God of Fishing

Chapter 329 - Another World in the Stone

Chapter 329 Another World in the Stone

A strange feeling hit Han Fei’s heart. I was electrified but I didn’t cry. Who made that sound?

However, immediately afterwards, the sound of crying came from the seawater again, and it seemed that someone was perhaps singing.

Han Fei was a little stunned. Who would come down to the 1,500 meter-deep seabed to sing?

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers shot out and Nine Tails who was also shocked by the electricity also launched an attack. As the nine-star chain swept into the school of Lantern Fish, Nine Tails caught one with his tail and crushed another to death with one of his legs.

The group of Lantern Fish seemed to be surprised to see them fight back, so they scattered around and increased the electric current immediately.


However, they didn’t know Han Fei had been used to electric shocks. Han Fei was stretching his body to let the current flow throughout his body.

Although Han Fei was still twitching slightly, he was not afraid. The electric current of the lantern fish was much stronger than that of the Piercing Electricity Jellyfish but they were much less in number. And compared to Dragon Eels, its current was not that strong. Therefore, this level of current was actually good for Han Fei.

“Come back, Nine Tails.”

Han Fei withdrew Nine Tails and did not attack but instead let these Lantern Fish discharge electricity on him.

With this, he practiced the Indestructible Body Art to see if he could forcefully break through his upper limit of 4,199 points.

Of course, Han Fei did not devote himself to cultivation. He held a knife and remained vigilant. The singing voice had disappeared. The voice was so creepy that he did not rush forward.

If he ran down to look for the source of the voice, God knew what awaited him. He might as well enjoy the electrotherapy, which might improve his physique. Half an hour later…

The Lantern Fish were all dumbfounded. What the hell are we shocking? Why haven’t they died?

Some Lantern Fish became feeble after running out of electricity, so they wagged their tails and tried to leave.

However, Han Fei waved his fishing rod and hooked the weak Lantern Fish back.

The hooked Lantern Fish was panicked and hurriedly used all its electricity to zap Han Fei. However, after it discharged all its electricity, Han Fei chopped off the flashing light on its head.

When the hundreds of Lantern Fish discharged all their electricity, Han Fei could easily catch one every time he waved his fishing rod. He quite enjoyed the game!

However, most of the Lantern Fish ran away, and Han Fei only collected less than 50 flashing lights. “Lah, Lah, Lah, Lah, Lah…” Suddenly, the voice appeared again.

Han Fei quickly looked around and perceived with his spiritual perception, but there was nothing… Han Fei immediately threw the fishing hook, which circled around but still found nothing.

“Lah, Lah…”

Han Fei’s face turned dark. The voice was like a fisher girl humming softly. The sound was very clear and could even be said to be very pure.

However, no matter how pure the voice was, it was creepy for it to appear from the deep sea!

Han Fei immediately activated a spiritual energy protective cover, tentatively swimming forward. Along the way, Han Fei ignored the small shrimp that intended to attack him.

Under this strait, there were very few spiritual plants. As for fish, he had only seen the Lantern Fish.

After swimming for dozens of miles, Han Fei was taken back. What is that? It’s a… Tadpole?

Yes, Han Fei was sure that it was a tadpole, a tadpole as big as a calf. Its body was chubby with a long tail. At this moment, the tadpole was floating in the water and its body was shaking slightly.

A string of data appeared in his eyes.

<Name> Wonton Fish

<Introduction> Its stomach occupies 90% of its body. It has a great ability to swallow. An omnivorous creature, its skin is hard and cannot be pierced by non-spiritual weapons.

<Quality> Exotic (Ultra-quality)

<Quality> Rare

<Contained Spiritual Energy> 1,618 points

<Effect> Inedible

<Collectable> Fish Skin


Han Fei was surprised. Wonton Fish? I have only heard of wonton noodles! And what does it mean by that its stomach occupies 90% of its body?

While Han Fei was observing the fish, its body suddenly inflated like a bubble. And as its body grew bigger, its huge mouth that spanned half of its body opened.

Han Fei was shocked. Wow, this fish’s mouth is even bigger than Little Black’s!

And then, this fish’s mouth suddenly turned like a sail. That huge mouth looked like a double-layered fish skin, and when it opened, it doubled its size!


Han Fei felt a strong pull around his body. The big mouth, which was a bit like a Plate Ray, surprised him.

He immediately threw a Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger over.

However, the dagger that was thrown out was pulled by the force, losing its direction making it spin away in the sea. Then, it was swallowed by the Wonton Fish in one bite.

Han Fei frowned and tried to pull the knife out. However, he suddenly discovered that the dagger that was sucked into the stomach of the wonton fish was losing contact with him.

Immediately afterwards, Han Fei found that his body was flying towards the Wonton Fish uncontrollably. This shocked him! What the hell is the fish?

Han Fei just let the fish to suck him over, holding two Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers in his hands, which were shining with spiritual energy.


Just when Han Fei was about to be sucked into the mouth of the Wonton Fish, with a dazzling cold light, he tore this Wonton Fish that was like a big pocket into two pieces.

Han Fei’s body was covered with a layer of filth. Watching his dagger fall out of the belly of the Wonton Fish, Han Fei found that it was a little out of control.

“Huh? Most of my residual spiritual energy has been swallowed. How did it do that?”

Han Fei kicked the Wonton Fish lying on the seabed like a fish skin and took it into Forge the Universe.

This fish skin was really tough, and it may not decay for a hundred years if it was used to make a map.

Han Fei looked around and was relieved when he did not find another Wonton Fish. This fish, without opening its mouth, was like a tadpole, but when it opened its mouth, it looked like a monster. It was so horrifying.

Han Fei hoped there would be hundreds more Lantern Fish so that he could enjoy electrotherapy again… He went on and met a few octopus. However, octopus were very smart and hid in the cracks of the stones.

About ten minutes later, Han Fei heard the singing sound again. This time, the voice seemed clearer.

Han Fei immediately looked around. It was dark all around and there were not many creatures.

“Lah, Lah, Lah, Lah, Lah…”

“Humph! I’m gonna find you soon. Who are you trying to scare?”

Han Fei sped up and encountered another Wonton Fish on the way, which he slaughtered.

After about half an hour, Han Fei suddenly found that there was no road ahead.

That weird singing still appeared occasionally, but this submarine canyon had no way ahead.

“No, the voice is echoing, so that thing must still be here.”

Han Fei looked back. This time, he was much slower. He directly sensed with spiritual perception and explored each rock along the way. An hour later, Han Fei suddenly stopped in front of a rock wall.

This rock wall looked quite ordinary with some sparse seaweed on it. However, there were dozens or hundreds of small holes in this rock wall.

If they were just common holes, Han Fei would not pay much attention. However, the small holes here seemed to be similar in size. Han Fei patted the rock wall. It was a real rock, not virtual.

Then, Han Fei put his ear on the rock wall.

“Lah, Lah, Lah…”

Han Fei jumped back with a jerk and quivered. As he put his ears on the rock wall, he heard the singing from inside.

“Wow! Is the sound from the stone?”

Han Fei was pondering. How could the stone make a sound?

“Nine Tails, dig! Let me see what the hell it is!”

Bang… Bang Bang…As Nine Tails punched the rock, the sound inside stopped abruptly.

“As I expected, there is something in it. Since it can make a sound, it is not a stone. Nine Tails, dig.”

After a while, a small hole half the height of a man was dug out by Nine Tails. The loud noise attracted a group of Lantern Fish.

So, Han Fei began to enjoy electrotherapy while waiting for Nine Tails to dig open the stone.

About an hour later, this thick rock wall had a channel dug through it. At this time, Han Fei also finished the electrotherapy.

He quickly swam into the cave, and then he was stunned.


Han Fei was dumbfounded. He never imagined that there was another world in this cave. Nine Tails didn’t just dig out a hole, but a new world!

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