God Of Soul System

Chapter 709 (END) - I’m The Soul King (The End!!)

Chapter 709 (END) - I’m The Soul King (The End!!)

As Yhwach issued his order. The Sternritter started slaughtering the Shinigami one after the other. But When they fought Hinamori, they couldn’t defeat her, along with Unohana, who regained her power and bearing as the strongest Kenpachi.

Unohana’s battle gained the attention of Yhwach, who just killed Yamamoto. He turned his head to look at her.

“Unohana Yachiro…”

Of the Gotei 13 from millennium, she was one of the strongest, and Yhwach had an impression of her already. But he expected her power to be weaker now, but to his surprise, she was even stronger than a millennium ago.

“I underestimated her and didn’t record her strength.”

Yhwach shook his head and went to deal with Unohana Restu, who was fighting with Haschwalth.

As he got there, he was surprised by seeing Unohana, who was surrounded by three people, gain the upper hand with ease.

She was as strong as Zaraki Kenpachi in his peak.

“Fall back.”

Yhwach arrived and directly gave his orders. The Sternritter bowed and withdrew.

“Unohana Retsu, one of the first Generation of the Gotei 13, you’re the only one remaining.”


Unohana looked at Yhwach calmly and said: “So how strong are you compared to a millennium ago?”

As soon as she said this, her figure flashed and slashed at Yhwach.

However, in front of this strike, Yhwach simply lifted his hand and held Unohana’s sword gently.

Unohana’s Zanpakuto instantly broke.

“After a millennium, you think my power would be that weak…”

Yhwach opened his eyes, revealing three pupils in each one as he used the power of the Almighty.

Even though the sword broke, Unohana’s eyes flashed as her strike continued forward without hesitation toward Yhwach.


Yhwach’s wrist shook as he sent Unohana’s sword flying and his own sword slashed down at her.

Unohana tried to fend off this strike, but she couldn’t move at all.

But, as soon as the sword was about to touch her forehead, a hand in the air suddenly stretched out and grasped Yhwach’s sword with two fingers.

Yhwach eyes should’ve been able to see all futures possible, but he didn’t see this one at all.

“I didn’t think that digesting the Hogyoku and the soul king’s power would take half a month…”


Yhwach didn’t speak, but his brows were slightly knit, and looked in astonishment at this hand.

His almighty power is already fully awakened, but every future he saw would end in his death no matter what.

“How can you kill me!! Even if I die in the future, I should be able to change that now.”

Yhwach killed clenched his teeth as he pushed his sword against Roja’s hand.

Roja pinched gently on his sword, and it shattered.

He looked at Yhwach as if he was an ant and said: “Others can’t touch you Yhwach, because you can change the future… but I’m above time itself now.”

Roja put a hand forward toward Yhwach. Suddenly the power of the Soul king rushed toward Yhwach and distorted his body. Even though he knew of this, he had no way to change it. He couldn’t resist Roja’s power.

Although they were in the same realm before, even when Roja still didn’t fuse with the Hogyoku and Sen Maboroshi, his power was already several folds of Yhwach’s power.

Yhwach’s body disappeared into numerous black particles.

“Your Majesty!!”

Haschwalth rushed forward with a face full of shock as he tried to stop Roja and rescue Yhwach.

But Roja waved his hand, and directly, Soul king’s power suddenly enveloped Haschwalth’s body, and he directly collapsed.


Unohana Retsu faintly smiled and said: “So, Captain Roja, should I call you Master Soul King?”

“You guessed correctly.”

Roja smiled back and put a hand on Unohana’s Zanpakuto, instantly restoring it to its original condition.

As she received her sword back, Unohana smiled: “Thanks.”

“Don’t mention it.”

Roja waved his hand before he flew to the sky and grasped the space with his hands, directly transferring all the Sternritter away.

Roja destroyed most of the Sternritter except for Bambietta and the others to serve as maids and guards.

He stood in the sky and looked down on the Shinigami, who were at a loss and said loudly: “From now on, I’m the Soul King!”

Half a month later, the Soul king palace’s reconstruction ended. There were only four members of the Zero Squad now. Instead of the previous Palace, Roja made this one bigger, and also he made it fly in the sky.

Unohana Retsu stayed in Soul Society, while Hinamori, Soi Fon, and the others were promoted as Soul King Guards with a status equal to that of the Zero squad.

At this time, Roja stood in an open hall, and behind him stood Hinamori, Soi Fon, and the others.

Roja put his hand forward and gently opened a gate in space that connected to a different world.

“You can come now. You should be able to withstand the Spiritual Pressure.”

Roja put his hand forward and said with an unusual gentle smile on his face.

A slender hand stretched out and grabbed Roja’s. Then she stepped forward out of the Gate.

“Is this the third world that you conquered, Darling? It isn’t like anything that I imagined.”


The End!!

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