God of Fishing

Chapter 633 - Cao Qiu's Relocation

Chapter 633: Cao Qiu’s Relocation

Han Fei watched one star being added to his badge. Remembering that the Scattered Stars Island had everybody’s file, he instantly felt that this place was truly strictly managed.

Han Fei knew the requirements for four stars. 300,000 points was just a basic prerequisite. One would also have to win five defensive battles to get four stars.

On the surface, it didn’t look very difficult, but on second thought, it wasn’t easy to get 300,000 points at all.

Theoretically speaking, scavengers like You Lingyun could only earn a thousand points a day even when they were very lucky, and their harvest was five hundred points on average. After all, they had too many competitors on the beach.

An income of five hundred points per day meant that it would take six hundred days to earn 300,000 points, which was almost two years. Counting the salaries and bonuses, it couldn’t even be shortened to less than one year.

That was on the premise that the points weren’t spent on weapons and techniques, and that one didn’t spend any time on training…

It would take a regular person at least a year to get 300,000 points on the Scattered Stars Island even if they worked hard. Han Fei, on the other hand, had already obtained four stars by passing the test of the Scattered Stars Fourth Unit. It was truly an amazing speed.

At this moment, Guan Qingyan extended his hand. “Stay in touch.”

Han Fei realized that this iceberg-like young man couldn’t be simple. After all, he was one of the two well-known geniuses in refining.

Han Fei found Mu Jia’er rather pestering, and this Guan Qingyan, being nonchalant and reticent, would be a better partner to communicate with on refining.

But after Han Fei and Guan Qingyan exchanged contact information, Mu Jia’er turned her head around and extended her hand to Han Fei’s chest without looking at him.

Han Fei asked, “What are you doing?”

Mu Jia’er puffed out her cheeks. “Everybody in the Fourth Unit should exchange their contact information.”

Han Fei looked at Guan Qingyan. “Is that so?”

Guan Qingyan shook his head. “It’s optional.”

Mu Jia’er quickly blushed. “Guan Qingyan, go away.”

Guan Qingyan said indifferently, “I’d like to talk to Brother Han on refining.”

Mu Jia’er pouted. “I’m his senior sister.”

Han Fei was amused. “Don’t flatter yourself! There are no senior sisters in the Fourth Unit.”

Mu Jia’er puffed out her cheeks. “I am your senior sister.”

“Okay, I know you want to talk to me in private! I’ll give you a chance. But don’t talk to me all the time. I’m very busy.”

“Humph, I won’t talk to you.”

Han Fei didn’t know what to say. “Why do you want to contact me if you don’t want to talk to me?”

Mu Jia’er scoffed. “Is it your business?”

After sending Mu Jia’er off, Han Fei looked at Bei Huo and asked, “Uncle, does the four-star badge simply mean an additional star?”

Bei Huo looked like a good old buddy. He said with a smile, “Of course not. The contract range of a four-star badge is two hundred kilometers, and that of a five-star badge is five hundred kilometers.”

Han Fei asked in surprise, “Then wouldn’t the six-star and seven-star badges cover the whole Scattered Stars Island?”

Bei Huo nodded. “Of course. The seven-star badge’s range of contact is five thousand kilometers.”

Han Fei was greatly tempted. It wasn’t as good as a cellphone, but still good enough! Speaking to someone five thousand kilometers away was rather amusing!

Bei Huo added, “You’ve just joined the Scattered Stars Fourth Unit. There are certain tasks you need to know. Every member of the Fourth Unit has to provide twenty ultra-quality spiritual weapons with sealed souls every month. Of course, the materials will be supplied to you for free. Also, you need to spend one day in the Fourth Unit every month to work on ways to forge divine weapons.”

As he talked, Bei Huo smiled. “Actually, the number isn’t too large, and it won’t waste much of your time. Also, you can go to the Refining Hall and claim your three-star refiner certificate later. With that certificate, you can rent a workshop with a fifty percent discount. When you become a four-star refiner, you can use the workshops for free. Of course, refining in this place is free of charge, but this place is rather far away, and we don’t come here every day.”

Han Fei grinned delightedly, knowing that his refining business would flourish if he had a three-star refiner certificate! There would be a lot of points that he could earn.

Mu Jia’er asked, “Why are you giggling like an idiot?”

“Cough, cough. Was I giggling?”

“You were…”

Han Fei pondered for a moment. “Shouldn’t I be happy? Forget it. I don’t want to talk to you. I need to collect my debt… Well, some anti-poison fruits.”

Guan Qingyan looked at Han Fei. “Brother Han, do you want to talk? I have many questions.”

Han Fei paused for a moment. “Well, maybe next time! I was caught here in the middle of a battle. My teammates got poisoned, and I need to check up on them with a few anti-poison fruits.”

Guan Qingyan nodded. “You definitely should. Then we will talk next time!”

Han Fei nodded. “We most certainly will.”

Getting in the elevator and remembering the safe route through the fatal array, Han Fei walked out of the yard wearing a mask.

Since he became an official member of the Scattered Stars Seven Units, Han Fei’s identity would be kept a secret, and he needed to wear a mask going in or out.

Yang Dao was already gone, and there was no telling if Han Fei passed the test naturally. Han Fei simply took out his boat and flew to the Refining Hall.

It was very easy to be approved as a three-star refiner. It seemed that those people had already been informed, so ten minutes after Han Fei expressed his attention, he got his certificate as a three-star refiner.

He didn’t reach out to Xiaobai or Le Renkuang as they seemed to be busier than him who was only responsible for reconnaissance and fighting.

By the time he returned to the Skeleton Shore, it was already night. Many people exclaimed when Han Fei returned with four stars.

“Hey! Four stars?”

“Congratulations on acquiring four stars, Captain Han!”

“Four stars? That’s so fast! He’s only been here for a month!”

“He has already earned four stars when he’s merely an advanced Dangling Fisher?”

Immediately, someone approached him and asked, “Captain Han, how did you get your four stars?”

“Captain Han, why did the Hidden Fisher take you to the front line? How did you get one more star?”

“Captain Han, did you make great achievements on the front line?”

Han Fei was surrounded by everybody. You Lingyun and his teammates who just came close were instantly enraged.

You Lingyun declared furiously, “Get out of the way! Don’t pester our captain.”

Wu Xiaoxiao added, “Go away! Go away! He’s our captain, not yours!”

Gu Daliang pushed everybody out of his way. “Don’t stay in my way! Disperse!”

By the time they finally squeezed through the crowd, they saw that Han Fei was unhurriedly pinning a new badge to his waist.

Immediately, someone exclaimed, “Is it the three-star refiner certificate?”


Everybody gasped. Han Fei had just crafted an ultra-quality spiritual weapon the previous night, and he got a three-star refiner certificate on this day! What kind of speed was that?

Hidden Fisher said casually, “It’s not a big deal, everybody. I made friends with a Hidden Fisher and many other people today. I talked with them and had an epiphany, which allowed me to successfully seal souls and be approved as a three-star refiner. I feel so happy that I’ve decided to give you another ten-percent discount on your fees…”



“So cheap?”

“Captain, will the fees for sealing souls be lowered by ten percent too?”

Han Fei said unhurriedly, “Of course. Sealing souls is rather tricky, and I don’t want to work for nothing. You’re all my colleagues, but I can’t stand charging you high fees. So, I’ve decided that you can pay on credit for ultra-quality spiritual weapons with sealed souls, but don’t forget to repay your debt if you’re alive, or I will suffer a heavy loss…”


“Captain Han, you are awesome!”

“Captain Han, you are a role model for all of us.”

“Captain Han, you are a great man!”

For a moment, everybody was howling. An ultra-quality spiritual weapon with a sealed soul wasn’t something that everybody had access to. Han Fei’s discounted fees and acceptance of payment on credit excited everybody from the Eighth Battalion.

In such a way, the Eighth Battalion would be armed to the teeth in a couple of months.

Apart from everything else, their overall combat ability would probably be multiplied.

You Lingyun was shocked. “Have you lost your mind? Everybody might get killed in a major battle. Are you not afraid that you can’t get your money back?”

Wu Xiaoxiao agreed, “Captain, even though they are your comrades, aren’t you too nice to them?”

Han Fei immediately responded solemnly, “Hey, don’t be so shortsighted! Isn’t the peace and prosperity of the Scattered Stars Island our responsibility? This is the least I can do for the thousands of warriors who fight on the front lines!”

Immediately, someone echoed, “Captain Han, you will be my dear brother in the future.”

Someone retorted to You Lingyun, “You’re too shortsighted! Captain Han is a great Heavenly Talent. He has much greater vision than you do.”

Someone agreed, “That’s right! You Lingyun, you should feel happy that Captain Han is so righteous!”

Han Fei grinned hard. All he could think of was the money he could get!

“Cough, cough! Han Fei…”

All of a sudden, a voice came from the sky.

The crowd instantly fell quiet. Han Fei looked back, only to see Yang Dao, Zong Han and Cao Qiu landing from the sky.

Han Fei was dumbfounded. What’s happening?

Yang Dao casually glanced at Han Fei and said, “Everybody, assemble.”

The one, two, and three-star soldiers of the Eighth Battalion, upon seeing a seven-star big shot, established a formation and stood up straightly.

You Lingyun and the others quickly stood behind Han Fei who was still dumbfounded.

Yang Dao said indifferently, “From today on, Zong Han will no longer be the commander of the Eighth Battalion, which will be directed by two deputy commanders, namely Han Fei, the former captain of the 37th squad, and Cao Qiu, who’s standing right next to me…”

Han Fei: “???”

Everyone: “???”

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