God of Fishing

Chapter 327 - One vs. Four

Chapter 327 One vs. Four

At the moment when Lin Miaomiao died, Han Fei was stunned.

He was not a saint. If someone died, he would feel sorry for them at best. After all, it was none of his business.

However, people had feelings. In the past few days, although Lin Miaomiao only acted as his guide, she was quite dedicated. She worked so hard just to earn a living, but now she had died because of him!

Han Fei felt very guilty.


“Nine Tails, attach to me.”


Irritated, Han Fei threw Lin Miaomiao’s body into Forge the Universe. Escape? Why? I want to kill!

In the blink of an eye, Han Fei’s eyes turned color, one black and one white, and the nine-star chains shot out.

The sword-wielding man whose hand had just been cut off was shocked to see Han Fei’s aura suddenly change and he seemed about to become an advanced Dangling Fisher.


Han Fei hit a small blue arrow away and pounced at the man as swift as a shadow.

This man had lost a spear and a sword, and Han Fei didn’t think that he could still take out a third spiritual weapon. Even if he was from the Thousand Star City, so what? He was unlikely to own multiple mid or high-quality spiritual weapons!

The man whose arm was severed was horrified and quickly backed away, intending to retreat to the other three people.

But Han Fei certainly wouldn’t let him! The nine-star chain danced and clasped one of the man’s feet.

As Han Fei withdrew the nine-star chain, dozens of Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers darted at the man in an instant.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Within a second, the man’s spiritual energy protective cover was shattered and his only hand was holding an ultra-quality magic weapon.

However, before he took any action, with a boom, a Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger suddenly exploded.

In the surging waves, the man was covered with blood and his entire body was blown through. His eyes widened as if he couldn’t believe that he actually died in the hands of a junior Dangling Fisher…

Han Fei fell in front of this man and found that he was still alive. After all, he was a peak-level Dangling Fisher, so his vitality was stronger than Han Fei imagined.

Han Fei stared straight at the three people a kilometer away, holding a Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Dagger, he cut the dying man’s throat in front of the three of them.

“Bastard! How dare you…” “Sun Qing…”

“F*ck, I’m gonna kill you!”

But Han Fei was not scared at all. He waved and 30 more Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers appeared in front of him. Even if five daggers exploded and one broke, so what?

I have so many spiritual weapons, are you that desperate?

The black-robed middle-aged man frowned. This boy, being chased by the four of them, managed to kill a peak-level Dangling Fisher within two minutes! He was definitely beyond most fishers!

In front of the three of them, Han Fei waved and cast the Divine Healing Technique on himself.

At the same time, a formation appeared under his feet. However, what appeared this time was not a Spirit Gathering Formation, but a defensive formation.

He knew that the defensive formation was useless to the three people. But he didn’t mean to defend for long. He only needed it to block one blow.

With a twinkle, Han Fei took the initiative to attack.

The Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Bow appeared in his hand, and instantly, he drew the bow as round as a full moon and shot five arrows in a row, and spiritual energy gushed out.

Black Robe was horrified. “No, he can’t have so much spiritual energy!”

All five sharp arrows were directed at him, each arrow stronger than the next, especially the fifth arrow whose power was overwhelming.

Black Robe quickly stopped pursuing Han Fei. As an expert archer, he knew the arrows were all targeted at him.

If he continued to chase him, he would have to resist all five arrows alone, which was certainly not a wise choice.

But the two people from the Sun Family smiled. This was a good chance. Since Black Robe helped them share Han Fei’s attack, they could directly attack Han Fei.

One person from the Sun Family swung two axes at Han Fei.

However, a hundred meters away, when he had just lifted his axes, Han Fei drew the bow again.

This time, in the blink of an eye, Han Fei’s right hand was bloodied by spiritual energy, and his skin was torn apart.

The man with the axes was horrified. What kind of bow technique is this? Why do I feel that my soul is trembling?


An arrow was shot, but there were two arrow shadows, one visible and the other invisible.

“Not good, Sun Cheng, retreat…”

But the distance was so close and there was no shelter in the sea. How could he retreat?

The arrow that Han Fei shot had already turned into a ray of light with a full 6,400 points of spiritual energy, which completely exceeded Han Fei’s own limit. Therefore, when this arrow was shot, his right hand was almost disabled.

This was the first time Han Fei used the sixth arrow of the War Soul Art. Seeing the person from the Sun Family trying to block it with his two axes, Han Fei smiled coldly.


The arrow shot a small hole in the ax man’s chest. The spiritual energy arrow shot through the gap between the two axes and directly pierced his body.

But even so, it wouldn’t be able to kill him. It was the soul arrow that really killed him.

Han Fei didn’t even look at the opponent but cast the Divine Healing Technique on himself again.

In the distance, Black Robe had just solved Han Fei’s five arrows and saw this terrifying scene. Han Fei killed a peak-level Dangling Fisher with a single arrow and he was only a junior Dangling Fisher! He couldn’t believe his eyes!

Black Robe immediately wanted to retreat. He didn’t think he had any chance to win against this monstrous boy!

His spiritual energy had almost exhausted, but Han Fei just stood there still and glanced over at him…

Looking at Han Fei’s black and white eyes and the eerie and his spooky spiritual energy, he was scared.

Black Robe was not given an order to capture Han Fei, so he didn’t have to risk his life. However, he didn’t want to retreat. If Han Fei wasn’t killed today, would he come back to take revenge? He thought it was very likely.

Such things were not uncommon and almost everyone grew up in this environment. This kind of conflict had been common since the level-one fishery, and there were too many precedents!

However, when Han Fei raised his bow again, this time it was targeting the black-robed man. The latter immediately stuffed a spiritual fruit into his mouth and escaped without saying a word.

No matter whether Han Fei could shoot this arrow, Black Robe now had no spiritual energy and had to replenish it.

The reaction of the person from the Sun Family was different. Two of his companions were killed and he certainly wouldn’t let Han Fei off! He brandished a long rod and rushed at Han Fei in a rage.

Seeing Black Robe flee, Han Fei withdrew the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Bow.

Bam… Crack…

An invisible barrier appeared, blocking the opponent’s full blow.

“Formation? Break…”

At the moment when the formation was smashed, a mottled dark stick appeared in Han Fei’s hand.

The nine-star chain instantly blocked the person’s way, the golden-red wings chopped at his arms repeatedly, and the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers surrounded and attacked him.

For a while, the person was almost unable to parry. Of course, he was definitely not weak. His spiritual beast was a turtle and his contractual spiritual beasts were an Anti-Heaven Blade and a common crayfish, both of which had attached to him at this moment.

However, they were much weaker than those of Han Fei, so they fell into a pitched battle.

Realizing that he could not escape, he rushed directly to Han Fei. Being attacked by a peak-level Dangling Fisher with all his strength, Han Fei could hardly resist. Hit by the billowing air, he was bleeding from the nose and mouth. Having nowhere to run, he could only confront him head-on.

Han Fei waved the mysterious rod with difficulty, but with a cold expression.


The huge wave directly sent Han Fei flying hundreds of meters away, and Han Fei vomited a mouthful of blood. His contractual spiritual beasts were shaken out of his body and his fusion state was almost forcibly terminated.

Han Fei used the last bit of strength to throw this rod into Forge the Universe. This rod was too heavy! He had planned to strike a blow with it. However, the huge counterforce made him hurt even more.

The person from the Sun Family was hurt even more seriously. Being sent flying, he was shocked. What kind of power was that? Under this blow, his both arms were broken and he was thrown nearly a hundred meters away.

This person’s mouth was bleeding and his hands were almost disabled. He looked at Han Fei who was smashed into the mud pit on the seabed and hesitated. Shall I continue to chase him or not?

He didn’t know how much combat power Han Fei still had. What if he detonated another spiritual weapon?

The man looked around, only to find that Black Robe had slipped away already. In the end, he chose to retreat. He didn’t dare to gamble with his life. After all, Han Fei was too dangerous. Now that he had found him, he just needed to find a way to notify others to come and hunt him down. He didn’t have to risk his life!

With this in mind, he gradually disappeared into the dark sea.

But this person didn’t know that soon after Han Fei was smashed into the mud pit, his fusion state was automatically terminated. With the last bit of consciousness, Han Fei entered Forge the Universe.

In Forge the Universe.

Han Fei jumped into the spiritual spring and then passed out.

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