God of Fishing

Chapter 337 - Cunning Villain

Chapter 337 Cunning Villain

Broken Walkingsticks were everywhere in the bamboo wood, and dozens of bamboo shoots were shattered by a cold saber.

The five people of the Sun Family had finally passed through the purple bamboo wood.

They saw the Snake-Tentacled Shark-Faced Octopus the moment they came out. At this point, the creature was about to extend its eight big heads into the Stealth Array that Han Fei set up, when five strangers suddenly showed up. It was rather shocked.

The five people of the Sun Family were taken back too. They hurried to stop their charge.


The eight snake heads suddenly roared. The two tough monsters had gone, only to be replaced by another five monsters that were even stronger, so the Snake-Tentacled Shark-Faced Octopus subconsciously decided to flee.

However, the people of the Sun Family didn’t know that the Snake-Tentacled Shark-Faced Octopus was running. Usually, an octopus would boost itself with its tentacles when it was running.

But as it happened, this creature’s tentacles were snakes, and when it began to flee, all the snakes were straightened and darted at the people of the Sun Family.

“Watch out! Disperse and tame it!”

After an order, the five of them dispersed. One of them raised a bow and shot arrows at


One of them went straight at the creature’s tongues with a long whip.

As for the remaining three of them, one opened the weapon box and unleashed weapons, one retreated to the rear and injected spiritual energy into his companions, and the last summoned tremendous amounts of algae that rolled towards the Snake-Tentacled Shark-Faced Octopus.

Han Fei secretly sighed after seeing that. They were only short a hunter to make a team of all the five professions. But even so, they were still very strong. That creature could unlikely resist them unless their spirit gatherer and manipulator were down.

Han Fei’s first thought was to build hidden weapons, but there was no time for him to craft any in Forge the Universe now. Who knew when the battle would be over?

He had needles, but they were all magic weapons and could barely penetrate through their spiritual energy protective covers.

“No, the spirit gatherer must die.”

The Snake-Tentacled Shark-Faced Octopus was dumbfounded. I’m already fleeing! What more do you want from me? Aren’t you taking advantage of me?

The strange octopus burst into fury when it was hit by Torrents of Knives and Swords, and its eight snake heads roared simultaneously.

However, before it finished its roar, a sharp arrow was shot into one of its heads and blew up the eyeball. Only half of this head remained.

The soul warrior who held the bow said, “It’s very sturdy. Surround it and we’ll kill it together.”

At this point, the water was overshadowed by algae. Seeing that it could not escape, the Snake-Tentacled Shark-Faced Octopus finally counterattacked.


The eight sneak heads expanded by multiple times and spurted out green stinky puke.

Han Fei, who was hiding in the mud, saw a good chance. Now that the manipulator had blocked everybody’s vision with the sea algae, he had a window to take action.

Han Fei immediately summoned Little Black and Little White.

Han Fei said, “Go bite that spirit gatherer.” Seeing that Little Black was out, Han Fei pressed Little White, fearing that he might be exposed. But the guys were too occupied in the battle to notice the noises below the ground. They thought that it was only the Snake-Tentacled Shark-Faced Octopus’s roar.

The spirit gatherer shouted, “Not good! This monster is venomous! Keep your spiritual energy protective cover on!”

All of them were greatly shocked and hurried to take shelter when the enormous tongues of the monster bit them. Regretfully, they were all on the same level as the monster.

The Snake-Tentacled Shark-Faced Octopus wouldn’t be scared at all to fight any one of them, but now that there were five of them, it couldn’t defeat them even if it were legendary. However, since it was a time of life and death, the monster could only try its best. It simply stuck out its tongues.

In the next moment, two waves of air, one freezing and the other scorching, gushed out.


The man with the long whip was frozen together with his weapon.


The ice was broken, and the man hurried to cut the tongue with his long whip. But suddenly, he felt pain on his calf, as if something just bit him.

“Damn it. Something else is around here. Watch it.”

Yes, Han Fei had asked Little Black to change its target. In this fierce battle, everybody had been maintaining their spiritual energy protective cover, and it was definitely the best choice to attack those whose spiritual energy protective cover was broken.

The manipulator asked, “What other things are there here? I’ve just examined the place. Did you feel something wrong?”

The whip guy frowned. He attacked and looked at his calf, only to see that part of his flesh had been bitten off.

However, he did not consider it a big deal and merely thought that someone’s weapon accidentally touched him.

It escaped his attention that a drop of bright green liquid, enshrouded in a water current, was sent into his body.

Han Fei swallowed in delight. One of them was down! Even if the man was not killed, he would be no threat if he lost half of his combat ability.

At this point, the scales on the surface of the Snake-Tentacled Shark-Faced Octopus had been crumbled. Immediately, it was riddled with holes by the overwhelming sea algae.

In the meantime, the five people of the Sun Family were attacked too.

The armorist slashed his saber, and after a flash, one of the snake heads was cut off.


The place was a complete mess. The strange octopus burst into a fury when the snake head was cut off, and it darted out its scales, making everybody’s face change.

One of them shouted, “Shield…” The armorist immediately unleashed multiple shields from the weapon box to block the incoming scales.


At this point, the archer shot another arrow and blew up another one of the snake heads.

The Snake-Tentacled Shark-Faced Octopus had lost two and a half heads. The half head had been broken by the same archer earlier.

Han Fei grew impatient. Monster, work harder! You’ll lose all your heads if you don’t do anything! You look scary, why don’t you do something scarier? While Han Fei was complaining, nobody noticed that the snake head that had been chopped off suddenly bounced and bit through the armorist’s spiritual energy protective cover, before it bit the man’s hand off again.

Han Fei was immediately excited. He didn’t see that coming at all. Good job!

Immediately, drops of venom were delivered into the armorist’s body with the water current.

Exactly at this moment, the whip guy’s face changed. “Not good. I’ve been poisoned.”

The manipulator asked in shock, “Since when?”

Everybody stepped back, only to see that the whip guy’s face had turned green.

The spirit gatherer roared, “Take the antidote now. This is the Green Arrow Frog Venom. That boy is somewhere around here.”

Han Fei realized that he had been exposed. He was surprised that it only took them three seconds to associate him with the poisoning.

He was even more surprised to see that the man took out a fruit. He didn’t know that there was an antidote.

Han Fei couldn’t wait anymore. He could not allow the man to take the antidote even if he had to be exposed.

Hiu! Hiu! Hiu!

Shooting three arrows, Han Fei revealed himself. Although he had only poisoned two people, it shouldn’t be a problem for him to resist the remaining soul warrior, the spirit gatherer, and the manipulator.

“Not good!”

“Little thief.”

“Get out of the way.”

Han Fei’s arrows weren’t very powerful. Apart from the arrow of 800 points of spiritual energy that was aimed at the whip guy, the other two arrows were fired at the snake heads.

The spiritual fruit that the whip guy was holding was blown up by the unexpected arrow.

Han Fei shouted, “If you want a fight, bring it on! I’m going to crush all of you today!”

However, the spirit gatherer whispered, “Careful! Disperse now!”

As it turned out, the strange octopus had gone crazy after being shot by another two arrows, and it finally opened its shark mouth that had remained closed so far.“H00000000…”

The surging soundwaves trembled the water within thousands of meters. Han Fei felt that his brain almost exploded.

“Soul attack?”

Han Fei was shocked. Even more shockingly, a snake head appeared before Han Fei in the blink of an eye. It was too fast.

It was not until this moment that Han Fei recalled that this creature was described to be extremely fast.

Han Fei launched the Water Dividing Seal immediately, but he had been blown into the purple bamboo wood before he turned his head around.

The other guys were blown back together with him. To Han Fei’s shock, he saw one of the snake heads biting the archer and waving him around crazily. Then, the man was easily bitten into halves.

Shoot… Why didn’t you go on a rampage sooner, octopus? If you had, I wouldn’t have needed to reveal myself!

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