God of Fishing

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Sales

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“What happened?”

Han Fei replied, “Well, in the morning, when I was still sleeping, turmoil broke out on the ocean and a lot of fish jumped into the boat on their own… Then, I hid myself in the cabin until you came. A tentacle lobster must’ve caused this.”

Han Fei spoke innocently. He pointed at the dark circles around his eyes and said, “A yellow fish knocked into me and left me these marks.”

Wang Jie frowned. “Was it a fish tide?”

One of the guys behind Wang Jie said enviously, “This is still a lot. Dozens of fish are enough for you to pay your taxes for two months.”

Han Fei grinned. “I suspect that there is a Snakebelt in this cabin. I closed it and never checked it.”

“A Snakebelt?”

The two guys behind Wang Jie exclaimed. A Snakebelt was very precious. Was the guy so lucky that even a Snakebelt jumped into his boat?

His eyes bulging, Wang Jie said in a hurry, “You back off.”

Han Fei hid behind them. If the creature ran loose, it would kill these people before it could kill him.

Wang Jie approached the cabin and kicked the cover.

A shadow swooshed out instantly. Wang Jie roared and snatched it with a glimmering hand.


An invisible barrier appeared before Wang Jie and blocked the charging Snakebelt.

Wang Jie’s glowing hand smashed down.

The Snakebelt, after being slapped into the deck, still had strength. It tried to flee, when Wang Jie drew his fishing pole and cast the line out, hauling it back.

After another slap, the Snakebelt finally passed out.

Han Fei was shocked. Could a fish be so tough that even a fishing master could not finish it in one attack?

Wang Jie glanced at him. “Not bad, Han Fei. This Snakebelt is dangerous. It’s of little use to you. Do you want to sell it to me?”

Han Fei rolled his eyes. “If you want it, just consider it a gift from me.”

Wang Jie said solemnly, “That’s not fair. This is a mid-quality pearl that is basically as valuable as a Snakebelt.”

Han Fei kept waving his hands. He knew how the world worked with relations. With other people present, he had to give Wang Jie an out, so he got Wang Jie to give him a fishing pole.

The two supervisors couldn’t believe their ears. What? A mid-quality pearl for a fishing pole?

Wang Jie was a little taken aback as well. This poor sod is able to resist the temptation of a mid-quality pearl; if only his talent was better… Sigh

Wang Jie nodded and charged the boat with spiritual energy and said to a guy behind him, “Song Fei, would you please escort him back?”

He wouldn’t have offered the favor if Han Fei had accepted the mid-quality pearl.

After the boat ascended, Han Fei looked at the supervisor, who was staring at the minced blade fish.

Han Fei rolled his eyes and asked, “Brother, may I know your name?”

The supervisor replied indifferently, “Song Fei.”

Han Fei proposed, “Brother Song, this blade fish was minced by the tentacle lobster. It was too strong for me to deal with. I can see that Brother Song likes it. I would like to give it to you as a gift.”


Song Fei was stunned. He had earned a blade fish in this round trip after doing nothing?

After a momentary daze, Song Fei accepted the blade fish, assuring him that he could seek him out if he had any troubles in the future.

Minutes later, Han Fei cleaned the surface of the boat.

Song Fei commented, “You are rather diligent, although your level is low. After you sell your fish, you can buy a bottle of Fish Head Body Polishing Fluid, or it will be barely possible for you to pass the fishing trial.”

“Okay, got it!”

Han Fei responded absentmindedly. He was quite upset that all the broken pieces of meat were only worth 142 points of spiritual energy.

The receptionist, seeing that Han Fei was back, said coldly without batting an eye, “You survived. Not bad. Huh… So many fish?”

Song Fei said, “Xiao Qin, the boy was lucky enough to encounter a fish tide. He survived it by hiding in the fish cabin. It’s a major harvest.”

The receptionist smiled. “All right. I’ll have 150 kilograms of them as your tax. You can handle the rest of them.”

Han Fei’s heart was bleeding. That was good money!

After the boat was completely docked, someone immediately ran to him.

Most of them simply greeted Song Fei and asked Han Fei, “Hey, boy, I’ll have all of your yellow fish. I’ll give you twenty sea coins for each.”

Someone else immediately pushed him away. “Boy, don’t listen to his nonsense. I’ll give you thirty sea coins for each. You’ll earn more.”

“Boy, I want your green turtles. Ten low-quality pearls for each.”

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