God of Fishing

Chapter 3543 - 3543 50,000 Gods Accompany Me to Transcend the Divine Tribulation (4)

3543 50,000 Gods Accompany Me to Transcend the Divine Tribulation (4)


At that moment, wherever the rain of blood fell, tribulation clouds gathered. For a moment, red clouds covered the sky and even the endless Sea of Stars.

Han Fei opened his hands and took off his battle suits.

As he slowly opened his eyes, infinite energy tides and the power of laws gathered around him.

The heavens unified the myriad races and cultivated the heart of a Supreme. With his will, he became a Supreme first, then broke through his body, fused origin power into his bones, absorbed the power of faith, cultivated the Supreme Bones, and entered the dominator realm.

Han Fei stood quietly in the void. What was the heart of a Supreme? He didn’t understand. Did he have to unify all races? Even if he could do it, he didn’t have the time to do it.

Han Fei murmured in a low voice that only he could hear, “I also have people I want to protect. Even if I don’t have the Supreme heart, I’m destined to be a Supreme. I, am immortal.”

It wasn’t that the Supreme Technique cultivators couldn’t transcend the tribulation, but that they couldn’t succeed in it, so they could only die.

Therefore, Han Fei chose to bet on this last battle.

Countless people saw that behind Han Fei, the Wheel of Life began to spin, and a river extremely obscure yet full of infinite vitality flowed over from behind him.

“Is that the River of Life?”

“Can the River of Life be materialized?”

For ordinary people, they knew their river of life and knew that their vitality actually came from the river of life. However, this mysterious thing had never appeared in the world.

But today, they saw that the river flowing with light green water seemed to be covered in a layer of divine brilliance.

This was Han Fei’s reliance. As long as the River of Life was here, he wouldn’t die. Even if he couldn’t break the limit of the Supreme Technique, so what? As long as his vitality wasn’t destroyed, he wouldn’t die. The path of the Supreme Technique had to be cleared.

Of course, this kind of breakthrough was still not a good idea for Han Fei.

But Han Fei had no choice. If he couldn’t break through to the Supreme Dao, he wouldn’t be able to take down the Eternal Race and take the little vine of the Demon Purification Pot, let alone change the layout of the first battlefield.

As a human, sometimes he had selfishly thought that he just needed to save Xia Xiaochan, Han Chanyi, Luo Xiaobai and the others.

However, what would happen next? Then, the first battlefield would be broken, the ominous would break through the defense line, and the Sea of Stars would be completely invaded. At that time, a large area of the Sea of Stars would fall, and the next target of the ominous would be the Sea Realm.

At that time, where could he hide? How could he protect the people he cared about?

Now, there were only a hundred years left before the agreement between Senior Sister Shen Le and him.

Therefore, he had no choice.

However, he couldn’t just blindly bet. With the experience of Cangtian, Han Fei actually had a certain idea. However, an idea was an idea after all. Without putting it into practice, no one knew if he could succeed.

At this moment, when the tens of thousands of gods saw that Han Fei stopped and chose to transcend the tribulation, they were a little happy at first, but then their faces were filled with anxiety.

They knew that Han Fei’s real strength was only at the peak of the Great Monarch realm.

As a peak-level Great Monarch, he could use the combat power of a Sea Quelling God and treat gods as ants. If he really transcended the divine tribulation, what would happen?

As for Jiang Buyi, his eyes flashed. He was not surprised. He just didn’t understand where Han Fei’s confidence came from. Since Han Fei dared to transcend the tribulation, had he found a way to crack the Supreme Technique?

“How is it possible? Since the Primordial Era, no one has been able to break the limit of the Supreme Technique. How can Han Fei do that?”

Even Han Guanshu and Jiang Linxian were worried. Just as what they said after the battle of the divine descendants, they couldn’t interfere with Han Fei’s path anymore, because Han Fei’s path had already exceeded their boundaries.

Even the two of them had only heard of someone from the human race breaking the limit of the Supreme Technique. But the reality was that no one had done it since the Primordial Era.

Even the God of War, who had once been highly regarded, stopped in the end. In order to break through this path, he had to embark on an extremely difficult path.

At this moment, a god said, “Everyone, I have a bold idea. If we invade his divine tribulation, it will definitely affect his divine tribulation and even greatly increase the power of his divine tribulation. Although we are no match for him, can’t we use the power of heaven and earth to kill him?”

The moment this person spoke, unexpectedly, many gods even secretly retreated a little.

Come on, once they fell into this guy’s divine tribulation, who could guarantee that they wouldn’t die? If they didn’t leave the range of the Divine Tribulation in time, they would definitely suffer no matter who they were. They weren’t that crazy.

Someone said, “If he’s willing to transcend the tribulation, let him! Even if he successfully transcends the tribulation and becomes a Sea Quelling God, so what? After transcending the tribulation, I’m afraid Master Ruler will have finished fighting.”

“That’s right! Isn’t falling into this divine tribulation equivalent to courting death?”

Someone suggested, “Han Fei is only a peak-level Great Monarch after all. Why don’t we let our Great Monarchs fight him?”

As soon as this person said so, countless gods rolled their eyes. Were you out of your mind when you stole the Divine Tribulation Fruit? Even the gods didn’t dare to go there, and you want a Great Monarch to fight him?

Suddenly, Han Fei looked at the gods behind the Eternal Race. He raised his hand, and the Time River appeared. The Time Chains that filled the sky extended out of the Time River and finally sealed the realm they were in, forming a Wall of Time.

This scene stunned countless gods.

Han Fei chuckled. “There’s no need to argue. All of you, come in and accompany me.”

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