocking spiral drill flew directly toward Sha Lin!

Sha Lin’s eyes widened, as if he couldn’t believe the scene he saw.


He roared, but at this time, there was no way to dodge.

This huge spiral drill he formed directly hit his body.

His body was crushed completely!

“Sha Lin!”

Liu Qinglan, who was fighting with Baili Hao Ling, saw this scene and shouted loudly.

Sha Lin is dead!

And as soon as Sha Lin dies, his situation is dangerous.

“Your opponent is here.”

Baili Hao Ling sneered and the long swords in her hands continued to dance.

Dang dang–

Liu Qinglan was caught off guard and his arm was cut by Baili Hao Ling’s sword as blood splashed out.

‘Broken Sword’!

Liu Qinglan, who was afraid, released a skill at this time.

The long sword in his hand burst into dazzling cold light and pierced Baili Haoling’s chest.

Baili Hao Ling was shocked and dodged.

But after she dodged, she found that this was just an ordinary trick and there was no follow-up attack.


Looking up, Liu Qinglan’s figure has disappeared!

This guy wants to escape!

“Damn … damn!”

Liu Qinglan’s figure has already flew to the sky in the distance.

Blood dripped from his arm and his face was extremely ugly.

Sha Lin was dead and when Lin Xiu comes over to attack with Baili Haoling, he would die for sure!

If he doesn’t leave now, there is no chance!

But when he flew out a distance, he found that the front side was surrounded by a transparent matrix, which sealed the place!

No, the entire space here is surrounded!

Liu Qinglan did not hesitate, holding the long sword in his hand and he chopped the matrix in front!


But the long sword chopped down and there was no way to split this matrix!

impossible! This is impossible!

Liu Qinglan’s face was embarrassed and the strength of his body continued to pass on the sword in his hands.

Bang Bang ——

The sword chopped wildly at the matrix.

“Break! Break it!!!”

He roared, but the matrix was still intact and he couldn’t cut it at all!

‘Trying to flee?”

At this time, Lin Xiu’s figure suddenly came from behind.

Hearing this voice, the pupils in Liu Qinglan’s eyes shrank slightly and when he turned, he saw Lin Xiu behind him.

“Don’t come here!”

Looking at Lin Xiu’s figure, he yelled loudly.

The body trembled slightly.

Thinking of the scene of Sha Lin’s death, it was too horrifying.

“Still want the ore vein?”

Lin Xiu’s eyes narrowed slightly.

Liu Qinglan was going crazy now, this person was unpredictable.

What kind of ore vein, huh? He couldn’t even keep himself alive!

“Do you know how many people have you offend!”

“Changqing City, Shachang City, Haiwang City, every city is a dozen times larger than Lingxian city!”

“You have killed so many people, you Lingxian City, it’s over !!!”

Liu Qinglan roared at this time.


Lin Xiu disagreed and continued to say.

Liu Qinglan froze, his mouth was open and he didn’t know what to say.


At this time, Lin Xiu snapped with his fingers.

As the sound came out, a white light instantly lit up in front of Lin Xiu.

These lights quickly form a special pattern.

There were more and more patterns and soon the combination becomes a huge giant shape.

“Don’t you want Bai Lingxian’s inheritance, this is the inheritance.”

Lin Xiu looked at Liu Qinglan, showing a smile of interest.

Lin Xiu hadn’t used the power of this divine mark for a while and it was a bit rusty.

But it was enough to kill this Liu Qinglan.

Divine mark power!

Liu Qinglan looked at this scene and was shocked.

He had some studies on Divine mark. This time, he wanted Bai Lingxian’s inheritance to learn this divine mark power. At this time, looking at this divine mark giant, he felt the horror of it.

“Let me go and I will forget about this matter!”

Liu Qinglan’s body trembled and finally softened.

He doesn’t want to die yet! Definitely not in an unknown small city like Lingxian City.


Lin Xiu ignored Liu Qinglan’s words and at this time, he said lightly.

With ​​Lin Xiu’s command, this divine mark giant instantly hit Liu Qinglan!

Liu Qinglan’s face changed greatly and he subconsciously started the ‘Sphere’ to resist.


But the next moment, this Divine mark giant quickly punched and it directly madehis ‘Sphere’ explode!

Boom ——

With a loud noise, he flew out directly and hit the matrix behind him.


A bite of blood spat out from his mouth.

He was suspended in the sky and at this time he was unstable as if he was about to fall to the ground.

“Please … let me go …”

His eyes looked to the side and the fist of the Divine mark giant was coming to his head directly!

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