God of Fishing

Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Blackmail the Tigers

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In the office, Han Fei rolled his eyes, his hair as messy as a bird’s nest.

Solemnly, Wang Jie said, “Tell me! Who taught you Spiritual Energy Explosion?”

Nobody would believe that Tang Ge left Han Fei the introduction to Spiritual Energy Explosion because the teacher from the southern campus stated that Han Fei learned it during the fight.

Han Fei said, “Master, I perceived it after cultivation in seclusion for three days…”


Wang Jie slapped Han Fei on the head. The guy was too shameless. It was supposed to be three days of detention, not cultivation in seclusion.

“That’s bulls*it! Spiritual Energy Explosion is a skill that requires proficiency. How could you have perceived it?”

Han Fei said, “Sir, I truly perceived it on my own! I spent the last three days in the detention room!”

Wang Jie was lost for words. It did make sense! The boy was locked up the moment he came back to school. Did he really perceive it on his own?

However, He Mingtang felt that something was not right. His daughter had been avoiding him recently. Did it really have nothing to do with this?

Wang Jie did not think much. He simply scolded, “Idiot, do you know why we don’t teach you Spiritual Energy Explosion until you are level seven? It’s partly because your spiritual energy is not enough, partly because your veins are not sturdy enough, and partly because it requires proficiency. Spiritual Energy Explosion is the easiest of all techniques, but have you seen any fisher below level seven use it?”

Han Fei gnashed his teeth. You like slapping my head? Fine, I’ll slap yours when I’m stronger than you… Wait, my veins are not sturdy enough? No wonder my arm was nearly torn apart just now. Then, do I need to do nothing other than building up my veins?

“Han Fei…”

“Ah, I’m here.”


“You’re absentminded when I’m talking to you?”

Han Fei gritted his teeth. Wang Jie, just wait for it. I’ll definitely slap your head off later.

Han Fei returned home for the Ghost Pearl, the essence of the Ghost Blade Clam that could build up the veins. If it was as good as claimed, Spiritual Energy Explosion wouldn’t be a problem for him in the future.

Han Fei grew careful after the incident last time. Fearing that someone would attack him, he kept a low profile on the way.

Han Fei was hiding behind a giant tree and observing if anybody was around, when someone said behind him, “Are you Han Fei, my friend?”

Han Fei was so shocked that he raised his purple bamboo rod immediately.

“Don’t panic, my friend. I mean you no harm.”

Han Fei looked at him carefully, only to discover that he was a man as brawny as a bull. There were three scars on his face cutting his eyes and his mouth apart, indicating that he was a dangerous person.

Han Fei asked, “Who are you?”

With a smile that was even more awful than crying, the brawny man said, “I am Li Jue, the leader of the Tigers. My arrogant subordinates insulted you the other day, and I hope that you can forgive us. The Tigers would like to give you whatever you need.”

Han Fei understood that they were here to apologize. The Tigers must’ve learned his relationship with Tang Ge. That was why their leader came in person.

The Tigers could’ve killed him when his identity was still unknown, but now that they’d missed the opportunity, they had to make up for what they did.

Han Fei took a breath in relief. “Leader Li, since you came to apologize in person, I’ll definitely forgive you. However, Brother Gang provoked me repeatedly the other day. I hope that Leader Li can restrain him in case the reputation of the Tigers is ruined.”

Li Jue grinned hideously and said, “Of course. You will not see them in Heavenly Water Village again, my friend.”

Han Fei was alarmed. What do you mean? Are they all dead?

He had heard before that the Tigers’ enemies were all thrown into the ocean. He did not know that Li Jue was truly so brutal.

However, Han Fei rolled his eyes and realized what was going on. A less determined man would’ve been too scared to demand compensation from the Tigers after this.

Considering that the whole thing was in the open, Han Fei sneered, “Leader Li, my brother left me dozens of bottles of Iron Fish Body Polishing Fluid, but all of them went missing the day I returned…”

Han Fei felt that the air turned quiet, and killing intent was rising. Was Li Jue really going to kill him?

Han Fei did not believe that he dared to do such a thing. Otherwise, not only would Tang Ge go after him, but the teachers at school would also ask his trouble.

As he expected, Li Jue soon smiled. “Naturally. I’m sorry that I didn’t discipline them well. I’ll pay them back soon.”

Han Fei said, “The other things are basically fine, except that some of the mid-quality pearls and Spirit Refilling Pills were missing.”

Li Jue was somewhat astounded and almost decided to kill him. The Iron Fish Body Polishing Fluid was already precious enough, and the Spirit Refilling Pill was a life-saving medication. How dare you ask for them?

Han Fei, on the other hand, stared at Li Jue calmly and harmlessly. He did not believe that Li Jue dared to attack.

Li Jue gnashed his teeth. “All right, the Tigers will compensate for your loss. Have a good day, my friend.”

Han Fei grinned and said, “Goodbye, Leader Li.”

A moment later, Li Jue watched Han Fei leave and punched the tree next to him. The enormous tree was immediately broken in half.

The person behind Li Jue said gloomily, “Boss, this guy is outrageous. He’s extorting us. I would like…”

“Shut up.”

Calming himself down, Li Jue said, “Wealth is nothing compared to life. Tang Ge won’t stay here for long. He will leave after the soul awakening and probably won’t return. Let’s deal with him after that.”

Han Fei couldn’t have felt better. The Tigers were rich enough to afford dozens of bottles of Iron Fish Body Polishing Fluid, which would make his cultivation with the Incomplete Monograph on 108 Ways of Body Conditioning much easier.

The Tigers were quite fast. What he demanded that morning was delivered in the afternoon.

Han Fei checked the items. They included ten bottles of Iron Fish Body Polishing Fluid, fifty mid-quality pearls, and five Spirit Refilling Pills.

“Li Jue, damn you!”

Han Fei trembled in fury. I said dozens of bottles, not ten bottles. Also, you gave me five Spirit Refilling Pills? You think I’m a beggar?

However, Han Fei had wronged Li Jue. It was not easy to get the Iron Fish Body Polishing Fluid. Also, the Spirit Refilling Pill, which was of little use to him, was a life saver for other people. Five of them were already a lot.

Han Fei complained, “What a petty bastard. However, I’m a person who can easily be satisfied. I’ll deal with them for now!”

Had Li Jue heard Han Fei’s complaint, he probably would’ve killed Han Fei on the spot.

In the cave, Han Fei held the Ghost Pearl which allegedly nurtured and expanded the veins. He swallowed it without any hesitation.

A long time later, Han Fei felt nothing except that his body was slightly cold, as if he were having an intravenous drip.

It was not until two hours later that Han Fei finally sensed that his veins were strengthened, because he saw impurities leaking out of his skin.

This stuff is not as good as I expected. It seems that I have to take a handful of such pearls at the same time.

Other people would’ve killed Han Fei if they knew what he was thinking. The medicines that could strengthen the veins were rare and precious, yet he was complaining that they were not effective enough.

Three days later, cracking noises spread out of a cave on a cliff on the floating island. A young man was lying on the ground with all his clothes wet. Nobody could possibly tell what happened just now.

Phew… I’ve finally made it.

Hahaha. I should be absolutely invincible at my level right now!

Han Fei checked his data.

Owner: Han Fei

Level: Six (Intermediate Fisher)

Spiritual Energy: 1,288 (249)

Spiritual Heritage: Level Two, Low Quality (Upgradeable)

Weapon: Purple Bamboo Rod

Main Art: Void Fishing, Chapter 1: Hook Kiss (Mortal Level, Divine Quality)

He had already felt that he was stuck. As he expected, his spiritual energy stopped at 249 points. He felt that he could make another breakthrough, but it required tremendous spiritual energy. His current stock did not seem enough.

“It seems that I have to set sail again.”

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